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Everyone I meet today still ask me about how it was that I managed to have the three top RCMP Commissioners charged with corruption by an Ottawa court in 1991, and what happened to them and to the four Senators, the four Cabinet ministers and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's Chief of Staff who were charged, simultaneously, with conspiracy to commit fraud upon the Canadian people. The following is a synopsis of how I came to be involved and the 15-year investigation I undertook that followed.

In 1959 1 began a 14 year career with Gestetner Canada, a British firm that manufactured and sold duplicating/ copying equipment worldwide. After spending time on service and customer relations in Toronto, I was promoted to sales and then sales management, in Montreal and Ottawa.

I left Gestetner in 1973 to open a company of my own called Safari Office Products and operated it for a year and a half. Lacking challenge doing this I had stints managing the sale of printing and typesetting equipment and then ran a couple of copy centre operations of which I was part owner. It was in one of these businesses that I conceived the Micot project, a $160 million "Intelligent Building Complex". This was in 1981, long before the advent of the Internet. I put together a fund-raising program that raised the interest of bridge financing partners. Together we then raised a firm commitment for the $160 million construction cost (from blue chip pension funds) of MICOT, the Hotel/Office/ Showroom/Convention/Retail/Education "city-within-a-city" to be constructed on a 200,000 sq. ft. site directly across the Ottawa river from Parliament Hill. It would enclose 1.5 million square feet of "intelligent space" (pre-wired on a ten foot grid for computers and communications) and the two towers would rise to 24 stories.

After acquiring the land from a school board and building a replacement school worth $3.6 million, the MICOT project (Manager's Institute of Communicating Office Technologies) was ready to proceed. In 1986, letters of Intent suggested that the project would be fully rented prior to opening day (3 years for construction) and that my remaining shares would then be worth $23 million; with further projected personal income amounting to more than $1 million annually. This is when I was approached by the Mulroney Tory government (by Roch LaSalle, the then Minister of Public Works) who requested that I pay the Tories 5% of the cost of the project ($8 million), plus a $5,000 messenger fee for himself personally. I refused outright, and subsequently the Tories, due to their secret insider Masonic contacts, took actions that then prevented the confirmed financing from going ahead.

That is when I realised that 1, in fact, must have lied to my children, as had my own care-givers lied to me, when I had led them to believe that in Canada we lived in "a democratic country ruled by law". I then understood that, to the contrary, we live in "a fascist country ruled by criminals" and I vowed that sometime before I died, I needed to get to the bottom of this newly arrived at understanding.

To make a long story shorter let me just state that the Minister of Public Works's secretary had contacted me at my office and asked me to meet with LaSalle, at Nate's Restaurant, in Ottawa, for breakfast. Once there, LaSalle stated "the time has come for the Government to help your project ... and that will take some money." After a brief sales pitch made to me by LaSalle, on how lucky I was to be dealing directly with him as opposed to dealing through a third party, and with emphasis being placed on the fact that help would come my way as soon as I paid his up-front courier fee of $5000 cash (known in sales as "closing on a minor point"), he sat back and waited for my response.

When I said "no way", that I would never pay a bribe and then also reminded him that our project was not a government project; that it was private sector in its function, and also, that immediately it would create 5,000 jobs for which he could take credit, LaSalle laughed and restated "when you're ready for your project to go ahead, call my secretary and bring the money to our next meeting". (Later, I offered, took, and passed, a 3.5-hour polygraph test administered to me by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, based on the events that had transpired at this meeting).

I then proceeded to my office where, by phone to Montreal, I informed my two partners, the financier and the architect. Both suggested that I might have been a little rash in turning him down (my own business experience was in technology and printing; theirs was in the construction industry of which I knew nothing). No matter, I was the President of the project and, as a result of our Unanimous Shareholders Agreement, my partners could not act against my wishes without breaching our contract.

Later, they tried to steal control of the project away from me, but lost in the courts; the resulting publicity causing the project to die before its construction. However, they did make a large profit on the sale of the land to Bell Canada.

When this bribe request first occurred I had put it down to the actions of a lone crook who happened to be in political office. After completing my investigation of all the facts surrounding the request for a bribe (5 years), I presented all of the evidence confirming the existence of a vast criminal conspiracy which I had compiled to a criminal court in Ottawa. The court agreed with me that the problem was systemic. Immediately warrants were issued for 16 people, including: a) the top 3 Commissioners of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (ceasing and limiting police investigations of a political nature); b) the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff; c) 4 Top Senators; d) 4 Cabinet Ministers (called Secretaries in the USA) and other backroom flunkies, (all for Fraud upon the Government).

However, once backroom Masons in the Just-us Department got involved, only 1 Senator was eventually sent to trial (Senator Cogger was eventually was found guilty), while the rest scattered like the rats they were, on former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's sinking political battleship. Most of the corrupt cops then went to work as auditors, either for banks or accounting firms (a la Arthur Andersen).

My first suspicion that Freemasonry was somehow involved came to me as a result of an interview I did with the National Editor of the Toronto Globe and Mail, Paul Polango, in my home-office, in 1991. His interest in the role that Freemasonry had played, or not played, in my investigation which led to charges of "ceasing and limiting police investigations" being laid by the court in Ottawa against the top three Commissioners of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had sparked my interest in Masons.

Later, following my first sleep-over at the home of the then Globe reporter Stevie (Stephanie) Cameron, done at her invitation in order to fill her in on my knowledge of corruption during the Mulroney years, I was intrigued by the role that her husband had played in writing the unconstitutional Meech Lake Accord, on behalf of the same politicians that Stevie was, purportedly, investigating. As well, Stevie's holidays in a villa in the south of France also piqued my curiosity.

Finally, the contacts that I had made during my years in business and subsequent to my faxing campaign to the then 91 Embassies in Ottawa during the Gustafson Lake native/Privy Council/ Rockefeller/media standoff in British Columbia, helped me to further understand the "missing links" in my ongoing research into The Grand Canal massive water diversion project, and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's employment by the world's first food cartel led by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). ADM is the original spelling of the name Adam. It is Freemasonry's code word, along with "dyke", meaning "containing the flow and diverting" from the original.

As a result of all of the evidence discerned from the above, Freemasonry became my prime suspect. Furthermore, my personal contacts with MLA Gilles Rocheleau, the former mayor of Hull, Quebec, who later became the Minister for, Public Security for the Province of Quebec, helped me to understand the links that existed between English Freemasonry and the French Jacobins. When alive, Rocheleau's restaurant in Hull (across the river from Ottawa) was called Le Bocage, which phonetically converts to Jacob when read backwards. This name conforms to the rules, or principles, of coding and decoding used by Zoroastrian Freemasonry.

The rest was all reader-analyst type "police work" on my part.

As a result of my 15 year investigation I have no problem believing that all politicians and all political parties are in fact "Cosmetic Leaders" who take the "public heat' created by the corrupt system's premier "Character Assassins" and opinion makers called the Media. Politicians don't now, nor have they ever run the country themselves. In Canada, they simply follow the instructions of Freemasonry which are sent to them through the Privy Council. Priests of Zoroastrian Freemasonry, with the assistance of their "character assassins" called the Media, benefit most in the short run from this systemic corrupt conspiracy.

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