P.O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1

January 17th, 2002

Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc.
Place Bonaventure
900 rue de La Gauchetiere ouest
P.O. Box 1319
Montreal, Quebec
H5A 1H1

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am in receipt of your correspondence dated 05/01/02 wherein you threaten to cancel my long distance service if I fail to pay $14.66. www.cyberclass.net/exceljan52002.jpg

I have always paid for my long distance service. The outstanding amount that you are referring to is not for long distance service BUT rather for unpaid PST and/or GST. Therefore, your threat to cancel my long distance service is unwarranted. I draw your attention to the explanation  www.cyberclass.net/exceletter.jpg

Every month when I have paid my monthly long distance service I have enclosed information and documents that clearly state why I have a right and a duty to refuse to pay PST and GST. Full details at The Untax/Refusetax Cyberclassroom at these URLs: www.cyberclass.net/progress.htm and www.cyberclass.net/excelnotice.htm

For your information, I have enclosed copies of the information submitted with my December 2001 payment of $.34. The outstanding PST and/or GST up to and including October 10, 2001 was $14.61 plus the additional $.05 from the November 2001 bill equals the total $14.66 - which you refer to in your recent correspondence to me. www.cyberclass.net/excelbill2.jpg

With the full support of International Humanity House I am prepared to challenge Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc. in a small claims court action should you choose to cancel my long distance service as I welcome every opportunity to present the International Humanity House research and arguments in front of a judge. I have enclosed a copy of my 'Agreed Statement of Facts' which is already prepared and posted at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/agreedihh.htm

In addition, and for the sake of comparison I have kept one telephone line with your competitor, Metcom. You will clearly see from the enclosed documents that Metcom honours my action of refusing to pay PST and/or GST and does not threaten to cancel my long distance service. In fact, Metcom does not even include the PST and/or GST on my monthly long distance bill. www.cyberclass.net/metcombill.jpg

I hereby request full documentation of the reasons why Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc. has been refusing to comply with my lawful and legitimate request to cease adding PST and GST to my monthly long distance bills. I also request that an Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc., (preferably CEO, Christina Gold) sign her name to such documentation which explains the refusal to honour my Tax Exempt Status Card as issued by International Humanity House. www.cyberclass.net/ihhcardf.jpg & www.cyberclass.net/ihhcardb.jpg

I have assembled a competent team of 'guerrilla lawyers' to guide me through the court system. 'Guerrilla lawyers' are not graduates from any University Law School BUT their track record in mentoring fellow-Canadians with court procedures and strategies is remarkable indeed. These 'Warriors of One' are self-taught and they are willing to 'serve and protect' we-the-people from the New World Order 'Usury' Elites who have been feeding us 'lies, deceit and deception' for far too long.

My two noble cohorts who are directing me in my freedom mission are Dave Lindsay from Edmonton, Alberta and Daniel Lavigne from Toronto, Ontario. After consultation with them about your correspondence dated  05/01/02 they have explained that I should give Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc. 30 days to respond to this communication with an official document stating why Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc. refuses to honour my Tax Exempt Status Card - and including all documents which support Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc.'s position.

Dave Lindsay and Daniel Lavigne have explained that when I receive the above-described documentation they will aid me in preparing the required small claim court documents and serving them on the person (or persons) who sign the reply communication. My intent is to proceed with court action to get our 'Courts of Canadian Justice' to honour and recognize the content of the documents drawn up at 'The Judgement Of Nuremberg.' So thank you, Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc. for motivating me to action by your threat to cancel my long distance service. Metcom did not offer me this opportunity, instead they visited www.taxrefusal.com and learned the reason why we have a right and a duty to refuse to pay PST and/or GST.

This communication is timely indeed as the popular CTV news program W-FIVE is currently researching the growing Tax Refusal Movement in Canada. The middle class is awakening to the 'universal truth' which has been hidden from the public during the 20th Century.

W-FIVE has assured me that their intent is to share the research that the 'Warriors of One' have been uncovering re: the following illegal and unlawful and unconstitutional taxes in Canada. namely, PST, GST and Income Tax. W-FIVE will air the program sometime in the spring of 2002.

This document will be posted at The Refusetax Cyberclassroom at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/excelthreat.htm

The covering letter to Christina Gold {CEO, Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc.} is posted at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/goldc.htm

I await your response.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Tom-Joseph: Kennedy


cc. Jonathan Kennedy (Independent Excel Representative)
     Nathan Goldberg (Independent Excel Representative)
     Sergio Papadopoulos (Independent Excel Representative)
     Frank Varon (Independent Excel Representative)
     Carlos Rey  (Independent Excel Representative)
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     Christina Gold {CEO, Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc.}
     Shannon Hewitson (Regulatory Affairs Officer, Excel Telecommunications (Canada)
     Jean Pierre Trottier {Executive Team, Excel Telecommunications (Canada) Inc.}
     Daniel Lavigne (International Humanity House)
     Dave Lindsay (Individuals For Common Law)

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