Ocotber 31, 2001

Notes To Bell Canada re: 613.746.9702

Previous PST/GST not paid from September 22, 2001 bill (cumulated).
This includes late payment fees which are not applicable to my account.                                                         $139.05

PST/GST & late payment fee on October 22, 2001 bill                                                                                 $   9.90

Total not being paid for this month                                                                                                                $148.95

October 22,2001 Bill for 613,746,9702                             $204.06
Less                                                                                   $148.95

Payable this month                                                               $ 55.11

For an explanation see enclosed and previously submitted documents. NOW in October 2001, we the citizens of Canada have a right and a duty to refuse to have our money collected as taxes to fund nuclear weapons which will destroy us. World War III is unwinable and inevitably nuclear weapons will be used to kill multiple millions.

I am a 'Warrior of One.' Even though there are thousands of people actively participating in the 'Detax/Untax/Refusetax/Anti-tax' movement just like me, I am my own force. With modern technology, with re-education, with local and global support, who I am is becoming better then who I was. And I'll be the first to tell you, the might and force of 'universal truth' doesn't lie in numbers.

It lies in me. I am proud to be a 'Warrior of One' and a 'Burrower for Truth.' And you can see my strength by my willingness to continue to pursue 'universal truth' as everyday I still leanr how little I know. I am adamant that I will not pay any GST or PST to any level of government which is supporting plans and preparations for nuclear war. And I am well prepared to make my arguments to any judge in Canada right up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

We need millions of 'Warriors of One' to take back our country from the rogue politicians anbd shadow governments which really run our country from behind the scenes.

I challenge anyone who reads this to become a 'Warrior of One.'


Tom-Joseph: Kennedy