You have already had information about Anthrax in a previous letter. In a nutshell, it is impossible for anyone but a handful of people on the planet to spread it through the air. Forget about being afraid of it. If you find yourself fearful regardless of what I say, then, in my not so humble opinion, you need to undertake some basic study immediately for the sake of your health. At the end of the article, I will give you some guidelines on where to begin.

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 02:31:42 -0000
From: Jay Kruizenga
Subject: Anthrax Vaccine Dangerous!!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share my own personal testimonial with you. This has taken me a very long time to come forward with this story much to my shame out of embarrassment for what I have done. You will understand when you read my testimonial. Before I begin.. I want to express my deep appreciation for Gary and Mary Young and the Life-Altering Oils that we possess. Fellow Oilers.. what we have is a godsend. The Oils work.. they work well.. and we have a message that is urgently needed by millions.. especially now with so much fear in the world.

I am a Former Marine. I joined the Marine Corps because I needed to set my Life in order. I was a confused teenager with little ambition and few dreams. The Marine Corps changed all of that.. they made a Man out of me and for once in my Life I felt good about who I was.. and more importantly I had a future. I fell in love with a WM (Woman Marine) and we married. All was perfect and Life was just Super.. and we were blessed with our first child. Shortly thereafter I was called into action due to the Persian Gulf Crisis. With sadness I left my Family behind and boarded the C-130 that was to take us into Saudi Arabia. The Noise of the Engines was the only thing heard as my Fellow Marines sadly thought of home.. and tried hard to focus on the future events that we were trained for.

As a Marine we are taught to follow orders first.. and never question authority. We had a whole line of indoctrinations (shots) that we were forced to receive. I must admit that I was always behind on my shots.. because I hated needles. Reluctantly I gave in each and every time. I had no choice. Every Shot that I ever received was documented fully within my Medical Record.

With the exception of one. When we landed in a Secret Air Base (supposedly Top Secret.. even though the CNN Cameras were there before us!?!).. we shortly thereafter were required to stand in a long line to receive another shot. No one knew what it was.. we were not told. Neither was it documented in our Medical Records.

I did not notice any change in my personality nor did I feel any different. However.. I soon learned that something was not quite right. The War Ended.. and I was on clean-up crew having to stay after a couple of months to ready the "Secret Base" for the replacement crew that would be coming to stay. Soon after we left for home.

I first noticed a burning in my Semen. It literally burned me when being discharged.. not only me.. it burned my Wife as well! I knew something was wrong. Went to Medical.. was given medication for Yeast Infection. All was well for a while.. then I started having temper tantrums. Uncontrollable fits of rage.. violence. I would hit fellow Marines when I had no excuse or reason for doing so. My Entire Family noticed my change in personality. So much so.. that my own Mother told a Close Friend that I was not the Son she remembered. Something was seriously wrong with me.

Every Six Months after the War I would become seriously ill. Before the War I was very healthy.. never being sick. My Sickness resembled the Flu but I was unable to move.. I ran a very high fever.. and I felt like I was on fire. No one could be around me when I was sick. I just laid there like I was dead. This would last but one day.. and then I was fine again until six months down the road.

While still in the Marine Corps I wanted to be fully checked. There was never found anything wrong with me. I was healthy as far as they were concerned.

I distanced myself from my Family and my Friends. I became Recluse. A couple of years later.. my Wife gave birth to our Second Child whom I now watch closely for obvious reasons. Fortunately.. my Child was born with all of her body parts. Several Soldiers returning from the War were not so lucky.

Soon after.. I divorced. I lost my Wife.. my Family.. my Friends.. and I lost myself. I did not know me. I began to search for answers thinking that I was a sick person (mentally and emotionally).

I had been to counseling at the request of my Wife.. nothing worked. She gave up on me.. but I do not blame her. I soon discovered what was wrong with me. Other Gulf War Veterans were coming down with a Mysterious Illness, many died, others have suffered. There are many alleged reasons why this is happening. Some blame the Diet Coke that sat in the desert sun. Others say we may have been exposed to chemical warfare. I do not think it was any of these.. I did not drink the Diet Coke and I was thoroughly trained in Chemical and Biological Warfare.

What I did receive and what every other Soldier received.. was the experimental Anthrax Vaccine created by BioPort out of Lansing, Michigan. We were test subjects. The Vaccine was untested.. it was not approved by the FDA.. yet it was injected into every Soldier's Blood. This is a sad sad fact. It is Truth. It is important at this moment in time because of the current threat of Biological Warfare.. most likely by Anthrax since it is so easy to produce. There is one manufacturer of the Anthrax Vaccine.. BioPort. Though they have had time to perfect their vaccination.. it is still unsafe. Many Soldiers since the War have refused vaccination and have been reprimanded. Some have been dishonorably discharged for disobeying a direct order. Others have been and are being court martialed.

Why are Soldiers now refusing the Vaccine?? It is dangerous. Soldiers know the consequences.. they have seen what has happened to those who came back from the War. Yet the Media is silent.

I plead with you fellow Oilers.. do NOT receive the Anthrax Vaccine nor allow any of your Family or Friends to receive such. We have Oils in our arsenal that KILL Anthrax on contact. Thyme and Thieves. Stock up.. prepare.. the threat is real.

I am proud to say that I am no longer sick. My Flu symptoms have disappeared since I began using the Oils and I am no longer angry.. confused.. or lost. I have remarried and have a wonderful bundle of joy on the way (due in April). I do not know where I would be were it not for Young Living. I don't want to think about it.

I do not know what Single Oil, Oil Blend or Supplement aided in my recovery. I have used many. I would probably say it was due to PowerMeal and Thieves. Peppermint has been in or on me daily since beginning my use of the Oils. There are many others.. too many to name.

The point is.. the Oils work! Trust them. Stock up on Thieves and/or Thyme and purchase dust masks. In the case of an Anthrax attack or exposure to it.. I would place the dust mask around my mouth and nose clamping tightly.. and drop a couple of drops of Thieves Oil on the outside. The Inner Space will serve as a killing zone. Untested.. but theoretically correct. Thyme has been proven to KILL the Anthrax Bacillus. Thieves KILLS airborne pathogens.

God Bless Young Living. Take the Oils to heart.. learn to protect your Families. Better Safe than Sorry.

All My Love...
Jay Kruizenga


Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 02:42:07 -0000
From: Jay Kruizenga
Subject: Anthrax Vaccine - Part 2

What follows is a link that contains numerous articles (military) about Anthrax and the Vaccine. Please click on "Vaccines" to read about Anthrax. Also click on "Gallery" if you have the stomach to do so. You will be shown pictures of our Nation's Veterans suffering from Persian Gulf Syndrome.. undeniably the results of the "untested

Read.. Learn.. Prepare.

Thieves Blend and Thyme. Our Vaccine.

Jay Kruizenga

Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 10:46 PM
Subject: Anthrax Vaccine Dangerous- Veteran, Incredible Story & Testimony

Fastest way to get an overview:

Read the booklet called "Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People." Yes, it is Canadian, but applies to all countries. Find this booklet at:

Then read "Creature from Jekyll Island" by Edward Griffin. Not just the audio cassette. READ THE BOOK!!!  Something different takes place inside you when you read the book, complete with documentation.

Read "World Without Cancer" by the same author. This is important not just to absolutely and totally lose your fear of cancer (and begin losing fear of all disease) but for the documentation on how so called "scientific" data has been rigged to reflect what a certain group want it to prove.

Read "Medical Mafia" by Dr. Guy-Laine  Lanctot, 30 years a doctor in France, the US and Canada. Her conclusions? The same as Griffin came to studying the economic system, she came to studying the medical system.

Read and read it all the way back to its beginning at the beginning of October 2000.

By this time, you will have a good overview.

Then "Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola" by Harvard trained dentist Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Also, "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" by Horowitz.

"But, I don't have time for all that reading!" I hear you cry.

Well, so be it. But you WILL have time to get a needle in your arm because of the fear that has been injected in you!!! And then you are on your own.

You have been informed of the route to freedom of thought.

Remember, information leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom. And wisdom will be one of your greatest allies in the war for your mind and body.

For that is what this war is REALLY about: the storming of your mind and body. Will you not mount a defense? (hint: no one else will if you don't)

Yours in Freedom,