Marketing Life Force Products With The Concorde Marketing Group?
By Tommy-Usury: Free

There is a new SDI (Self Directed Income) program that is creating a lot of  interest.  As most readers will know, I  have my plate full already. But I am always seeking new and quality health and wellness products so that I will have an abundance of products to market for part 'usury-bearing' federal dollars and part 'usury-free' time currency.

So on this 20th day of February 2002 at approximately 20:02 (20:02 20/02 2002) I made a decision to add the Life Force line of health and wellness products to my SDI Portfolio. I was one of 276 people who joined The Concorde Marketing Group and purchased their first order on February 20th, 2002.

I thank Steve Gresham from Athens, Georgia, USA for being a responsible SDI leader with the Concorde Group.

I received a cheque of $180.00 (Canadian Funds) from Life Force International for the first month.

You are now invited to get positioned to receive regular earnings from your network of health conscious SDI entrepreneurs who will be ordering Life Force Products on a monthly basis.

When you decide to add this opportunity to your SDI Portfolio you will be guaranteed to receive a monthly pay cheque with the support of The Concorde Marketing Group and the lines of quality health products manufactured and delivered by Life Force International.

'Greetings, this is Tommy-Usury: Free, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I trust this communication finds you and yours in good health while seeking wealth. I an inviting you to explore the Concorde Marketing Group and review the information about Life Force International - a well established 'health and wellness' company operating in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Peurto Rico.

This is an invitation to visitors at The Cyberclass Network

Remember to use ID# 162938 when you enter The Concorde Marketing Group website:

An SDI (Self Directed Income) associate emailed me a message on the evening of February 20, 2002 informing me that the Concorde Marketing Group had recently launched an exclusive recruiting software that could potentially revolutionize the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry as we have known it.

The message simply invited me to tour the new Concorde Marketing Group website and review the information which was posted there. I used Steve Gresham's ID# and entered the website for The Concorde Marketing Group at 19:41:42 PM.  By the time that I am typing this email at 22:05:05 PM I already have 19 people in the network with me and two of them (in bold print) have made purchases. (see below)

Tommy-Usury: Free's Network Grows 19 levels in 2 hours and 24 minutes:

Level 0 Tommy UsuryFree 32967408 20-FEB-02 19:41:42 M
Level 1 Thomas Kazlauskas 32967420 20-FEB-02 19:44:52 P
Level 2 william lagadyn 32967452 20-FEB-02 19:53:42 P
Level 3 kenneth harrington 32967476 20-FEB-02 20:03:05 P
Level 4 Carol Siekkinen 32967482 20-FEB-02 20:04:55 P
Level 5 Kathy Sheahan 32967500 20-FEB-02 20:10:57 P
Level 6 Art Bogdon 32967504 20-FEB-02 20:12:03 P
Level 7 Charles Brooks 32967519 20-FEB-02 20:16:10 P
Level 8 Robert Rott 32967521 20-FEB-02 20:16:17 P
Level 9 Linda Higgins 32967575 20-FEB-02 20:30:01 P
Level 10 David Griffin 32967583 20-FEB-02 20:31:04 P
Level 11 Linda  Hayle 32967589 20-FEB-02 20:33:19 P
Level 12 pansy smith 32967600 20-FEB-02 P
Level 13 TOM LONG 32967601 20-FEB-02 20:36:11 P
Level 14 David Lauck 32967609 20-FEB-02 20:39:54 P
Level 15 George Meyer 32967623 20-FEB-02 20:44:29 P
Level 16 Matthew Needham 32967693 20-FEB-02 21:00:45 M
Level 17 Ray Green 32967711 20-FEB-02 21:04:38 P
Level 18 Penelope Barrigar 32967715 20-FEB-02 21:06:21 P
Level 19 Joseph Ferriell 32967929 20-FEB-02 22:05:05 P
My Concorde Powerline Grew to these 19 levels in 2hours and 24 minutes ...
Level 20 George Meyer 32967623 20-FEB-02 20:44:29 P
Level 21 Ray Green 32967711 20-FEB-02 21:04:38 P
Level 22 Penelope Barrigar 32967715 20-FEB-02 21:06:21 P
Level 23 Joseph Ferriell 32967929 20-FEB-02 22:05:05 P
Level 24 William Corrales 32968476 21-FEB-02 01:05:49 P
Level 25 Vilay Thephavong 32968843 21-FEB-02 05:38:37 P
Level 26 Rachel Parkhurst 32969189 21-FEB-02 09:09:41 P
Level 27 Cindy  Parkinson 32969656 21-FEB-02 11:28:53 P
Level 28 Ken Randall 32970638 21-FEB-02 16:34:46 P
Level 29 ANN SMITH 32974828 22-FEB-02 15:52:36 P
I'm not sure why the Concorde Group software placed these latest visitors at these low numbered levels....
Level 2 Benjamin Black 32976393 22-FEB-02 23:20:26 P
Level 1 John K 32972106 21-FEB-02 22:20:22 P
Level 2 Terry Chamberlin 32977296 23-FEB-02 09:42:32 P

I used the Life Force Compensation Plan Payout Calculator to find out that four people on my first level and two people on my second level will earn sufficient income to pay for my required monthly purchase of 100 BV of quality Life Force products and maintain my personal Concorde Group website.

This new software which has only been operational for 8 weeks places new prospects in a power line as they enter the website. Putting in my sponsor's
 ID# and taking the tour was all it took to convince me that this SDI opportunity was worth adding to my SDI Portfolio. My Powerline continues to grow at a regular rate.

This is an innovative recruiting system which is designed to reduce the traditional high levels of attrition in the SDI industry because it offers a ready-made, turn-key business that's very simple to use. No need to build a website, set up auto-responders, look for products, set up a merchant account, or any of the MULTITUDE of obstacles that often keep people starting an SDI business.

NOTE: The first into an SDI opportunity gets the most spill in a Powerline. A Powerline means one is placed after the other alomg one line. For example if 100 people join from this email communication and you are first to enter the Concorde Marketing Group website with my ID#  you will have 99 people in your powerline, if your the 50th you will have 49,if your the 90th you will have 10. So on and so on!

So needless to say go fast, take the tour, and secure your position in the powerline. Then review the information carefully and determine if this system can work for you like it is now working for me.

I ordered the Family Pack - which includes 8 quart size bottles of Body Balance, a delicious tasting whole food liquid supplement that contains 121 nutrients, including the complete range of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and more. Body Balance is flavored with black cherry and honey, and it tastes so good that even children enjoy it. I plan to sell whatever I do not consume for a combination of 'usury-bearing' cash to cover my wholesale cost and 'usury-free' time currency for my profit margin.



Enjoy this day!!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy'
Remember to use ID# 162938

My Welcome Message From Steve Gresham:

Two quality health products available from Life Force International - the Health company that offers the SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity within the Concorde Group. We market these products for part Canadian Funds and Part 'usuryfree' time currency...
1. Body Balance:

2. OsteoProCare: