The Kogi of South America

The Nousury Network invites its supporters to consider pledging their support to Project "1000 People for a Land" by buying one of 1000 shares for $50. each. A copy of the video cassette "The Way of the 9 Worlds" can be ordered for $35. A newsletter titled "Here and Elsewhere" is also available to supporters on request. Project "1000 People for a Land" is managed by Association Tchendukua Canada, 80 Le Grand Royal, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada  JOE 2NO Tel: 1.450.777.8631 
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Who are the Kogi and Why it is important to support them:

The Kogi live high up in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the northern Columbian Andes, 45 kilometres from the Caribbean Sea. This is one of the strangest mountains of the planet. Depending on altitude and wind exposure, each of its three faces is habitant to a stunning variety of climates and ecosystems, offering a nealry complete range of natural tropical environments. The Kogi are one of the last heirs of one of the most brilliant civilizations of the South American continent. In the 15th Century there were approximately 500,000 inhabitants; now there are only 25,000 survivors, spread out in the foothills of this secluded mountain.

The Kogi are warders of an ancient culture that has been virtually untouched by Western influences. They consider themselves the guardians of the earth and the elder brothers of the rest of humanity.

The greatest problem facing these Kogi inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is land. Their vision of the world does not permit the distinction we make between, ownership and use of land, on one hand and humanity on the other.

For the Kogi, the Earth can no longer suffer all of the outrages. Earth is a complex whole: we must constantly maintain its important and delicate balances. Today, pushed up to the high altitudes, they can no longer maintain this balance. This comprimises their very existence and the coherence of their universe.

The goal of Project "1000 People for a Land" is to collect sufficient funds to help the inhabitants of the Sierra acquire territories in all three climate zones in order for them to preserve the balance of their universe.

The specific objective is to buy 500 hectares of land, which will enable the Kogis to recreate a village. To date, four fundraising operations have enables acquisition of 230 hectares.

Project "1000 People for a Land" is part of a global project, initiated and managed by Association Tchendukua, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Sierra. This association reunites those who value respect and harmony, who want to join the inhabitants of the Sierra in re-investing their future.

Association Tchendukua pledges that the totality of funds collected through operation "1000 People for a Land" will be used for acquisition of land for the Kogi communities.

All those seeking, will be kept informed of the advancement and conclusion of the project.

Operation "1000 People for a Land" is undertaken at the request of the Indiginous Communities in total respect of their culture.

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