P.O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1

April 17, 2000

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec
G9N 7S6

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have "voided" the enclosed  "Amount Owing: $1382.52" document dated April 8th, 2000 and returned it herein to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. When I completed and submitted the "Constructive Notice" to Revenue Canada in October 1998 it voided any fraudulent contract I may have had with Revenue Canada and/or Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for the present, in the past and for the future.

In addition, I have aligned myself with International Humanity House which has acted to force Canada's Parliament to do what it must to have *ALL* understand and act on their right and duty as per the Tax Refusal's proclamation: "All have a lawful right and duty to refuse to support or assist any society participating in plans and preparations involving the will and capacity to commit mass murder."

The lawful and unassailable right, and concurrent  and unavoidable duty, in keeping with the principles espoused at the Trials and Judgements in Nuremberg following the Second World War, was confirmed by Decision T2020-88 Of The Federal Court of Canada - Trial Division on December 12, 1988 at a trial wherein that court was charged with *Contempt of Court* for evading and otherwise shirking its duty to address the criminal guilt attaching to Canada's involvement in the nuclear arms race.

As the world's oil economy is ended and collapses forever within ten short years, and humanity faces the total and all-out use of all nuclear and other Weapons of Mass Murder as nations seek a few more barrels of oil to redeem their food production, we trust that your serfs and other servants within your agency have not so lost their understanding of the eternal worth and significance of their births as human beings as to wilfuly fail to discover and assert the principlesthat are, and must remain, the foundation of hope upon which rests humanity's future.

In aligning myself with the determination of International Humanity House to have *ALL* say and do what must be said and done with respect to, your agency's desire to continue seeking the tax dollars without which Canada's leaders cannot continue to condemn Canada to the guilt and sin that attaches to its involvement, its wilful participation, in plans and preparations that are predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity to commit mass murder, you are hereby placed on notice that any attempt to collect "income taxes and/or penalties and/or arrears interest" by way of garnisheee or otherwise from myself  with respect to the enclosed "voided" document, shall result in charges of "Criminal Harassment For Criminal Purposes" being laid by myself against any and all members of your agency who are party to such attempt, including the Minister of National Revenue.


(natural person)

c.c Daniel J. Lavigne
      The Court of Public Review


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