The Controversial Cyberclassroom


Though TCN (The Cyberclass Network) is networked in cyberspace from its home at this URL: intereaction between "teachers and learners" extends beyond the internet. TCN "teachers and learners" gather in kitchens and living rooms, in restaurants and coffee shops, on telephone conference calls or telecourses, and/or in other onshore and/or offshore locations to interact. Please take the time to read the Introduction to The Cyberclass Network.

The purpose of this particular Cyberclassroom is to put past and current, controversial and non-controversial issues up front and centre. TCN aims to link readers to information (pros and cons) on various issues, events, happenings so that it can be reviewed by free-thinking individuals. TCN believes informed people are capable of moulding their own informed opionions. TCN encourages readers to read these links to unique information. TCN takes pride in urging our "teachers and/or learners" to THINK and the CHALLENGE instead of blindly accepting to believe what our so-called authorities have been telling us to believe.

TCN is committed to providing an opportunity for anyone to commence a FREE self-imposed, quality "re-education" in cyberspace. A part of TCN's commitment is to network the research and information that creative individuals and/or innovative institutions are exposing in cyberspace. TCN rejects censorship and advocates freedom of speech for every mature adult who is capable of thinking original thoughts. TCN seeks to avoid censorship trusting that responsible readers will make informed choices after accessing and digesting any information and knowledge. Though TCN believes that responsible adults are capable of "self-censoring" if indeed any personal censoring is required we do willfully choose to avoid links to "adult only" websites since many youth are pursuing "cyber-education" at The Cyberclass Network. TCN's mission is to focus on the youth to teach them "what they don't know they don't know" before they become entrenched in the "system."

TCN's "Re-education" Model expands the context of formal learning, in timeframe and location. Contact and networking between with those who are ready and willing to "learn and/or teach" is unlimited - from anywhere around the world. The people who "ask questions and question answers" put their heart and soul into their research. Whether or not any reader agreees with the respective theses of any researchers is a personal decision BUT their work does merit consideration by any thorough reader as does the work of any researcher. Is it not true that we all expect to be taken seriously and challenged for what we type or write?

"Re-educational" Cyberlearning Sites and/or Resources

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What Really Happened at Waco?

The Nasa Apollo Photo Controversy

Implanted Chips and Related Technology

The "Anti-Semitic" Labelling Controversy

Ralph Nader's Untold Story

Is Atlantis Rising?

Lady Kadjina Speaks

Sai Baba - Holy Man? Sex Abuser? Both?

Proof Of HAARP At Work

The "Eustace Mullins" Controversy

Electromagnetic Weapons/Technology

Chemtrails - Biological Operations Confirmed