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Jello Biafra was at the FTAA demonstrations in Quebec City on the weekend of April 20th, 21st and 22nd. Read the complete FTAA Report by Tommy-Usury: Free at this URL:

Jello Biafra, (real name - Eric Boucher) former lead singer of The Dead Kennedy's was speaking to a large crowd of mostly youth in an outdoor area under the highways leading down from the hill in Quebec City. Loud speakers were carrying his message far up the hill and down the valley in the clear night air. Certainly a few thousand people could clearly hear him. I walked down the stairs to listen more closely.

Jello Biafra talked to the youth about the events of the day and he encouraged them to take action to withdraw their financial support from the corrupted corporate and political system by making a conscious decision to NOT shop in big chain stores and in the big box stores.

Instead, he counseled them to make their purchases from small local entrepreneurs and to build community support networks. Though Jello Biafra may not have known it at the time, he was in fact counseling the youth to barter and trade among themselves. Now, we must give the youth the information about how to set up local and global barter and trading networks. Readers are invited to become fully aware of the "usury-free" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software. (Read also what Naomi Jedeikin types about this topic: Thrift Store Chic.)

Jello Biafra also told the youth to "become the media" instead of "bashing the media." In this regard, is leading the way with its up-to-date voice for that diverse group of people who are mobilizing across the hemisphere against the FTAA and Summit of the Americas. Read a summary of comments from their "Late Breaking News" webpage for Saturday, April 21st and Sunday April 22nd. Note: Any "indymedia" reporters - and/or otherwise - who read this message are invited to network it far and wide - especially to those youth who are ready and willing to take action NOW.

Finally, Jello Biafra encouraged the youth to bring to a conclusion the revolution which their parents started in the 1960's. He explained that their parents generation abandoned the revolution in the late 1970's, the 1980's and early 1990's by choosing to chase money and materialism in corporate Canada and the USA. Though Jello Biafra did not elaborate I can verify that I was a youth in the 1960's. I took a job for 34 years (September 1967 until June 2000) and retired 'broke' because I had chosen to move into the "system." thereby allowing myself to be trapped into slaving to paying "immoral usury" and "illegal taxes." It was in 1980 that I started my evolution of shifting to finding the "truth." Now I fully support Jello Biafra's message to the youth and I will make myself available to help mobilize and show them the way to true financial freedom outside of the NWO system of "usury" finance.

Next, John C. Turmel spoke from the same podium as Jello Biafra. John recited some of his poetry about the "usury-free" LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) software as well as the poem The Man Who Invented Interest. John invited the youth to visit his website at and/or search for "John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel" at any search engine. After John has finished at the podium he and I talked briefly with Jello Biafra. I asked Jello Biafra if he would be willing to read more of John C. Turmel's poetry and consider the possibility of putting some of it to music. He told me to send him the URL's by email so that he could read more of it and better understand the message. We exchanged emails and bid each other "Be safe" and "Empower others."

Let's give preference to those creative musicians who can put music to creative, "re-educational" information as expressed by themselves or by others. Let's teach and expand the truth through "music." If any readers (or friends of readers) of this email are aware of musicians who are willing to become familiar with the mission of "usury-free" economics and put some of the best information to music, invite them to read some of John C. Turmel's poetry and email: if they are motivated to take action. Listening youth suggested that we communicate with Les Cowboys Fringants and/or The Rubberman - both local bands from Montreal - I think. If any reader has contacts with either of these bands or others, please share this message with them.

After returning home from the FTAA demonstrations at Quebec City, I determined that I would deliver a message to the adults similar to the message that Jello Biafra delivered to the youth at Quebec City. That message is simple: First we teach "universal truth" and The Cyberclass Network is recommended as a starting point. Then we recommend that people shop less and less in the giant retail stores and more and more from local community businesses - including the growing numbers of home-based businesses. To initiate this change in shopping habits we are recommending that our supporters transfer their long distance services to The UsuryFree Network's Excel Team. This is one of the easiest habits to change as there is usually a small cost saving and no extra time or effort is required as people just use their telephones for long distance calling as usual. The only difference is that The UsuryFree Network's Excel Team earn some commissions which can be used to advance The UsuryFree Resolution. Plans are currently underway to facilitate the "shop-at-home" phenomenon and thereby support The UsuryFree Resolution.

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