The Genocide Of The Farmer

Note: The Genocide Of The Farmer is reprinted from the LEADS Newsletter (May-June 1987). LEADS proudly presented this article with a compelling and motivating purpose; that is to shed some light on a 20th Century example of genocide which has not yet been recommended for inclusion in the compulsory curriculum which has been drawn up by educators and special interest groups to cover selected incidents of genocide while ignoring others. In fact, the LEADS Newsletter hoped, and still does, that the content of The Genocide Of The Farmer will motivate educators and the public to address this ongoing atrocity in any proposed curriculum for high school, college and university students.

The Genocide Of The Farmer contains knowledge and ideas assimilated from both Canadian and American sources. Ron Poch's AMERICAN PROMISE NEWSLETTER (Dec. 1986 - Jan. !987) P.O. Box 30,000, Phoenix, AZ 85046, provided many of the facts and supporting information. This particular incident of genocide displays mankind's barbarism which occurs in a similar fashion in Canada and the USA and elsewhere.

Genocide Defined

Polish lawyer, Raphael Lemkin coined the word "genocide" in 1944 to describe the Nazi atrocities of the Second World War.
Webster's Ecyclopedic Dictionary defines "genocide" as "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural gorup." SInce School Boards are taking action to develop courses covering all aspects of genocide throughout the 20th century attention must be drawn to an ongoing well documented genocide that has been ever present in both Canada and the United States - The Genocide Of The Farmer.

A unit of study ought to be drawn up to sensitize students to the plight of families on farms experiencing serious problems with foreboding consequences for our children and grandchildren. Rural farming communities are experiencing intense barbarism and if the generation of youth are not informed of the truth about money and banking (usury) the genocide of the farmer could very well become the prominent atrocity of the 21st Century.

Emile Zola said of truth: "If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way." The most grim and extreme cases among the thousands of North American farmers facing bankruptcy and/or foreclosure (the situation continues to become more extreme with each passing month) are herein briefly explained.

Debt and Despair
On a chilly night in October, 1984, a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team gunned down farmer Arthur Kirk, 49, on his own property. He was then allowed to bleed to death with a bullet in his left hip and another in his right shoulder area. They left behind a ransacked farmhouse in shambles and a dead family pet, a kitten, with its ears cut off and knife incisions over its body. It has been construed by many that this wanton act of cruelty to the kitten was performed so that Kirk, enraged would take leave of his senses and leave the protection of his house, exposing himself to the marksmen lurking in the darkness.

What was Arthur Kirk's crime? He was in debt and he died for it; he had filed a lawsuit against the local bank; he was fighting to save his farm which had been in the family for generations.

It was Monday, December 9,1985. Farmer Dale Burr, $600,000 in debt and driven to the depths of despair, slowly raised the gun to his head and, with grim determination, pulled the trigger.

This alone was tragic enough, but just prior to taking his own life he had shot and killed three others: his wife, a neighbour and the local banker. He probably didn't want his beloved wife to face what he considered to be a hopeless set of circumstances in which there was no solution nor any way out; only the loss of his farm and the end of his proud heritage which to him was a fate worse than death.

Freddy Lesly and Cecil Morrison were two other casualties of the worsening farm crisis. They lost everything they had, including the will to live. Morrison, 53, ended his life as Deaf Smith County (Texas) farmer with a single shot through the heart. He was found, his son said, clutching a letter from the IRS ordering him to repay $32,000 he owed or his wages would be garnisheed. Ironically, Morrison had managed to pay off all his farm notes by selling off everything; but he still owed the IRS $32,000.

Lesly, 51, told a friend he owed more than $200,000. A short time later he fired one round into the ceiling of his Texas farmhouse. The second round he fired into his temple. (For an analysis of farmer suicide click here)

Perhaps C. G. Binderup had in mind people like Kirk, Burr, Morrison and Lesly when he stood up on the floor of the US Congress and cried out to its members: "Yes, YOU, the Federal Reserve Banking System, you are the dictator in our great nation. You are the Nero that fiddles while Rome is burning."

He also stated:

By the power of money you command and inflict the penalties of starvation and deprivation, misery and want. You can break every law Congress can ever make. You can starve the most righteous soul until he will steal, that his loved ones may have food and shelter.


Yes, with this magic wand, the power of money, this firebrand of destruction, you can change to criminals our citizens, of most worthy stamp, change a patriot into an enemy, love for country into hate.
(Excerpts from a speech, Congressional Record).

A Proud and Rugged Breed
Why does the economic crisis hit the farming communities with such traumatic impact as compared to urban centres? City folk, generally speaking, are accustomed to job changes, layoffs and changing careers to adapt to evolving economic conditions. It has become a way of life with them.

Farmers are from a different mold - a proud, hard working and rugged breed. All that they, their parents and grandparents have known is living off the land and contending with the unpredictable forces of nature. The thought of having their farm wrenched from them by a brutal banking system and being forced to face another livelihood, or unemployment, or welfare, is a frightening spectre which many cannot face.

Farmers with medium sized farms are the most vulnerable to financial disaster. There are a growing number steadily buckling under the stress. The once-stable farm families have joined their urban brethren in becoming the victims of depression, alcoholism, divorce, suicide, and other unpleasant outlets for anguish. It does not feel good when a farmer, his wife and children see hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets and 25 to 30 years of work siphoned off by the pin-stripers (bankers).

Gary Condra, a Texas Tech University agricultural economist, estimates there are slightly more than 500,000 medium sized family farms in North America, each of which provides from $40,000 to $250,000 worth of food and fibre each year. "They're the rugged, pioneer types who think they should be able to do anything." He added that their "whole personal selfworth is destroyed if they lose that farm."

Farmland - Family Assets or Foreign Investment?
Let us look at other aspects relating to the growing farm crisis. Foreign investors - who are often in cahoots with the bankers - are buying massive amounts of farmland from hard working families who for generations have not only fed people in local communities, but all over the world. The omnipresent threat to the family farm is no longer the product of a paranoid conspiratorialist, but a stark reality and one which must be addressed.

Life in rural communities has changed. The pace and fabric of farm living have forever changed. The air is no longer clean, the waterways and lakes are poisoned and the death of the family farm is being written about in newsletters, books and magazines as well as in daily and community newspapers and on the internet. Frustration, suicide and death on the farm has been tragically accepted as newsworthy but routine for rural communities during the 1980's and 1990's.

One might wonder about annual subsidies from federal governments in both USA and Canada. Indeed, the federal aid promised to farmers throughout North America during the 1980's and 1990's has cost the taxpayers well over $60 billion and the farmers are still in dire straits.

Dean Kleckner, president for the American Farm Bureau Federation, favours achieving a free market in farm products in worldwide competition and in eliminating the role of government in agriculture. Kleckner said that "anyone who thinks prosperity can be restored to agriculture by bigger and better government programs is suffering from delusions of grandeur or running for public office."

Kleckner also noted it may not be a coincidence that seven or eight commodities receiving most of the federal subsidies are consistently the ones in the deepest trouble: "Government interference causes problems...Farmers want to join with others in weaning ourselves away from dependence on federal handouts. What we must at all costs avoid is a system of mandatory controls over agricultural production in return for a guaranteed price for our commodities."

The Snare
For many years bankers have had great success extending their trust to farmers using the age-old "bait and switch" con game. It's about time farmers learned that bankers create money by the stroke of a pen with a hidden agenda to "snare" as much collateral as possible. Farmers in particular and citizens in general must stop trusting bankers who seek to first give loans and later take assets. Author Len Martin takes us back a few decades describing how this land grab scheme operates:

In 1919, after World War 1, prices of farm products were high and money was easy to borrow. So, many farmers swallowed the bait and bought new machinery and more land. Then, in June of 1920, the private money lenders who are the real owners of the Federal Reserve Board (in the USA) cut offcredit and called in farm loans. This resulted in widespread farm foreclosures. The next big rush to rid the country of the independent family farms started in 1929. During the years preceding 1929, the Federal Reserve again adopted an easy money policy and people again swallowed the bait. Then, in October of that year, the Fed abandoned its easy money policy and raised interest rates. The stock market crashed and a depression followed. (From Farmers and Consumers Report)

In more recent times, we find the scheme still runs smoothly and farmers still become the victims of the moneylenders notorious "land-grab" oriented monetary policy. During the 1970's, the Federal Reserve Board furiously loaned money pushing up commodity prices and land values, while cheapening the dollar on the world market. Again, the farmers took the bait, bought up land at a feverish pace and the plunged deeply into debt. True to the plan, the Federal Reserve Board and its members banks burst the balloon, igniting a worldwide depression in commodity prices. Since the early 1980's farmland has been repossessed at an alarming rate. For example, the Bank of America alone now lays claim to over 80,000 acres of repossessed farmland in California.

Pawns In The Game
It is very clear that farmers have become pawns in the game of global politics. It is the aim of the super rich money lenders of the world banking regime to check-mate all of the independent family farms in North America and set up large corporate farms. Readers are invited to become familiar with The Grand Canal scheme to divert water from Northern Canada to the Mid-western USA in the 21st Century.

In the mid 1980's, John R. Norton III told the Arizona Business forum: "Our taxes would be better spent to retrain and relocate people (speaking of farmers)." Norton, who is a former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, went on to say that "while America has 2.3 million farms at present, the most efficient American agriculture would require lass than half a million farms." He also offered these supporting words of wisdom: "If free-market forces were allowed to operate, agriculture would become consolidated into fewer, more efficient farms, the way huge retail chains have replaced mom and pop grocery stores."

Bankers are an intrical part of this devious scheme by charging any rate of interest - usury - on borrowed money. In fact, usury together with the fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking, is the rampaging, deadly economic cancer that is destroying us as individuals and collectively. In the Bible, usury is identified as a sin so great that God likens it to bloodshed: "Within you bribes are taken to shed blood, you take interest on loans, you oppress your neighbour by extortion - and you forget me, says the Lord, the Eternal. I shake my hand in horror at your extortion and your bloodshed." (Ezekiel 22:12-13, Moffat).

Lindsey Williams had this say about the farm crisis and the dilemma in rural communities in the mid 1980's:

One-tenth of one percent of the farms in America are going into bankruptcy every thirty days. Recently, a farmer from South Dakota told me the following story. He said that his farm had been in their family for three generations. His great, great grandfather has homesteaded it. It has been successfully and profitably tended for three generations. A few years back when land values increased considerably, the bank persuaded the farmer to purchase more land equipment by borrowing more money from the bank, using his land as collateral. Then the bottom dropped out of land prices because of the economy which had been intentionally manipulated by the internationalists. The banker came to the farmer and said that because land prices had filed, he no longer had enough collateral to cover his loan, and even though he was current in his payments, he must pay the difference between the amount of the loan and the amount of collateral which he had to back up the loan. The farmer could not come up with the amount of money the banker was demanding. Later, the banker came to the farmer and announced that they were going to repossess, but the bank asked the farmer if he and his family would stay on the farm as tenant farmers. Was it to the advantage of the Internationalists to bring about a financial crisis for the farmer? Yes! They got the farm for the price of the combine. If a farmer can't afford to farm without borrowing money, then he surely can't afford to farm borrowing money and paying interest. I predict that the majority of the farms of America will be corporate farms within a few years, if the Internationalists have their way. (From Syndrome of Control)

Controlling The Money Supply
What is the basic reason farmers cannot pay their bank loans? There is simply not enough money in circulation to do it! This information comes from the Federal Reserve itself. In 1985, it lists the total loans of all commercial banks as $1.8 trillion. It also shows the money (cash) in circulation as only $169.5 billion. This means there are eleven times more loans then there is money to pay them, not even counting the interest - which is never created.

Firstly, why isn't there enough money in circulation to pay the loans? The answer is securely written into US law in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. In passing the Act, Congress secretly gave a private corporation the power not only to "create" the money, but also to contract and expand the money in circulation at the Fed's discretion. By so doing, Congress actually made it impossible for farmers and every other debtor to pay back all of their loans. It is also interesting to note that in both Canada and USA a federal income tax was deemed necessary because the federal government in both countries had given away the exclusive right to create their respective currencies to private bankers. Each governments incurred a heavy commitment to usury which in turn was simply foisted on the people as an income tax.

This situation came about, not by accident, but with full knowledge and careful forethought by deceitful politicians and crafty bankers. A very similar situation occurs in Canada and in most countries of the western world. The creators of this wicked, Babylonian money system sit idly by filling their pockets with usury stolen from those who can least afford it. The Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of Canada, both privately controlled, are bringing not only the farmer, but many other industries to their knees in whimpering subjection.

Secondly, what happened to the money the farmers got from the banks? They didn't get money! They got credit - deposit slips in exchange for mortgages on land, farms, homes and equipment. More incredibly, money is not minted or printed to cover the repayment of usury. Only the principal of any loan is created - NEVER the usury.

One more important fact. How many people know anything about the Monetary Reform Act of 1980? Few Congressmen took the time to plough (pardon the pun) the mumbo jumbo of its wording which is so typical of jargon from the cunning minds of lawyers who design laws to baffle and confuse.

Simply stated, it required all US banks to become members of the Federal Reserve System. Prior to this, the small town banks had some leeway in helping farmers with their financial challenges. Since 1980, the Monetary Reform Act has given the Internationalists a complete banking monopoly compelling all of the banks to work together, whether they wanted to or not, in perpetuating the racket to steal more farmland with the stroke of a pen.

Had the farmers received depositors funds as loans there would still be Federal Reserve Notes (what passes as money now) in circulation and therefore a means for the farmers to repay their loans.

What About Divine Law?
Divine Law prohibits land speculation (Numbers 36: 7-9). Neither grant land holdings nor megafarmers are in keeping with the Divine plan of purpose for His property: "Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field until there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!" (Isaiah 5:8) According to Ron Poch "these words should ring out from the pulpits: Great proprietorships are the scourge of a nation - the enslavers of men.":Poch also stated that

Men cannot live in freedom and dignity and self-respect unless land is held by individual families, worked by the family, and kept as an inheritance from the Lord God. The Old Testament Book of Joshua deals with God's people entering the promised land, overcoming and occupying the land. Under Joshua's government, the people owned the land and it was their inheritance - privately owned and run - with no outside interference from regulatory agencies.

This isn't the case as we approach the 21st Century. We have ignored Divine Law and the Money Czars have enslaved our souls and to a great extent are masters of our bodies. Words like "freedom, justice, liberty, and blessing" seem like a vocabulary of the past.

Today, money has become a major commodity. Trading and speculating in money with its associated high usury and lending rates is detracting from true wealth. The rich continue to get richer by using money as a commodity, yet this adds absolutely nothing but debt to our society. Goods, consumer products, services and labour which are the real power to get wealth do not attain to the prominence that is placed on money.

Various regulatory agencies are truly "using" the farmer to speed up the process of globalism; to bankrupt the farming industry as well as many other industries thereby increasing the national debt in both Canada and USA. Time is running short as the Mondex Electronic Cash System heads our way at a rapid speed. The Internationalists seek to destroy Canada a part of their devious plan to create a one world government, a central bank, a global usury-bearing currency, a United Nations army and police force - all to control an oppressed, cashless, microchipped and enslaved world population. Why have we not learned from history?

Failing To Learn From History
The people of both Canada and USA are making the fatal mistake of failing to learn from history; In fact, because denominational clergy educators, doctors, police, bureaucrats, politicians and others in positions of authority are uninformed on so many vital issues, they have sadly been misleading those whom they have been entrusted to lead during this 20th Century.

The vast majority are unsure of the history of not only Divine or Spiritual origins, but also health and energy issues, general historical events and specific causes of wars and insurrections. Since "truth" has not been taught to those who lead, and any revisions of accepted dogma are crushed by the Establishment, only those who have followed self-imposed study are now empowered to teach real "truth". Too many of us have unfortunately and unknowingly permitted ourselves to be groomed and conditioned to accept approved textbooks and the teaching of educational institutions as sacred and infallible. As Santayana once said, "Those who do not learn from (the lessons) of history are doomed to repeat it."

The Importance Of The Farmer

Nearly all areas of society are suffering from economic woes, but we are focusing our attention on the farmer because of their importance in our national life. Farmers and small landowners have always been vital to a stable culture, a bulwark of reliance, self-government and independence - against a reckless, often purposeful, federal tyranny. Those who produce and work with raw materials are originators and producers of new , REAL wealth. Agriculture is the basic industry, the major economic entity, vital to the well-being of any nation.

However, the International-Globalist mind may not have only considered agriculture as such, but also as the ultimate weapon. Despotic rulers have long realized that they must first control the farmer and agriculture before they can have complete control over their kingdom or nation. Few know that one of the main operations of the Rockefeller Foundation has been its technique for controlling world agriculture. The independent farmer is a great threat to the New World Order because he produces for himself and because his produce can be converted into capital which gives him much independence.

Bureaucracies and central governments have always demonstrated a deep hostility toward free enterprise independents such as the farmer. They are the natural enemies of the bureaucracy. Why? Because they tend to think for themselves and thus constitute the backbone of any free, democratic or republican form of government and because they cannot be adequately policed and controlled, or their incomes accurately determined.

Despotic regimes enter into partnerships with the rich and powerful. On the other hand, slaves, serfs, peasants, wage earners and/or salaried workers can almost always be controlled. The independent and self-employed become a thorn in the flesh to the despotic, centralized governments.

Eustace Mullins, in his book The World Order, a masterpiece of painstaking research into the relationships of people and organizations which control our world, described how the Bolsheviks' plans in Russia for complete control of the people were threatened by the stubborn independence of the small farmers - the kulaks. So Stalin ordered all food and animals of the kulaks to be seized in order to starve them. Mullins added:

Many totalitarian regimes have found the small farmer to be their biggest stumbling block. The French Reign Of Terror was directed, not against the aristocrats (many of whom were sympathetic to it), but against the small farmers who refused to turn over their grain to the revolutionary tribunals in exchange for the worthless assignats. In Canada and USA, the money powers are presently engaged in the same type of war of extermination against the farmers and other independent free enterprisers. The traditional formula of land plus labour for the farmer has been altered due to the farmers' need for purchasing power to buy industrial goods needed in his farming operations. Because of this need for capital the farmer is especially vulnerable to the New World Order manipulators who can (and do) adjust the usury rates to cause bankruptcies. Just as in the Soviet Union in the early 1930's, when Stalin ordered the kulaks to give up their small plots of land to live and work on the collective farms, today the small farmers in North America face a similar type of extermination, being forced to give up small farms to become a hired hand for the big agricultural soviets or trusts. The Brookings institution and other foundations originated the monetary programs implemented by the Federal Reserve System to destroy the farmer, a replay of the Soviet tragedy, with the one provisio that the farmer will be allowed to survive if he becomes a slave worker of the giant trusts. Once the citizen becomes aware of the true role of the foundations he can understand the high interest rates, high taxes, the destruction of the family, the degradation of the churches into forums for revolution, the subversion of universities into CIA cesspools of drug addiction, and the halls of government into sewers of international espionage and intrigue. The American citizen can now understand why every agent of the federal government is against him; the alphabet agencies, the FBI, IRS, CIA, and BATF must make war on the citizen in order to carry out the programs of the foundations.

When we consider Mr. Mullins graphic description of a society that has rejected Divine Law, we are reminded of those words of the Psalmist:

But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me. So I gave them up unto their own hearts lust: and they walked in their own counsels. Oh, that my people had harkened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways! I should soon have subdued their enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries. (Psalms 81: 11-14)

Charismatic Leadership Needed
It is not just the agricultural sector which needs to be repaired, but the entire economy. Due to international economic relationships and control, it is the world economic syndicate that needs to be replaced with one based on the natural economic laws of God. The present world system is an insidious leech of immense power and influence which needs to be torn loose from its death grip on the jugular vein of people and nations.

What makes this task so difficult for those aware of the cause of current economic
problems is complacency. We must awaken the sleeping populace and their elected representatives from the psychological and spiritual metamorphosis that has taken place in recent generations. We are living in "the day of great deception when the wisdom of wise men has perished, and the understanding of prudent men is hidden." (Isa. 20:14)

Where would we be without those cheques to Social Security, education, welfare, income tax and GST refunds, and subsidies our "benevolent" governments give us? Look how bank cards and product code labeling makes it so convenient to buy and sell say the happy consumers and retailers.

"Look what obeisance to the System does for me," says the politician. "The media says nice things about me and I win elections and am put on important committees and the 'TAX MAN' treats me well. Why fight a good thing?"

According to Ron Poch:

Until the day of deliverance comes God's people must not slacken, but continue to press forward in the battle to warn, awaken and educate God's Kingdom. Today as never before, righteous leaders and statesmen are needed. What we do not need are more politicians who order to those who control the credit - and the ultimate fate of our economy.

The Genocide of the Farmer points our serious problems with foreboding circumstances. It is not our intent to strike fear in your hearts and minds, but rather to share knowledge that is not included in the curriculum of formal education. One hopes our children and grandchildren will acquire the knowledge and to become free and determined to take action to stop the Genocide of the Farmer. Armed with "truth" and fortified by Divine intervention, they will succeed. If the schools do not teach our youth this sheltered knowledge then we must motivate them to follow a courses of self-study with alternative resources from the internet and otherwise. Readers are invited to begin any course of self-imposed study by visiting Cyberclass.

GENOCIDE OF THE FARMER is reprinted with the permission from LEADS, a bi-monthly newsletter which focused on "secondary income(s) and alternative economic solutions." LEADS was published from 1981 to 1991.

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