Fixing The Flawed System - NOW
By Tommy-Usury: Free

It is essential to understand that money is simply a token that represents collateral. The most common example that most people are familiar with is the casino bank where chips are the tokens that are used to represent your collateral - your money. You leave your collateral with the casino banker who gives you chips for playing. When you depart the casino you can bring back your chips and collect your collateral. Notice there is never any inflation on the casino chips (tokens).

Following this logic you can easily understand that the coins and paper (money) in your possession are simply tokens which represent your energy, time and labour. Likewise, every other person understands that their coins and paper (money) in their possession are simply tokens which represent their energy, time and labour etc.

Now consider this critical question. Why have we been using their (the bankers') tokens or chips otherwise known as money and represented by coins and paper while passively paying them a fee (interest which ought to be correctly identified as 'usury') when we could be using our own tokens or chips (money) for FREE?

The best answer is that until now we have been effectively hoodwinked by an small but powerful oligarchy of people whom I refer to as the 'usury' elites. For centuries, these usury elites - who have historically composed approximately 3% of the world's population - have craftily and deceptively enslaved the other 97% of the population with seemingly invisible 'chains of usury.' Read more background details at The Economics Cyberclassroom:

The youth of this early 21st Century who make up that group between the ages of 13 and 26 have been the movers and shakers of the anti-globalization, anti-corporation movement which has raised its profile in recent years. Read the report at The FTAA Cyberclassroom:

These youth have been looking at their uneasy past, their hopeless present and their apocalyptic future and they are seeing what the adults (aged 26 - 78+) have been and are creating for them and they are not willing to accept the 'lies, deceit and deception' that their parents' and grandparents' generations accepted without question. Those generations of the 19th and 20th Centuries had blind faith in the banking system, the medical system, the political system and all other authoritative systems.

These youth have definitely determined that they don't like what they see on the horizon. At least they have been and are protesting in the streets which is more than most adults aged 26 - 78+ have done or are doing. Until recently these youth have been fingering some of the symptoms of the greater problems as identified by the organizations which have been  unknowingly misleading the youth to oppose all elements of the anti-globalization movement. They have not been 're-educated' about the design flaw of 'usury' which is the real evil that ought to be opposed.

These youth are the awakening two-percenters who will share the 'universal truth' with the three-percenters and thereby become the key catalyst to initiating critical mass - an unorganized synchronicity - which will escalate to awaken those 'who don't know they don't know.' Mathematicians explain that 3% is the magical number where critical mass accelerates an idea into the mainstream at a rapid rate. For more background details visit the Three-Percenters Cyberclassroom:

I compare these awakening youth to a herd of stampeding buffalo which can deceived and driven over a cliff to their deaths or they can be 're-directed' and thereby save their lives. Likewise, these youth can be 're-directed' with the 'universal truth' and thereby take a leading role in saving this planet from self-destruction. That's why I am excited about 'teaching' and 'learning' with the youth.

In mid-February 2002, the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th approximately 104 university youth learned - in one lesson - how they can start taking control of their own economic future. After learning anything that maintains its value can be used as tokens to represent money these youth were excited to learn that they can create their own 'usury-free' time currency and back it with their own integrity and honour. These tokens of 'usury-free' time currency are backed up with their own collateral (talents, skills, energy) measured in one hour segments of clock time (60 minutes). Others on the 'usury-free' database will accept this 'usury-free' time currency in exchange for services and/or products.

Keen university students are learning how easy it is to create and spend their own electronic 'usury-free' time currency in denominations of 'hours' and 'minutes.' Likewise they are learning how easy it is to accept 'usury-free' time currency as payment for services and/or products. As consumers of products and/or services these students are now prepared to start building a database.

They are encouraging other students and independent entrepreneurs - owners of small to medium community businesses and home-based enterprises - to join their crusade and thereby help to expand the database which can eventually serve the world, locally, nationally and internationally.

"When you have 'usury-free' time currency in denominations of hours and/or minutes in your email box, there are only certain places where you can spend them and the major corporations of the 'usury' elites group of companies are not likely to accept them - not just yet!" says Jonathan Kennedy, a Concordia University student and advocate of 'usury-free' time currency. Jonathan explains further: "We appreciate the experience of realizing we can create and spend our own money within our own loyal database, where our traders know they are making an impact in changing the world by changing the way we create and spend our money (tokens)."

Though it may seem very Robin-Hood-like, indeed it is legal to create and spend your own 'usury-free' time currency which is somewhat similar to that common Canadian community currency which almost everyone is familiar with - Canadian Tire Money. Since there is no requirement that any individual or business must accept 'usury-free' federal currency as payment for any product or service, let's invite every individual and small to medium business to accept the 'usury-free' time currency for whole or partial payment of any products and/or services. Our ultimate aim is to drive 'usury' out of business.....