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'Time 4 Calcium & Calcium 4 Time'

Visit the various websites about coral calcium to 're-educate' yourself then  then come back to The Coral Calcium Cyberclassroom where you can buy your calcium by covering your wholesale costs with federal 'usury-bearing' cash and creating and spending your own 'usuryfree' time currency to cover the retail mark up cost. More background about 'usuryfree' time currency at the UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm

An audio cassette by Bob Barefoot is available from The Cyberclass Network for $3.25 (plus $1.00 shipping and handling) or one-quarter hour of usury-free 'time currency' (plus 7 minutes of usury-free 'time currency,' shipping and handling.)

The Wolfe Clinic will introduce you to the Coral Calcium Story: www.thewolfeclinic.com/calcium.html

Those who have high speed internet connection can view the interview with Kevin Trudeau and Bob Barefoot at this website: www.coral1.com/bob.html

Review the materials at Bob Barefoot's World: www.barefootsworld.net

CureAmerica has good information about coral calcium: www.cureamerica.net

Pure Coral Powder (110 grams) from Okinawa, Japan is now available from The Cyberclass Network for $32.50 Canadian funds plus one half hour of 'usuryfree' time currency. If shipping is required please include an additional $3.25 to cover postage.

For those who do not yet trade with 'usuryfree' time currency, The Cyberclass Network will graciously accept $39.00 federal cash plus the $3.25 postage as we still require some cash for daily living expenses.

The book, The Calcium Factor by Bob Barefoot and Dr. Carl Reich is available from The Cyberclass Network for $22.75 Canadian Funds (plus $3.25 shipping and handling) or one and three-quarter hours of usury-free 'time currency,' (plus one quarter hour of usury-free 'time currency' for shipping and handling.)

Dr. Carl Reich was renowned for treating thousands of sick people and restoring them to good health using pH balancing. Dr. Reich basically treated a calcium deficiency and thereby learned how to get calcium into the human body at a much higher rate than was common at the time.

As of this date, April 22, 2003 I have sold ten cases of coral calcium whereby I cover my wholesale costs (Canadian Funds) with cash and I accept my profit margin ($6.50) Canadian Funds as 'one half hour' of 'usuryfree' time currency.

If any of the 'time traders' who network with The Cyberclass Network wish to purchase a case of 12 bottles of coral calcium powder, the cost will be $32.50 (Canadian Funds) for each bottle plus the one half hour of 'usuryfree' time currency. This includes GST but shipping costs are $6.50 (Canadian funds) for the case.

Indeed, 'Time 4 Calcium & Calcium 4 Time' ... www.cyberclass.net/coralcalcium2.htm

Read more about 'usuryfree' time currency at The UsuryFree Cyberclassroom:


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