Body Balance – Whole Food Supplement From Land & Sea

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Processed food in the modern diet has little nutritional value. Filling your body with these empty calories is like filling your car with cola rather than gasoline. People lack the proper fuel for three primary reasons:

I have been using natural products and supplements for many years spending several hundred dollars every month.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Life Force™ Body Balance that I noticed many changes taking place.  My energy level increased dramatically, my skin took on a healthy appearance and many people have told me that I look younger. For me the biggest advantage of Body Balance is the “no pill”, “no capsule” aspect, once a day.

Lidia Kaskovski BC Canada

From the depths of the ocean, towering stalks of sea vegetation reach towards the light. For thousands of years, these unique nutrient-rich plants have held the secret to vital health. Life Force™ International’s flagship product is Body Balance. Life Force™ goes to the "Regeneration Zones," which are the centers of the earth’s self cleansing action. These zones are the closest thing to the "Garden of Eden" found on earth. It’s here we harvest 9 unique sea vegetables 200 feet below the surface using deep sea robotics. These nutrient-rich vegetables are blended with aloe vera, black cherry and a touch of honey into a delicious, oxygen-rich nectar called "Body Balance."

Body Balance

Product Number

CAN 130



15 day supply



32 fl.oz OR .95 litres


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$6.50 (Canadian Funds)

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