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Jonathan T. J. Kennedy
P.O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1

Local Employent Trading System Online Network
Réseau de Systèmes d'Echange Local en ligne

Time Currency Transaction Personal Page
Page personnelle de transactions en valeurs de temps

Jonathan Kennedy's Nousury "Time Currency" Bank Page

Hours Earn/Heures Gagnees

04/17/2000, Jonathan Kennedy, labour, 1 hour

Hours Spent/Heures Depensees

04/15/2000, Tom J. Kennedy, cash exchange, 2 hours
04/17/2000, Tom J. Kennedy, ride, 30 minutes

Balance:  - 1 hour & 30 minutes


Ottawa (local) + Montreal and/or Toronto
-Tax Exempt Status card:
Issued by International Humanity House
                     (80% cash, 20% HOURS)






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