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Martial Law, Riots, Revolution?

What is our Government Preparing For?

From RMNews:

I just received an email which says that 1,400 Troops Have Been Dispached to Washington, D.C. from Fort Bragg. This is the first alert I have received about possible martial law being imposed due to riots this weekend.

If you have been reading Rumor Mill you know that "riot training" from a group called "counter coup", has been going on in 144 cities across the United States for two weeks now.

These "gatherings" i.e. protests have received virtually NO attention in the media, but they have openly bragged on their webpages about how well their protests have gone and how many people they have attracted. Because their webpages have bragged about their protests, Patriots from the Right have organized and gone out to meet them in the streets.

These protests are too well organized to be "random." Someone who has more time than I do, needs to take a long good look at this to see if there is anything we can or should to to counter this.

Here is the main webpage.

You can follow the links to the Egroups webpages that have been set up by countercoup leaders in communities all around the country. Here is an interesting message from the Santa Cruz, California webpare. This is the closest protest city to RMNews Headquarters:

"Sun Nov 19, 2000 7:34am
Subject: Report on Town Clock Rally in Santa Cruz

We were pretty much am-Bushed at this rally by Bush supporters who
also chose this location for their rally. They were well organized,
from places like Gilroy, Carmel Valley and Seaside. Even Santa Cruz.

However outnumbered, we were there with our signs and voices.
Thanks to everybody who showed up."

Many "Patriot" Webpages put out the alert regarding the the protests that were planned by "the left" in protest of George W. Bush's winning the election. From the looks of the above message from the local Santa Cruz webpage, it appears as if "Patriots" have successfuly countered these demonstrations.

If American Patriots are ready and willing to meet "man for man" and "woman for woman" the protestors from "The Left", then this country is rapidly racing toward a downhill slide into anarchy, chaos, revolution, riots, wars, Balkanization, and martial law. And if you think this isn't planned, I still have stock in bridges for sale.

Rumor Mill News believes that no matter which man is crowned President, that the other side, ie, the losers, will riot, or worse.

If Gore is crowned, we could see a Revolution that could pull the country apart.

I have been told by sources within Texas that George W. can play hardball in this election because if he loses he really WILL pick up his ball and go home.

What do I mean when I say this?

Texas is the only state in the union that can take itself OUT of the Union any time it wants to. It is perfectly legal. Texas was its own country before it joined the Union> It can become its own country again anytime it wants to.

This is G.W.'s backup plan. Texas is big enough to be its own country. When Texas leaves the Union and becomes its own country, if Texas feels threatened from the United States, the "Texians" will join with Mexico and then there will be a real war between Mexico and the United States. But in this war, many American Patriots will be fighting WITH Mexico against what they will call, the New World Order States of America.

For years now, covert members of the Bush Administration have been stock piling sophisticated weapons and storing them in Houston. How has this been accomplished?

The CIA has had in place a secret "two for the price of one" weapons procurement program for years. What does this mean? It means that for every F-15 Eagle, Blackhawk helicopter or other military weapon that is made, an identical one -- including serial number -- is made.

I have been told that these "extra" weapons have gone to the Underground Army. I was also told that "The Bushmen" have a large amount of these weapons. Many of these weapons were in warehouses in Houston back in 1996. I was told that they were being sent out of the country and stored where the United States government couldn't find and destroy them.

I was also told that there are caves throughout Texas, and other states, where a great deal of equipment is hidden.

If the Unites States government thinks it can put down a Texas rebellion by boming Texas the way it did Kosovo, they they have another "think" coming. Texas will not fight back with "stone age" weapons. Texas has the same sophisticated weaponry that the United States government has.

And Texas has something the United States military doesn't have! Texas has battle hardened soldiers who fought in Viet Nam and haven't lost thier edge. Texas has an army of retired military men and government officials who can quickly be called up to train an army or a new government.

If you have looked at the election map which shows the counties in red that voted for Bush versus the counties in blue that voted for Gore, you will quickly see that the entire middle of the Unites States voted for Bush. If G.W. Bush takes the Texas out of the Union, then I predict that the center of the United States will quickly follow.

The Liberal coasts of the United States voted for Gore. Some counties in the SW also went for Gore but this was due to the illegal alien vote. These counties will not stay with the United States, they will go with Texas.

I have read in several articles by well known writers, that the United States is bankrupt and has actually gone out of existence. I don't know what the full meaning of this is.