The Chi Machine

A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed that 65% of all consumers will try a product that is recommended by a friend; i.e., network marketing.  In the same way that your friends will visit a particular restaurant based on your recommendation, they will also use HTE products and services on your recommendation.

The Chi Machine actually sells itself when you let others experience your machine, first-hand!

The Chi Machine is sold by Hsin Ten Enterprise USA, Inc. (HTE.)  HTE provides an SDI (Self Directed Income) marketing structure. The Chi Machine is now also sold in Canada.

Testimonials for the Chi Machine:
Be sure and visit the corporate wesbite:

The Corporate address in Canada is: Hsin Ten Enterprise Canada Inc., 20 Wertheim Court, Unit 32, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 3A8 Tel: 1.866.483.0888  Fax: 1.866.483.8880  The Distributor Number for myself and my partner, Robert W. Stewart is: A159225

Should any reader wish to order one, you can order directly by simply giving my Distributor number. You can become a distributor for $31.05 and then order and products or you can order any products only.


The Chi Machine is patented in 27 countries.    Since 1990 more than a half a million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide, virtually all of them in the Far East.

In 1993, the manufacturer of the Chi Machine determined that many of their distributors in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China had relatives in the USA.  They decided to take advantage of those family relationships by allowing Far East Chinese to sponsor American Chinese into the sales program.

As a result, about 6000 distributors were set up in the USA - but essentially, all of them were Chinese, selling only to other Chinese.  English speaking Americans remained totally unaware of the existence of the Chi Machine.

In December 1997, an American, checking a health related website in Australia, learned about the Chi Machine.  Australia was the first English speaking country opened up by the manufacturer - in mid 1995.)  He was sponsored by the Australian and started a network in the USA.

As of April 1998, there were only about 450 English speaking users of the Chi Machine in the US, and only about 300 of them were actively selling the Chi Machines.  That makes this a "true ground floor" opportunity, especially considering that the manufacturer has already cleared all the hurdles that have sunk many other such newly formed companies - including UL approval of the equipment, patent protection, and most importantly, FDA approval of the sales literature and the ability to meet the demand for product.

As of April 2001, the Chi Machine is available in Canada. Prices are in US funds.
My Distributor number is: A160830

You can make the Chi Machine a part-time
or full-time home based business.

•Ground Floor Opportunity with a Strong International Company

•Transform the health and wealth of yourself, and others; a valuable service to  yourself, family, friends, and community      

•Untapped, Rapidly Expanding, Billion Dollar Market

•Exclusive Patented Products Based On Decades of Research

•Simple, Proven Home Based Business

•Lucrative Sales Commissions with Management Overrides

•Travel and Car Expense Bonus

To order your Chi Machine contact
or telephone: 1.613.746.9702
My Distributor Number is: A 160830

14-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty



Here are just a few of the markets for the Chi Machine:

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists

A relaxing session on the CHI Machine significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment by reducing stress and tension, limbering the spine and relaxing the muscles while activating the lymph system and oxygenating the body.

To Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists:  Did you know...

•you can charge your patients for time spent on the Chi Machine

•you can bill your patient's insurance company for time spent on the Chi Machine

•you can sell Chi Machines to your patients and start a whole new income stream

•you can try a Chi Machine for two weeks free of charge*. We even pay the shipping!

Psychologists, Marriage Counselors, Hypnotherapists

Due to the profound relaxation created by the CHI Machine, Therapists have found an increase in session effectiveness when a patient uses the CHI Machine for a few minutes before their session.

Health Clubs, Day Spas

The CHI Machine is great for warm-up and cool down sessions before and after a workout.   The machine is also great effortless way to tighten and tone hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

Rehab Specialists (Elderly, Physically Challenged, Sports and Detox Centers)

A large percentage of the population are physically unable to exercise.  With the CHI Machine, similar benefits of traditional aerobic activity can be achieved effortlessly.   The CHI Machine effectively activates the body's natural cleansing systems, increasing overall health and well-being.

Feng Shui, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Holistic & Metaphysical Centers

The euphoric, energetic feeling created by a session on the CHI Machine makes this a perfect market.

Athletes / Coaches / Sports Medicine

The relaxing effect of the CHI Machine helps athletes loosen up before competitions and workouts, and remove lactic acids after exertion to prevent muscle soreness & stiffness.  The effortless aerobic workout helps get oxygen to every cell in the body not just the targeted muscle areas of a conventional workout.

Business Executives and anyone in a Stressful Environment

Taking a 5 or 10 minute refreshing, relaxing break during the day will make even the most stressed person operate at a much more efficient level.  The "No Sweat" CHI Machine makes it quick and easy even in a business suit or dress, which is exactly what the American people want and need with today's hectic life style.

Your own family and friends who see YOUR benefits in using the Chi Machine

By using your own Chi Machine, you become a model of the wonderful benefits that can be achieved by its daily use.  Your experience and difference in mind/body/spirit is the best testimonial; one that your family and friends can actually see and notice.

14-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty


The Chi Machine actually sells itself when you let others experience your machine, first-hand!



The Chi Machine is an unusual device in that it offers FIVE DISTINCT income streams.    Combined, these income streams can develop into significant income.

1.  TREATMENT - Each patient can be given 10-15 minute treatments at the prevailing rate.

2.  SALES TO PATIENTS - The machine can be sold or prescribed to patients for their use at home.  The palpable feeling of Chi, as it suffuses their bodies will make most patients want to use the machine twice a day-and buting one is the only way that can be done.

3.  SALES TO FRIENDS & RELATIVES OF PATIENTS - Because of the incredible feeling of Chi rising through the body, users (especially women) will want to demo the Chi Machine to their friends.  ["Hey Sally, Come try out this amazing machine I just got. You can actually feel the energy rising through your body"]  These referrals produce additional sales and the income that comes from them.

4.  SALES BY PATIENTS - Some patients will want to introduce their friends and relatives to the Chi Machine, so that they can make money.  You can "sign them up" to sell the machines - and when they do, you get residual income from their sales.

5.  SALES BY OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND RETAILERS - How many chiropractors, rehabilitation counselors, physical therapists, naturopaths, herbalists, health food store owners, Oriental medical doctors, acupuncturists, homeopathics doctors, you know (in your local area, and throughout the United States and Canada and in other countries where the Chi Machine can be sold?)  Every one of them could be selling Chi Machines - providing you with residual income.

14-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty

The Plan - Basic Overview (US Funds)

Refer 8 people who purchase and YOUR Chi Machine is paid for!  Here’s how the marketing structure works (once you have purchased your machine and $18 sales kit):

Your Commissions as a:

Distributor:  First machine sold:  $ 45.00

Chief:  2 through 9 machines sold by your Group:
    Personally sponsor new Distributor: $ 67.50
    Machines sold by your Distributors: $ 22.50

Supervisor:  10 through 63 machines sold by your Group:
    Personally sponsor new Distributor:  $108.00
    Machines sold by your Chiefs:  $ 40.50
    Machines sold by your Distributors:  $ 63.00
    Machines sold by 1st generation Supervisors:  2% override bonus

Manager:  64 through 392 machines sold (Group)
    Personally sponsored new Distributor:  $144.00
    Machines sold by your Supervisors:  $ 36.00
    Machines sold by your Chiefs:  $ 76.50
    Machines sold by your Distributors:  $ 99.00
    Machines sold by 1st generation Managers:  2% override bonus
    Machines sold by 2nd generation Managers:  1% override bonus

President:  393 machine (to infinity) sold (Group)
    Personally sponsored new Distributor:  $180.00
    Machines sold by your Managers:  $ 36.00
    Machines sold by your Supervisors:  $ 72.00
    Machines sold by your Chiefs:  $112.00
    Machines sold by your Distributors:  $132.00

Qualifications for each of the five levels:

    Purchase sales kit and one Chi Machine which equals 45 Bonus Volume
    Points (BVP).
    Receive 10% commission on 1st sale to another.

    Sell one machine which accumulates a total of 45 BVP.  This will be added
       to your original 45 BVP to equal 90 BVP and qualify you for Chief status.
    Receive 15% commission on personal sales.

    You and your group sell 9 machines which accumulates a total of 405 BVP.
    Receive 24% commission on personal sales.
    Once you are a Supervisor, you will also receive a 2% bonus override on all
       1st generation Supervisors ONLY!  You receive no points and no $ on any
       other generations of Supervisors until you move up to Manager.

NOTE:  Each time you reach a new status, your BVP goes back to zero.

     You and your group sell 64 machines which accumulates a total of 2,475
         BVP and you have at least 2 Supervisors in 2 separate legs.
     Receive 32% commissions on personal sales.
     If you have a 1st generation Manager you also receive a 2% override.
     If you have a 2nd generation Manager you also receive a 1% override.
     On any further generation Managers, at this time, you will receive no $ and
         no points, until you move up to the next level.

     You and your group sell 392 machines which accumulates 14,760 BVP and
         you have at least 4 Managers in 4 separate legs. Receive 40% commission
         on all personal sales.
     Also receive leadership bonus of 5% on U.S. volume: 3% in cash, 1% for
     a car, 1% for travel expenses.


You have 6 months to achieve each level. If it takes longer, the 1st month is dropped, and the 7th month is added.

Breakaways:  Up to the Supervisor level, if it occurs that a distributor in your group equals or passes you in rank, you reveive no $ or points until you achieve the next rank.

Special case:  As a Supervisor, if a 2nd generation distributor becomes
a Supervisor, you receive nothing, because their upline (who is also a
Supervisor - your 1st generation Supervisor) receives the 2% - until you
become a Manager.

As Manager, you no longer experience making no points/commissions --
unless someone jumps over you to President - In that case, when you catch
up to them as a President, they then take up their previous place under
you and you again start receiving commissions.

14-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty

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