In the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the polls are supposedly showing that up to 74 percent of Americans favor national ID cards. Nearly 30 percent think it's okay for the government to lock people in internment camps. Now look at our votes - most American - 324 votes  total as of September 18th, 2001.
I would give up any freedom to preserve my country from terrorism (1) 0%
I believe we should accept some additional restrictions on freedom, such as increased security checkpoints, tighter ID requirements, or other forms of mass surveillance in the name of security. (11) 3%
I oppose any further erosion of American rights. (44) 14%
I oppose any further erosion of American rights, and we should take this opportunity to roll back restrictions that have proven to be ineffective or harmful, such as the prohibition against carrying firearms on airliners. (268) 83%

We are told by the mainstream media that the governments have a high level of support for 'giving up our freedoms to preserve my country from terrorism.' They may not be telling the 'truth.' You are invited to go to the website of Concerned Citizens Opposed To Police States and cast your vote for freedom. And consider, if they are not telling the 'truth' about one issue - how many others issues are they giving us 'misinformation' and/or 'disinformation?'