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(ICR) - May 14, 2001 - Johnny Liberty was invited to make a guest appearance at the IGP Global Two seminar in Cancun, Mexico last week. He'll spoke to an inspired audience of 1700+ people and concluded his speech to a standing ovation.

He spoke about how the freedom movement has grown up and Central Authority has taken notice with the recent IRS/CID raids and grand jury investigation. Now, it was time for all adults to step forward and take leadership in their communities and businesses. He said a commitment to freedom is a commitment to individual and national sovereignty, and the U.S. Constitution is still the foundation of all legitimate authority in the united states of America. Now was the time to expose de facto authority and tell the truth in whatever administrative, judicial or media forum arises.

He spoke about strategies for enlarging the vision of what's possible at this time if and when people choose to work together towards a common goal such as establishing an infrastructure for free enterprise worldwide. This was Mr. Liberty's eighth appearance at one of these extraordinary IGP events. Keep current with Mr. Liberty’s activities and upcoming events on the ICR web site.

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(ICR) - May 14, 2001 - Mr. Liberty is working on a curriculum for the ICR Study Group and Liberty Law School, as well as several other new educational developments. It’s been a productive and satisfying time to witness many aspects of his life’s work coming into fruition. Many people are ready to step into the advanced level of this work and implement what they've learned in their lives and businesses. Because there are so many different people at different levels in their education, having unique learning skills and speeds, the curriculum must be multi-tracked to meet everyone’s needs.

For those even more serious about their studies, particularly in the area of philosophy, history and law, there will be an advanced curriculum available by registration in the Liberty Law School - holding classes twice a year.

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Upon returning to the mainland mid-May, Johnny Liberty will begin touring the West Coast, setting up Public Meetings & Seminars to rally support for the upcoming research, litigation and fundraising efforts that are already underway. There are meetings already planned for Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington, and both Portland and Ashland, Oregon. If you are interested in sponsoring such a meeting or seminar in your location, please email us at

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The ICR website is almost ready for it's official launch. Mr. Liberty has been working ardently behind the scenes upgrading the research, news articles, forums and access to resources that will be available for our ICR-Members. I attached an interesting news article on an alternative currency system in Italy that made quite a splash. For more information on how to become a lifetime member, please email us at


The Southern Oregon Resource Center (SORC) has become a full-service LF Service center offering international business corporations and private interest foundation packages along with other paralegal and sovereignty-related services.

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ICR is committed to global business development in free enterprise in the areas of food, shelter, energy, technology, health & well-being, communications and conscious films. ICR is committed to arranging capitalization and financing for these company developments. This is business development in the spirit of the founding fathers of America based on the principles of a republic and the separation of powers doctrine.

John David Van Hove, Managing Director