P.O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1

July 5, 2001

Bell Canada
Consumer Sales & Service
690 Second Line E.
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6B 4K3


I am in receipt of your letter dated June 18, 2001 (copy enclosed). 

I am requesting full documentation of the reasons why Bell Canada has been refusing to comply with my request to cease adding PST and GST to my monthly phone bills.

I also request a Bell Canada official to sign his/her name to a letter which refuses to honour my tax exempt status card as issued by International Humanity House.

I have enclosed copies of my current Bell Canada phone bills and detailed explanations of the services which I willingly pay for. I will not pay GST & PST as I have a right and a duty to refuse to support a federal government (GST) and a provincial government (PST) which are currently participating in plans and preparations that are using our tax dollars to create nuclear and other weapons of mass murder which will be used to destroy this beautiful planet earth.

I have assembled a team of 'guerilla' lawyers. 'Guerilla' lawyers are not really lawyers BUT their track record in mentoring us with court procedures is remarkable indeed.

These people are self-taught and they are willling to 'serve and protect' we-the-people from the New World Order 'Usury' Elite who have been feeding us 'lies, deceit and deception' for too long.

My two noble cohorts who are directing me in my freedom mission are: Dave Lindsay, from Edmonton, Alberta and Daniel Lavigne, from Toronto, Ontario.

At a recent meeting they expalined that I should give Bell Canada 30 days to send me an official letter with a signature from a Bell Canada official, stating why Bell Canada refuses to honour the Tax Exempt Status card and including all official documents which supports Bell Canada's position.

Dave Lindsay and Daneil Lavigne have explained that when I receive the above-described official letter, they will aid me in proceeding with court action to get our 'courts of justice' to honur and recognize the content drawn up at The Judgement of Nuremberg.

I await your response within 30 days of this letter.


Tom-Jospeh: Kennedy

PS: A copy of Metcom's bill for my long distance service is enclosed. Metcom has always honoured my Tax Exempt status Card.