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From: Roslyn Cassells <rcassells@alternatives.com>
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2001 2:45 AM
Subject: Teddy Tossing Activist Risk to National Security

Dear Friend,

I have watched events unfold around the FTAA in Quebec City with a mixture of horror and incredulity at the excesses of the state forces, the stifling of democracy and dissent, the mass arrests and outright assaults of peaceful protesters, and the blatant demonization of political activists unwilling to put profits before principles in their home communities and the world community.

The Canadian State, in a flight of paranoia of Orwellian proportions, today suggested that peaceful democracy activist Jaggi Singh is a risk to national security because he wanted to catapault teddy bears behind police lines.

Will I now be charged with assault for offering high cholesterol artery clogging doughnut to a Vancouver police officer?  Will Jenny Kwan, BC MLA, get done for floral assault for painting a daisy on a building?

We political activists are a dangerous breed indeed!  Perhaps the government of Canada should pass a law forbidding freedom of expression, if for no other reason than to justify their actions against those who would dare express their disapproval against the actions of the state.

Roslyn Cassells
Elected Member, Vancouver Park Board
Tel: (604) 298-0642

**Roslyn Cassells is the first elected Green Party member in Vancouver herstory, sitting on Vancouver Park Board for a 3 year term.  A long time social justice advocate on many issues, Cassells campaigns for legislation at all levels of government which will improve the rights of animals in our society.  She is the founder of the first animal affairs radio show in North America, and has worked in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for over 25 years and the no-kill shelter movement for over 15 years.  Please forward any information on animal issues, especially legislative and legal initiatives you are trying to build solidarity for, and informative animal websites.  For more information visit her website at http://www.alternatives.com/greenwave