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Date: Saturday, December 05, 1970 8:35 AM
Subject: Democracy or Republic?

December 4, 2000

Dear Friend of Liberty,

When we witness a grievous wrong, we want to scream.  We want to release frustration, but more importantly, we hope people will listen to us so that a grievous wrong can be set right; a lie can be replaced with truth.

Since the presidential election on November 7th, politicians, political pundits and operatives, reporters, pollsters, broadcasters,
commentators, columnists, lawyers and judges are unwittiningly or deliberately perpetuating a grave falsehood.  They constantly refer to our form of government as a democracy, instead of as a republic.  The founders of our nation, as well as the thousands of men and women who have died defending our country during the last 224 years, must be screaming from their graves.

As of this evening, we, as citizens, have the opportunity to help correct a wrong.   Representatives Ron Paul, Jack Metcalf, Bob Stump, and Mark Sanford submitted House Concurrent Resolution 443 early this evening.  The resolution reaffirms that our form of government is a republic - not a democracy.  In addition, the resolution reaffirms our electoral college system.

The difference between a republic and a democracy is the difference between liberty for everyone or tyranny of the majority.

We must not allow the lie to continue.  To those people who deliberately perpetuate the lie that our country is a democracy with the hope that our nation actually becomes one, we say, "No!"  To those people who unwittiningly accept this falsehood as truth, we say, "Stop. Think and understand."

Citizens in every one of the 435 congressional districts throughout our 50 states must know about H. Con. Res. 443.  They then must urge their U.S. representative to reaffirm his commitment to our republic by cosponsoring this fundamental resolution.

Inside-the-Beltway-professional-political types must also know about H. Con. Res. 443.    To serve notice on them that we won't stand for their lie, we will have the resolution published in a Washington newspaper.

You can do four things to help. 
1. Please read the resolution for yourself. 
2. Please urge your U.S. representative to cosponsor H. Con. Res. 443.  
3. Make a contribution so this resolution can be published in a D.C. newspaper to serve notice on the Inside-the-Beltway
types who spawned this lie. 
4. Tell your family and friends about the resolution and ask them to help.

Please join our campaign to right this grievous wrong.  Go to   to read the resolution, write your
representative, make a contribution, and ask your friends to help.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee