Individuals For Common Law

Individuals For Common Law is an Alberta-based group of concerned individuals who have said enough is enough. Our motto is: "The State cannot lawfully diminish the rights of the people!"

We teach Canadians their common law rights and freedoms, how to lawfully exercise them, and most importantly, how to fight for them if and when our criminal police forces and governments steal them from us. We network with several freedom groups in Canada and are instrumental in showing Canadians that we can get our rights back.

The primary goal of Individuals For Common Law is to work towards a replacement of the current "usury-based" financial system, which if not corrected, will soon collapse, centralizing real asset control into the hands of a few criminals with a "usury-free" economic system. The current criminal system has been used by the banksters and politicians to enslave the world. A whopping 93% of all taxes go to pay compound "usury" on a debt that is mathematically impossible to ever pay off. At least 95% of our nation's problems emanate from this one source. Our government must issue the nation's credit "usury-free."

Individuals For Common Law is presently involved in a "Millennium Rights Revival" campaign. Two of its most important current activities include providing legal assistance to Tom J. Kennedy in his case against his employer and CCRA, as well as Dave Lindsay's seminar tour.

Tom J. Kennedy
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) &
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

Mr. Kennedy is a long-time detax activist and author of the Cyberclass Network.   For over 20 years he has been advocating both montary reform (the abolition of "usury") and LETS (Local Employment Trading Systems based upon barter and interest-free community currencies).

Mr. Kennedy had the misfortune of having $1400 deducted from his last couple of pay cheques shortly before his recent retirement as an elementary school teacher. The deduction was made by his employer courtesy of a third party demand from the CCRA (formerly Revenue Canada). He's decided to fight back and has enlisted the services of Individuals For Common Law activist Dave Lindsay. The implications of this case are enormous and a victory could deal a crushing blow to the dreaded Income Tax Act. For full details click below:

Are you a "person?"

(Sep. 13) 

Special Seminars 
by activist Dave Lindsay

For over a century Canadians have complained of:
-rights deprivation and criminal activity by our politicians
-criminal activity by the police forces of the country
corruption and criminal actions by our non-elected, non-accountable judiciary

Now, we are fighting back!

CLICK HERE for a description. 

Dave Lindsay
Cell Phone: 1.780.953.1434
Land Phone (while in the Ottawa area) 1.613.746.9702

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