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Date: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 7:56 PM
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Dear Friend of the Unami,

Today, I am very excited to say that I had the opportunity to speak directly with Jonathan Ratel, who is working at the World Court in the Hague on the project for the International Criminal Court (in which the U.S. just signed on to as member #23 - there needs to be 60 signatories for ratification). John did say that they do expect to have the first case heard with-in 24 months. There seem to be some very complicated but significant interpretations of what is unfolding...

Today, I listened to him for the better part of an hour and was able to ask him some questions with regard to international court procedure, jurisdiction, languaging difficulties and procedures and also about the 19 submissions by/with the David-Wynn: Miller to the International Court of Justice (which is different than the World Court - both are in the Hague). I will go through all my copyings/notes carefully and then provide a more extensive update for the newsletter-stream. I will go into more detail about the global impact and also the impact locally for each of us that the in-the-truth-languaging-procedures offer, in the next newsletter.

Topics we will address include:

- How the use of the card benefits children, you as a guardian and your family WITHOUT doing harm to anyone (and how this augments Karma).
- Why the :INDIGO-FOUNDATION: TAX & LEVY-CARD program has more effect and provision in the law than PST AND GST legislation.
- How to deal with mis-information directly.
- The Charter and International Treaties that give the force of effect to this program.
- The paperwork and support documents that have gone to all levels of gov't, including: The Governor General and all Lt. Governors (- in fact, we have received confirmation from the Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan - on really nice gold-leaf paper, direct from her private secretary).
- A new program for income tax with respect to demanding refunds for all taxes you have paid and your exemption based on the moral ground, based in the Charter and International Law (this one sizzles - need to stop and assessment? or just want a full refund from the past?)
- Procedures and Protocol for the effective use of the card at the point of sale, and what happens if a vendor feels unsure or need more information.
- Why there are supreme court cases that state a vendor MUST accept your card.
- Why the private contract and languaging protect both the guardian and the vendor and what is jurisdiction and which jurisdiction did you 'choose' and which one can you choose.
- why In The Truth languaging procedures are absolutely relevant to every person's safeguard - with forensic evidence as the proof!
- More on our vendor package for the store clerks and owners with questions.

As per the topics-list above plus, the Intimitable Timothy Madden will speak at seminars on:
- the cases that have been adjudicated with respect to the provisions in the BNA ACT regarding the power of the Provinces for direct taxation and how PST now violates this.
- The real story on the GST - why it is not a law (you have to register, right?)
- The topic on the question of the fraud perpretarated by the gov't on the people with credit cards, espcially vendors with VISA or other merchant accounts.
- If you are in trouble, a gameplan on what to definitively do.
- why when you sign a T1 General you are committing a criminal act as strictly set out in the Canadian Crimial Code (feel pressured to sign - there is a safe way if you do insist to file - although maybe we can show why it is not required , and THIS is right out of the Income Tax Act.)
- how the provisions in law provide for the strict and effective use of the Indigo-Foundation: TAX & LEVY-CARD program.
- how no reasonable person could arrive at the conclusion that based on the evidence that the gov't and the courts are dealing in good faith.

FOR YOUR BOOKING AT SEMINARS AND TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT AT THE PRE-BOOKING PRICE, PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY AT THE :INDIGO-FOUNDATION - 250-544-3163, :Joe. (or for enquiries into  a seminar-session in your area or for further instructional information)

Form the Rock, :Joe.

Post-Scriptum: Can you spot my irregular play on words today? and I will forward a newsletter soon that talks about the language procedures and the impact they are having on the local and world courts. If you are anxious for this info then e-mail me direct for an early copy of the in-the-truth newsletter.

:'permission' for printing and distribution of these contents for the others with the sincere-interest in the seminar or in-formation is with the grant of the 'permission' by the Indigo-Foundation.

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