Date: September 15, 2001

From: Dr. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Mediation and Psychology),

A Citizen of the U.S.A. (Boston) and of Canada (Ottawa).

To: President George W. Bush, U.S.A., and all World Peoples

 PROPOSAL: Let us build a curved or circular (not linear) Peace Garden of the Nations on the site of the former World Trade Center on Manhattan Island. Around the circle let us place a symbol of each nation of the world including the Manhattan natives, who were also trapped, exploited and slaughtered, like the inhabitants of the two towers. Let it be full of flowers and meditative spots where peoples of the world can bring memorials and donations to world peace. Let it be a quiet sanctuary in the heart of all the busy-ness that surrounds it. The people who died on this site would demand this sort of proposal if they were here to speak up.



A vision came to me as I was watching the two World Trade Center towers billowing smoke on television. I envisioned smoke billowing from the tops of the many teepees that sat on that site hundreds of years ago. I remembered that this was NOT the first genocide on North American soil. It was simply the latest of hundreds of global genocides that have occurred in the last five thousand years.

In this vision I also saw the seeds of this horrible tragedy going back in time to the vicious clashes between the Israelites and the Philistines over Palestine. No matter how much the media and the politicians try to hide the facts from the public many people know that a huge number of those who perished in those towers were Jewish. We also now know that the hijackers were either all or mostly Arabs. It appears as though what has transpired here is that first generation Arab immigrants and second and third generation descendants of Jewish immigrants have now transferred their five or six thousand year battle over across the Atlantic Ocean from the "Old World" to the "New World". The Israelites and the Philistines, in a sense, are still fighting on, and are holding the world hostage.

The Israelis have a nuclear arsenal that could probably knock the planet out of orbit. Ariel Sharon was elected because of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Ariel Sharon calls the Arabs "cockroaches" and is one of the most provocative leaders in recent history. The United States and Israel are in an unholy alliance to ensure access to Middle East oil.

What a contradiction!!! White Europeans committed genocide to obtain Manhattan Island and all of North America. They were unhappy with their home in Europe and so they decimated the homes of the North American natives. Americans can NEVER have a home until they do very deep healing work on the genocide that created the U.S.A. Nazis committed genocide in an attempt to exterminate the Jewish immigrant peoples from their German "home-land" and the world. The Jewish people then "returned" to Palestine on the ship called the Exodus to create a home for themselves and they have not been able to accomplish that because they have been at war ever since. Many then emigrated to North America and yet they still call Israel their real "home-land".

It is very bizarre that two groups who do not see North America as their primary "home-land" would come to such a clash as that which we have all observed on Manhattan Island. Why did they not let their fight be contained in the Middle East?? Probably because of oil and monetary interests which are the primary obsessions in the financial district of Manhattan Island.

In a book entitled, "Black Elk Speaks", one of the greatest sages of all time prophesied that at this very time in history the Native North American Spirit would rise again from the genocide. Could that be why I saw teepees smoking at the World Trade Center?? Could that be why almost every single scene of this tragedy unfolding on the television in the past week has been pre-scripted over and over and over again in block-buster, violent, socially-destructive, Hollywood movies in the past five years?? (NOTE: In the doomsday movie, "Independence Day" the White House was totally blown up. It was only by a miracle this week that the White House was saved from the fate of the other three buildings!! ) Could that be why the two murderous boys at Columbine High School envisioned crashing a Boeing 747 into Manhattan Island during their get-away from the slaughter that they created at Columbine H.S.?? Could that be why the Columbine H.S. massacre was near the site of one of the most despicable and vile massacres of all time by the U.S. Army…the Sand Creek Massacre…in which every CHILD, woman and man of the peaceful Arapaho and Cheyenne Tribes was brutally slaughtered?? All of these connections are NOT just by chance.



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