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From: Richard Palmquist <rpalmq@prodigy.net>
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001 2:32 PM
Subject: Clear thinking about a muddled mess

Saturday morning ABC interviewed a group of NYC children. One of the pre-teen girls told Peter Jennings, "Maybe they (the terrorists) are just paying us back for what we have done to them."

Out of the mouths of babes!

The Clinton bombing of the aspirin factory came to my mind. Whatever motives we discover for the WTC tragedies, the following letter to the President contains a list of domestic concerns that we  should keep central in our analysis of our muddled situation. The letter is too lengthy. The President will never see it. However, it is a magnificent analysis. I do not know anything about the writer, but I thought you would benefit by reading what she has written. 

Dear Mr. Bush and fellow Americans:
Fri Sep 14 17:47:00 2001

RE: The Sept. 11th attack should never have happened!

Dear Mr. Bush and fellow Americans:

People all over the country are being asked to offer words of support to our president, and shows of unity. I offer this, in support of all Americans.

This is our wake-up call. The vast bulk of our government has been far too busy terrorizing our own sovereign people to pay attention to what it is supposed to be doing, which is ensuring our national security. It has
instead created national insecurity, both within and from without.

Now we are being asked for our support, while fools and media talk of a police state (as if that would offer us any "safety" from terrorists). Certainly I don't think anyone in this country fails to see that cohesiveness is needed. So, here is my suggestion to our government: BACK OFF AND START DOING YOUR REAL JOB. Now, please.

We American sovereigns will do our part; I have observed that there have not even been any reports of looting yet, instead many heroic efforts by so many people. Perhaps this was a harsh dose of reality.

So, do you want the support of families? Then stop (STOP NOW) paying DSS to steal them from parents without cause. Give back the children of America to their own families. Now. Stop forcing the drugging of schoolchildren. Right now.

Want the support of farmers? Stop destroying them, leave them alone to get back to the vital job of feeding our people. Stop harassing them over made-up "environmental" issues which all intelligent people recognize as
false excuses for more controls. Give them back their water and grazing rights. Now.

Want the support of free people? Stop incarcerating and criminalizing people for non-crimes. Those who commit real crimes are so often released (when they should not be) to reoffend against innocent people, yet ironically the jails are filled with people against whom no citizen has even offered a complaint. Start turning over the incriminating documents, and prosecuting acts of treason committed by officials. Now.

Want patriotism? Stop persecuting patriots. Now. Tell the whiners and frightened rabbits who are thinking that a police state can "protect" them to shut up and get with the program. Apologize (sincerely - we can tell the difference) for Waco, Ruby Ridge, and all of the recent similar events which should shock people more than any outside terrorist attack. Now, please; it is long overdue. While you are at it, prosecute all who were in any way responsible for those terrorist attacks, too.

Want a secure nation and support for the military? Tell the mindless gun control freaks that their party is over. Give us all of our guaranteed rights back, now. Get our military (and our homeland) back out from under foreign U.N. control. Right now.

Want the financial support of Americans? Stop the wholesale government agency confiscation of land and property. Give it back. Now. While you are at it, give back our public lands which the federal government
cannot even lawfully "own". We would be impressed. A people who truly have no private property have nothing left which they want to give you.

Want to see enthusiam and cohesive support? Want us to demand justice for the crime of terrorism that was committed? Then give us back our due process, lawful courts, and constitutional rights. Reinstate justice in our own courts, right here in America. Why should we be outraged at what happened, when many of us have had things just as life-shattering happen to us already at the hands of such entities as the family courts?

In short, sir, give us back the kind of government our country is supposed to have, and we will give you support the likes of which you have never dreamed. We Americans love our country and our countrymen, no matter
how persistent the divisive elements have been in trying to change these facts.

We have all been issued a challenge. Our question is, are you on our side?

Lorri Ellen Carr, sui juris all rights reserved, without prejudice state of Washington

"Lorri" larabian@pacifier.com