Re: The Charges Against Andre Lavoie

By Daniel Lavigne

Andre Lavoie a cardholder with International Humanity House was accosted by security guards at a Sears store in Laval, Quebec on Friday, August 4th, 2000 and subsequently arrested by two Laval police officers and charged with fraud under the criminal code.   Sergeant Rejean Gagnon of the Laval Police Department talked with Daniel Lavigne on Wednesday, August 9th. Details below.

Sergeant Rejean Gagnon of the Laval Police Department contacted me on Wednesday, August 9th. My translation of that which he conveyed to me in French is:

"No charges will be laid against Andre Lavoie as it is not possible to lay charges in such matters and it can be readily
seen that Mr. Lavoie was acting in keeping with a true belief with respect to his use of the card. We will be apologizing to
Mr. Lavoie and it is our hope that he will accept your suggestion that our apologies should end the matter with respect to the
officers involved and the Police department."

(Andre has informed me that he shall accept the apology.)

I then went on to state that it was my belief that Andre Lavoie had reason to charge the "Security Guard" with assault.

The Sergeant responded that stores often hire people who are not fully aware of the law and its various applications and that the guard shouldbe requested to offer a full and complete apology to Andre Lavoie.

I responded to the effect that any acceptance of an apology, if such is offered, shall be Andre's choice as it is he who was asaulted and subjected to an arduous ordeal because of that person's determination to exert "power" over him as confirmed by his threat to throw Andre to the ground.

In any event, the exchange with the Sergeant conveyed to me the reality that Police Departments across Canada are now becoming aware of the growing use of the card, the reasons behind such use; and the reality that Canada's existence as a nation subject to "The Rule Of Law", the Criminal Code Of Canada and the Nuremberg Principles REQUIRES that EVERYONE, INCLUDING POLICE OFFICERS, participate in the Tax Refusal.

I will be contacting Sears on behalf of Andre and explaining the law suit now in progress with regard to Robert-John: Jackson and invite them to make any offer that they may be inclined to make in view of the reality that they are responsible for their employee's unconscionable actions.

'Til Later   . . . .

To a safer, saner world. To Duty.

. Daniel . .

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