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Date: Saturday, December 23, 2000 8:14 PM
Subject: Legally and Morally Correct Income Tax Exemption for Canadians + More

-Dear :Friend of the :::Unami,

As the day of focus this season nears, the 25th - it seems, that so is our
striving for freedom becoming heightened. I wish to summarily update those
readers who are following the :::Unami movement as it moves from what
started as "detax" through toward :Indigo - to a fresh new focus of
energies - for positive, thoughtful and provocative change (although we do
not know what to really call it? any suggestions?)

Victoria, for your invitation to the Annual Boxing Day Bon-Fire scroll down...


I really would be out X-mas shopping at this hour, wrestling little old
granny's for a spot in line at the liquor store - the one that has that new
line of lingerie, really, ho, ho, ho. BUT this present is better than
anything I could buy for any of you. Is it possible that if you receive
this knowledge that it is not by accident? Please enjoy.
We now have a program that, based on the provosions in the CCH Income Tax
Act, provides for a full refund of all taxes you have paid(if you have
filed) in the last three tax years &/or exempts you from paying any tax for
this (or any) year - it falls completely within the law, the act and ALL
other provisions, and yes, I did check with a CGA. There were 22 people at
my house this Thursday refiling their 1997 returns(with amendments being
due, under the rules, by Dec. 31:2000). This, when handled proficiently,
will also stop an assessment/court case. There is one catch, you have to be
adamant that you feel that monies do not go to hurt other people and that
what it says in the Income Tax Act is correct.
Is it starting to feel like X-mas every-day?

By the way for those readers who are in the U.S.A and Australia I know for
a fact that this will work in your country but I will need to see a copy of
your income tax act, first, to refer to the relevant section.

[For those of you that say this will harm the infrastructure in the
country, can you provide facts, or is this another emotional arguement? by
the way I DO HAVE the annual reports (that are available to the public) -
have you read them? Do you know what the other over-155 taxes in Canada (or
U.S./Aust.) are? - that I DO advocate paying!? Perhaps, this would be
prudent, before you let yourself get stirred up - I mean, after all, would
you allow a 'judge' to adjudicate your case without all of the available
facts? -Gotcha?!]
But be aware this is not a 'silver-bullet' - there is some time needed for
study and implementation over time, however, you can certainly start now.
If you are not with the knowledge - you have no title to the benefit.

How did I find these provisions in the quagmire of the fiction work of the
I.T. Act? - quite by accident, in fact, I am convinced it was the help of
angels, but three people lead me there - :Antonio, :Lee and :Marie - my
three wisepersons - all I did was read it and gyrate like Elvis when I
realized that the work we have been doing with International Treaties for
tax deductions/exemptions ARE SUPPORTED IN THE INCOME TAX ACT - it IS time
to say that SANTA knows who has been naughty and 'nice'!

There are some very significant steps but they ARE relatively simple
(certainly compared to reading 2752 pages of the abridged ACT). IF you wish
to re-file your 1997 returns before Dec.31:2000 contact me if, BUT ONLY IF
you are extremely serious! If you have NOT filed then you can go back as
far as necessary - at any time, if you need to do so. This immediate offer
is only for people who have filed, and wish to redo, 1997. Otherwise, I
will address this in a more complete package in the New Year.


Starting at lunch time we will be barbequing in the covered
meadow/courtyard around the big bonfire - bring your friends & families,
some food for the BQ, and any pallets you want to throw on the fire. Maybe
Grandpa will let us sample some of his schlivovitz from the old country...


Some of our Guardians have had very discourteous service in the Vancouver
area at The Bay and Zellers (owned by The Bay, plus also in the 'chain' -
Zellers Select and Best Value Stores).

Stephen Bobkin is The Bay's Manager of Taxation in Toronto and has stated
our card is 'fraudulent' and has forwarded such info to all of their
stores. Mr.Bobkin is in for a rude awakening if he imagines that a store
policy supercedes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and
International Treaty Law that Canada is BOUND to, like it or not. Maybe he
hasn't read the Income Tax Act either? Names of the other staff known &
involved so far are; Sean Kush, Page Kean, G. MacDonald, N. Padovano, S.
Sheeler and K. Roe.

Soon, they will be provided more paperwork of which, they may very much
wish they, and other staff, displayed more manners and less ignorance. All
they, or any of the staff, had to do was call the verifcation number
provided, contact the office and identify themselves directly - we would
have provided them with the Indigo Vendor's Package for good faith and full
disclosure, but they wilfully chose instead to act with harm toward the
Guardians, the Foundation and ultimately the children. More and more
Canadians are refusing to be abused this way and are willing to, more than
ever, stand up for it, even by going to court if necessary - all we ask is
for equitable equality for all based on the honour and truth.

So forgive them for they know not what they do, neither does the store
'security' that falsely said our Guardian was "under arrest" and then gave
our Guardian the incriminating fax from head office giving us the forensic
evidence of fraud being perpetuated by The Bay and their employess (there
was NO arrest and our Guardian simply left after obtaining the fax).

We have served a document upon them, and all involved staff that we have
been able to name, a Demand for the Cease and Desist. We are at this time
coordinating the efforts between the Trustees of the Indigo-Foundation of
the Child to explore how we are going to address this libelous action plus
on charges of uttering, false arrest, libel, fraud, wilful negligence and
conspiracy. Santa knows too...

The sincere,thoughtful power of the people will always bring a degrading
store/institution like this to it knees, it is called a market correction -
and wait until the media gets a hold of this one. In the meantime you may
wish not to spend any of your hard earned dollars at this type of
establishment. Update definitely to follow.

Coming soon:

In the New Year I will be compiling a list of all people who have chosen a
path of action, in any way, even if it is to go to court, in an effort to
assert their liberty honourably and truthfully backed by their belief for
the basis of equitable-engagement with others. In other words anything at
all that someone has done in standing up for themselves and their beliefs.
Any contributions/stories welcome!

If you know of someone who is in this catagory, or any other for that
matter!, that is doing SOMETHING, anything, to make a difference - please
let us know even if it is in a way that I have not thought of. I will be
making a list of names with a bio of their efforts so that this may become
a record on our website which tracks the activities/newsletters and events.

with the Sincerity for the season, from the Rock, :Joe.

Post-Scriptum: Byrun is going to get his X-mas wish of going back into
court ('cause Santa wants him to) and the Justice Dept. is going to handle
the appeal, this time, after firing the 'hired' private law-firm that could
not get the 'job' done. They served :Byrun after the 30-day expiry date but
it appears that they may have filed in the court the week before at the
last minute. So far it appears to be set for March-2001. More to come...

:c-c/'©', for the Copy-Claim: Indigo-Child-Trust: Anno-mundi:2000:12:23.