Detective Ku's Mission re: the "Tax Exempt status Card."

On Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at approximately 9:30 AM I received a telephone call from a man who identified himself as Detective Ku from the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police at the corner of Catherine and Elgin streets in Ottawa. He explained that he was following up on a complaint about the tax exempt status card and that I had presented it for a purchase at the Wall-Mart store on Richmond Rd. in West-Ottawa.

After he had described the situation I interrupted and corrected him explaining that indeed I had a tax exempt status card and that I have used it in Ottawa BUT that I have never used it at the Wall-Mart store. Then he described a Toyota Cressida car with an Ontario licence plate SHEIAM and explained that the driver of the car had presented the card at Wall-Mart for a purchase. I answered by saying that yest that car was licenced to me and that I loaned the car to the person whom he was referring to.

He then proceeded to explain that some authorities {the RCMP, CCRA (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) and the Retail Council of Canada} have released a warning to businesses informing them to refuse to accept the "tax exempt status card" as issued by International Humanity House. He explained that businesses are complaining about being defrauded because CCRA intends to hold the businesses responsible for any uncollected GST and/or PST taxes.

He asked me to hold off using the card until any exisiting court proceedings are completed and he requested that I likewise relay what he shared with me to any family members and/or friends with the card that I knew.

I told him that I was well-informed about the "tax exempt status card" and that I had been in court in Toronto on July 10th, 2000 when Daniel Lavigne told Judge Foster that there were approximately 14,000 card holders in Canada. I questioned Detective Ku about why the police services were not arresting and charging Daniel Lavigne if indeed the card was fraudulent.

He talked a bit about the honourable mission and philosophy behind the card and suggested that perhaps the police services were not taking action to arrest Dan Lavigne since it seemed that neither Dan Lavigne nor the card users were wilfully intending to defraud, but rather they were intent on making a statement about where they believe their tax dollars should be spent.

In any case, that's my story about talking with Detective Ku on the morning of July 18th. In summary, it seemed to me that Detective Ku was diligently doing his job to protect the business people from the wrath of CCRA. One might say that Detective Ku was on a Public Relations mission 'cause he was very clear that he had no intention of charging myself or the other card used who was driving my car. He simply wanted to warn us of the "fraudulent warning" documents that were being circulated and he was requesting that we hold off using the cards until the current court proceedings were completed.

I plan to keep on using my card.

Enjoy this day...

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy