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From: Len Clampet

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 6:31 PM
Subject: [ReclaimAustralia] Another attack by the One Worlders on your freedom.

Having retired, after 33 years, from both domestic and international commercial flying in 1997, I cannot possibly believe that the respective pilots in this “attack” on America flew their aircraft into buildings. If a hijacker has a gun at your head and says “fly into that building”, I know my response would have been, if I believed I was going to die anyway, to fly the aircraft away from populated areas and use control maneuvers to use ‘g’ forces to disable the hijackers then perhaps break the aircraft up in mid-air or fly the aircraft into the ground at high speed. I would not go quietly. I have had to deal with intoxicated and sober, unruly passengers and one thing that a pilot has in his arsenal is control of his aircraft which permits him to use the effects of inertia and ‘g’ force. I suspect that the pilots would have been overcome by surprise attack and probably killed to prevent them from taking any action.

I cannot believe, from 33 years of personal experience, that the aircraft involved could have strayed from their planned and cleared altitudes and tracks without many queries from Air Traffic Control within 2 minutes of straying.

 I cannot believe that a Boeing 757, plus another aircraft, could bring down the World Trade centre 90 minutes after the collision. There had to be other explosives used and that points to involvement of some kind of “authorities”.

 One media frontman commented this morning that the results of the explosions were reminiscent of the Oklahoma bombing, showing pictures of that aftermath, and pointing out the similarities between the results.

 For all the people too stupid to comprehend what is happening in the world to restrict your freedom, and those too stupid to want to know, it is past wake-up time.