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Date: Friday, October 26, 2001 3:26 PM
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Dear Tommy-No: Usury,

This is a quick story on the New Technology Tour in the land of the free.

Dennis Arrested

Dennis Lee, Director of Research for Better World Technologies was arrested in his hotel room before the scheduled demonstrations in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday October 8th.

Two Kentucky Deputies knocked on the door at approx. 5:30 PM and asked Dennis if he was "intending to do a show"  when he replied "yes" the deputies placed him under arrest.

Before being hauled off to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility, Dennis instructed his assistant, Mike Hall to continue with the demonstrations as planned.

At 7:00 PM the room was full and Mike was prepared to go on without Dennis. Deputies then instructed Mike that if he continued he would be arrested.

When Mike claimed his First Amendment right to free speech and pointed out that all present had a right to peacefully assemble, the deputies simply repeated their demand to cease and desist or go to jail.

Mike said "Well, I guess I am going to jail then." and proceeded to begin the scheduled demonstrations of technologies.

Again interrupted by the deputies they stated "Not only will you go to jail, but we will also confiscate every piece of equipment in this room if you continue".

At that point Mike stated "you got me there" and told the room full of witnesses that the demonstrations could not proceed, if the equipment was confiscated, the current nationwide tour would be over.

Apparently, the deputies had a near riot on their hands with one man screaming "I have driven 3 hours to attend this demonstration, just what is your problem?" At that point the deputies demanded everybody leave the room immediately or we will confiscate their equipment!

All in attendance vacated the conference room. The guys packed up the equipment and headed for the next stop in Charleston, West Virginia the next morning.

While we do not have Dennis's arrest on video, ITEC has the whole episode that occurred in the conference room on video tape. The events surrounding Dennis's incarceration were witnessed by several people, some of whom were hotel employees.

There are no Bail Bondsmen allowed in the State of Kentucky, the State has taken this service over.

The Judge set bail at $50,000 cash bond the next morning and read the charges as follows
1) Failure to display a business license,
2) Failure to register a business office in Kentucky ($75,000 bond required)
3) Misrepresentation of a business opportunity (NASDAC).

The Judge was not interested in anything Dennis had to say in his defense (including the fact that he had not said anything or demonstrated anything in Kentucky), she kept repeating "come up with the $50,000 in cash or sit in jail until your arraignment" (set for October 18th).  (Trial date has been reset for after the first of the year, I think.)

Dennis's brother who lives in Kentucky arranged for legal representation.

UCSA raised the $50,000 cash in New Jersey and got it into Kentucky with great difficulty (The State of Kentucky does not accept cashier's checks or other forms of certified payment. They wanted cash. It is illegal to transport more than $10,000 in cash in our "free" society without jumping through all kinds of hoops.).

Dennis made bail Wednesday in time to meet the crew for the scheduled demonstrations in Charleston on Wednesday evening. The law also states that even after you show up for trial, the State retains 10% of your cash bond as a regular bail bondsman would. Does that stink to high Heaven or what?

The Attorney General of Kentucky apparently considers himself to be a dictator in training. He out right directed his deputies to arrest a US citizen on his belief alone that he may violate some statute of Kentucky law.

Unbelievable! He also directed them to stop that meeting "at any cost"!

What are they afraid of? Could it be that the Governor of the State is invested heavily in coal?

Shortly after the tour is completed, actions will be filed in Federal court for damages and to remind their AG that he still has to pay lip service to the Constitution, no out right violations allowed, yet. Federal action will also be pursued against the Attorney General's in the states of Washington, Maine, Vermont, Alaska, Oregon, and New

If you would like to contact the Kentucky AG their information is:

Postal: Office of the Attorney General, 1024 Capital Center Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601

Web Site: http://www.law.state.ky.us

E-mail: attorney.general@law.state.ky.us

To the good citizens of the State of Kentucky: ITEC will demonstrate the technologies for you, even if Federal Marshals are needed to escort us into your State and stand guard at the doors during the presentation.

Update on the State's AG's

The information provided below is from my current understanding only and may change at any time. Shortly after the current tour, legal action will be initiated to correct all of the following restrictions.

UCS of A dealers can do nothing in the State of Maine, we can not offer you Free Electricity, the NASDAC program, or even sell any of our products to the good folks of Maine.

In Washington, Alaska and New Mexico we can sell products but will have to hold any Free Electricity certificates for the time being.

In the States of Vermont and Oregon, it is still business as usual with no restrictions.

The petition drive started at the demonstration in Spokane, Washington has gathered 17,000 signatures to date and progressing nicely. A total of 25,000 signatures are needed to initiate a Grand Jury investigation into the conduct of the Attorney General of that State. Looks like this may be the first would be dictator to bite the dust as a result of unlawful interference of our demonstrations.

The next newsletter will provide information on the success of the program to date and my progress on learning how to update our websites myself and the installation of our free affiliate progrqam tracking software.


Live Long & Free,
Don Winfield

"When you find that you are on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"  --  Mark Twain

"Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong."
-- Andrew J. Galambos

Dennis Lee Arrested in Louiville, Kentucky on October 9th, 2001

Promoter of "free electricity" scheme arrested in Louisville, Kentucky

CONTACT: Jennifer Dean  (502) 696-5637

FRANKFORT, KY. (October 9, 2001) – Attorney General Ben Chandler announced today the arrest of Dennis Lee, an individual doing business under the name of "United Community Services of America" and promoting a "free electricity" scheme in a seminar held in Louisville, Kentucky, for violating state consumer protection laws. Mr. Lee also does business as "Better World Technologies" and "International Tesla Electric Company."

Mr. Lee has been staging sales demonstrations across the United States in an effort to sell business opportunities. Consumers were offered an opportunity to purchase a dealership for selling machines that could generate electricity for personal household use and resale to the public. Several experts that have reviewed Mr. Lee’s claims have dismissed them as unsupported by sound science.

Kentucky law prohibits the sale of business opportunities without registering with the Attorney General's Office and posting a $75,000 bond. According to Attorney General Chandler, "My office contacted Mr. Lee prior to his arrival in Kentucky and advised him of the requirements of Kentucky laws governing the offering of business opportunities and he failed to comply."

The arrest citation charges Dennis Lee with one count of failing to register a business opportunity, one count of failing to include the business opportunity registration number in advertisements, and one count of making earnings claims, all in violation of the Business Opportunity Act. Each violation is a Class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. A full cash bond of $50,000.00 was imposed upon Lee as a condition of any release from jail. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for October 18, 2001.

The states of Vermont, Maine, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Alaska have also filed legal actions against Lee to prevent the promotion of this "free electricity" scheme.