Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 21:15:35 +1200
From: Neal King <>
Subject: Bono Pushes for National ID Card With Biometric Identifiers in Response to WTC

Well knock me over with a feather, I would have never thought they wouldhave REQUIRED US ALL TO HAVE AND CARRY THEIR UN ID CARD IF WE ARE NOT ATERRORIST! ...

You can imagine my shock when I read the following email. The mandatory carriage of the UN ID CARD will make us all very safe from attacks like of the last week. Yes the next time you're in a tower
blockand see a 747 looking in the window just hold your ID CARD up and it will fly away.   I cannot understand how anyone would not want to conform .. can you?

Yes public safety must come first.... You don't think this could be part of an organized plot to force in the UN ID CARD SYSTEM do you??? ... Never ... they wouldn't kill hundreds of people to do that would they?

I'm about ready to put together all the email I've sent my list in the last 2 years warning you lot about this.

Bono Pushes for National ID Card With Biometric Identifiers in Responseto WTCTerrorism: IAHF Responds to Bono

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Constitution on the Bonfire, AntiChip/Anti Biometric Identifier

IAHF List: Congresswoman Bono thinks a quite reasonable response to theWTC attack will be to
now require us to have a National ID card with our fingerprints andother biometric identifiers on it.
(See the Desert Sun article quoting her below my message) If you share my view that that is NOT a
reasonable response, please join me in letting her know, as well as yourown congressman,& any
media who will listen.See my letter to Bono below.

The Hegelian Dialectic- Problem-Reaction-Solution is being used against America via these
Bush/CIA/Con-gress orchestrated terrorist attacks. This is just one big push to enslave us via a
global totalitarian state, and through it, they will eventually seek to shove a finalized UN Codex
Vitamin standard down our throuts.

If you appreciate IAHF's efforts to expose and thwart this tyranny, kindly send a donation to IAHF
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Hammell, President IAHF.

The Honorable Mary Bono 9/17/2001
Washington D.C. Office
404 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5330
Fax: (202) 225-2961

cc: Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Rick Boucher, Fight the Fingerprint Website, IAHF
email distribution list,
William Cooper, Hour of the Time Radio Show; Jackie Patru, Sweet
Liberty Radio Show, Alex
Jones-Infowars Radio Show

Re: Your Stated Desire to Push for a National ID Card or Fingerprinting of Everyone in Response
to WTC Terror

Dear Congresswoman Bono:

This letter to you has been posted on the website of the Desert Sun where your constituents will
read it at (Attack on America)

In the Desert Sun article titled "Bono urges constituents to be ready for sacrifices" (see full article
below my letter) you stated:

"The key here is to crack down. I think people are going to have to recognize that some of their conveniences are going to be gone," Bono said. "Whether we are talking about national ID cards I don't know, or fingerprinting of everybody, I don't know where we are going to go with security. I'm glad to show my identification where I need to go."

I am sending this letter to the "Fight the Fingerprint" website at because they strongly oppose biometric identifiers. I
urge you to examine this website very carefully and to NOT introduce ANY legislation pushing for
biometric identifiers of ANY kind.

Even though the WTC/Pentagon attacks were a modern day "Reichstag Fire", and even though
Congress is getting more and more fascistic all the time, this is STIL not Nazi Germany, and I
totally oppose your assertion, I totally REFUSE to give you or any OTHER New World Odor shills
any biometric identification including my fingerprints, DNA, iris scan, or allow you to inject me with
an implanted microchip for that matter. I urge you to more closely examine the TRUTH of what is
REALLY happening right now, because you will NEVER learn the truth frommainstream news
sources- that news is far too controlled by people with an agenda of enslaving America and forcing
us under a global totalitarian state for anyone to be able to trust any of it.

Have you ever heard of the Hegelian Dialectic? It works like this...say you want to bring about a
societal shift in a certain direction that yields far more central control, ie: implanting a microchip in
people so they can be tracked via satellite, ie: a radical move to force biometric identifiers on people
such as requiring a National ID card complete with fingerprint, Iris scan, DNA records, medical
history, yada yada yada---- how could you accomplish this goal when it goes against the grain of
freedom loving Americans?

Simple: You must MANUFACTURE CONSENT, you must CREATE A CRISIS that has

With regards to the current attacks on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon..... have you
bothered to ask the question that no one dare ask? Have you bothered to ask the question "Who
Benefits?" (from these attacks) William Cooper has. See his well written, thoroughly documented
article at and you really should read the entire article, and all of his
documenting evidence from the many websites he lists, before you fall hook, line and sinker for this
"Problem, Reaction, Solution" means of stripping us of our few remainingfreedoms.

Cooper quite correctly asks these questions regarding the  WTC/Pentagon attacks: "Who
Benefits?" He correctly identifies the Bush family, oil interests, the military industrial complex, the
UN, and the State of Israel as benefitting from the attacks. Oil interests will certainly benefit if we get
into a war against Afghanistan, the price of oil will go up. The military industrial complex always
benefits in ANY war. The UN and globlist interests in general benefit, because historically they have

always been able to consolidate their power in the aftermath of any  war. The state of Israel benefits any time they can pit the rest of the world against Islam. How do the American people benefit when
attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq will only resort in additional terrorist
strikes on US soil? Ousama bin Laden, and the Russians have suitcase nukes and biowar ready to
unleash here. By pushing retaliation and a move to biometric identifiers, you're playing right into their hands, and into the hands of Bush and the other globalist scum who engineered the attacks on the
WTC and the Pentagon. Will you next also favor injectable microchips? Why not? Thats on their
agenda too..

The complete text of the news article wherein you are quoted on this follows below...

With Real Concern,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA
Bono urges constituents to be ready for sacrifices

By Benjamin Spillman
The Desert Sun
September 16th, 2001

Rep. Mary Bono, R-Palm Springs, on Friday warned that the country should prepare for a fight against international terrorists that will likely include personal sacrifice, the use of ground troops overseas and the risk of retaliation against civilians by the enemy.

In a wide-ranging interview, Bono gave dire warnings of an immediate future she predicted could include intense scrutiny of airline passengers, a national system of fingerprinting and identification cards and the specter of chemical and biological attacks on the United States.

Priorities: She also expressed confidence that Congress was prepared to follow President Bush to war and said that the economic impact of recent terrorist attacks on New York City, Washington, D.C., and commercial airliners are not a high priority.

Bono, who plans to return to the Coachella Valley in time for a prayer vigil tonight, said the issues Congress will face upon her return are the most challenging of her lifetime. "I think the most important thing here is for the American people to realize that it is really in their hands," Bono said. "I think it is
important that members of Congress always recognize that national security is the No.1 priority, even if it is not No. 1 in polling data."

Bono said she was at her Virginia home Tuesday watching news reports that hijackers crashed two commercial airliners into the World Trade Center when she felt the impact of a third jet crash into the

Even before the Pentagon crash, Bono feared Washington, D.C., was in danger. She was on the telephone with her fiancé, Glenn Baxley, a Jackson, Wyo., businessman, when the impact occurred. "I told him I was already concerned about the Capitol. I hung up the phone and then I felt the explosion at the Pentagon and knew my worst fears were right," she said.

Sense of danger: Bono said there was initial shock, fear and chaos  but never a sense that the government's chain-of-command was in danger. "Everything here is on such a high state of alert and security is so tight," Bono said. "I can only imagine it must feel like being on a military base at war time."

Bono indicated that she expects Washington and the rest of the nation to be jittery for some time.
When she returns to the Capitol she will prioritize support for measures that increase security at national landmarks, airports and other places. "The key here is to crack down. I think people are going to have to recognize that some of their conveniences are going to be gone," Bono said.

"Whether we are talking about national ID cards I don't know, or fingerprinting of everybody, I don't know where we are going to go with security. I'm glad to show my identification where I need to go."The Senate Friday night authorized President Bush to "use all necessary and appropriate force" against those who carried out assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but stopped short of giving him open-ended power to wage future military strikes against terrorists.

Also, in rapid succession the House and Senate approved $40 billion  in emergency aid to the victims of the assaults and to help with  recovery efforts. The first $20 billion will be used for investigations, increased transportation security and military retaliation, among other things. The administration will
need to submit a proposed plan for the use of $10 billion, while $10 billion will be available for use at will.

In addition to tax dollars, Bono said she accepts the possibility that thwarting terrorism will cost the lives of men and women in the military and put American civilians at risk of retaliation. "If that is what it takes to rid our world of these terrorists then, yes, I support it," Bono said

When asked whether ridding the world of terrorists can be accomplished without the death of some troops and risking civilian lives she replied, "No, I don't think that." Protracted wars on foreign soil would not only result in a human toll, however. An economist at the University of California, Riverside
said he expects the attacks will greatly damage the American economy. Sarkis Joseph Khoury, who specializes on international banking and investing, said investors worldwide turn to the United States economy as a beacon of strength.

He said the most important thing the government can do is assure the public that it is stable. "The question is how long will all that last," said Khoury of the impending fight against the attackers. "What will happen to the price of oil if we bomb (some place) out of existence? All of these things are very

So far, the oil producing nations of the Middle East have pledged to support anti-terrorism efforts and to maintain an ample supply of oil flowing throughout the crisis. Bono said she hasn't given much thought to the economic implications of the attacks. "But I'll start worrying about that next week,

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