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IAHF List: I urge everyone on the IAHF list who is living in any urban environment in this country to get a copy of the following book:
Relocation Guide- North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel M. Skousen

I urge anyone on this list who is living in any American city to study this book very carefully, and to sit down with your family to have a very serious talk.
Here is why:

The CIA knew via Echelon at least 3 months in advance that we were going to be attacked- see
Echelon Warned US & Israeli - Hijacked Planes Were To Be Weapons

They let it happen.... see the following very thought provoking articles:

Alice In Wonderland & The WTC Disaster - Ask Yourself: Who Benefits?
Harvey - The Militarization Of Earth
How the Terrorists May Ulimately Win
Thousands of Islamic Terrorists Ready to Meet Fire With Fire
US Faces An 'Exhaustive And Unpredictable War On Its Own Soil'

If you are an American living in an Urban Environment, you'd better sit down right now with your family with a copy of Skousen's book Relocation Guide-North American Guide to Safe Places, here is why:

For centuries the ruling elite have been salivating over one day dominating all of us as slaves under a world government. The Codex Vitamin issue is just the TIP of a very large iceburg. I've been saying this for a long time because my efforts to investigate the Codex issue have caused me to view the world in a much different way than I used to as I have increasingly become horrifyingly privvy to the suppressed truth of what is REALLY going on around us. I've developed an ability to see through spin controlled news reports and to grasp the real motives behind many current events which the talking heads on TV are trying to brainwash us to see in the way their puppet masters would like us "useless eaters" to see things.

In ALL of the news reports regarding the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, we did not hear one single reporter asking the question "Who Benefits?" "Who stands to BENEFIT from these attacks?"  Look CAREFULLY at this article: Alice In Wonderland & The WTC Disaster - Ask Yourself: Who Benefits?

There is a REASON why these simple questions of WHO BENEFITS? were never asked....... the people who control our news don't want us to "go there." They don't WANT us to ask questions like these. They want us to be herded, molded, and scripted like ROBOTS as they pave the way for a Third World War, a War that sure as hell won't benefit any of US, because we don't HAVE places like Mount Weather to retreat to deep underground where we'd have gourmet chefs to prepare us meals of cavier and filet mignon, served up with only the finest aged French wines while chamber orchestras play for our listening pleasure, as silicone titted MKULTRA sex slave concubines cater to our every fleshly desire.

We don't HAVE retreats down in Tierra Del Fuego to escape the nuclear fallout and have organic farms set up and running in case we need to hop in the lear jet to escape an impending nuclear or biological war. Ted Turner, Henry Kissenger, and many other famous globalist swine have such retreats in Tierra Del Fuego, and I have communicated with an Australian contractor living in Argentina who did the work to build their enclaves.

We don't have THESE options, so we damn well better do our best to figure out what options we DO have, because the satanic ruling elite are making their BIG PUSH right now to kill off a LOT of us "useless eaters", and to ENSLAVE whoever survives, and they really don't CARE how many of us they kill...... because from THEIR way of thinking, we are ALL quite expendable.... there are just too many of us for their liking.


1. The terrorists who just hijacked those planes are only the tip of the iceburg. There are many more such terrorists on our soil right now, just waiting for a green light to engage in more such attacks, and worse, to unleash bio war here. Go to and study the articles there, read about 20 of them and make up your own mind about this, but you will see that what I'm saying is true.

2. FEMA has contingency plans to quarantine whole cities of people in the event of biowar and to kill anyone who tries to get out. They also have concentration camps set up all ready for occupation. They have gas chambers and crematoriums all set up to send rail cars through in order to take out very large numbers of people. I have spoken with several people who were FEMA trained to do triage in the event of biowar or nuclear war, and some of these people were at the top of the FEMA management- trained to administer martial law. I predict it is coming, and when it gets here, anyone stuck in a city will be far more vulnerable to manipulation by the elements of coersion who are making their move on the planet. See and also;action=l ist

3. Please forward this to more people. If you appreciate this heads up from IAHF, please send a donation to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 or donate electronically via paypal at where anyone can also sign up to receive these free updates on the Codex vitamin issue, on globalization issues, on how to remain free in an unfree world. IAHF is located in the middle of nowhere due to death threats for disseminating this kind of information, and due to considerable foresight and a long range ability to predict current events.

To prepare for the inevitable extremely high gas prices to come with WW3- go to and order a Fuel Atomizer which will help you get much better gas mileage, more horsepower, with less tailpipe emissions. This site also has many other tips for getting better gas mileage, and we're going to all really need this information. Don't wait til gas prices go into the stratosphere- that is coming soon, prepare now for the inevitable and assist IAHF at the same time.

The area where IAHF is located has a 5 star rating in Relocation Guide- North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel M. Skousen. Do you yourself a favor. Do not stick your head in the sand on this. If you do, you could end up getting caught in the cross fire. This is not a drill. This is reality.

For Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 800-333-2553