April 8th, 2002


The Link Publication Society Inc.
1455 de Maisonneuve Quest. H-649
Montreal, Quebec

H3 G 1M8


To Whomever at The Link Publication Society Inc.


A gentleman who identified himself by his first name ‘Paul’ – the Business Manager of The Link Publication Society Inc. -  telephoned me at 3:00 PM today to tell me that my payment of  $47.00 for the advertising service that was inserted in The Link on March 15th, 2002 had been received.


He then inquired about my refusal to pay the GST and PST which amounted to $7.06. I explained to him that I do NOT pay GST nor PST and that the explanation of why I refuse to pay GST and/or PST was clear in the documents that I had included with my cheque.


Paul explained to me that The Link Publication Society Inc. was a non-profit organization and that if I did not pay the GST and/or PST the organization would be held responsible. He then threatened me by telling me that if I did NOT pay the outstanding amount of $7.06 (PST and GST) I would not be permitted to advertise with the Link Publication Society Inc. in the future. I asked him to respond to me in writing so that I could have a record of this threat. He declined to respond to me in writing.


I suggested that he simply tell the Provincial and Federal Governments that I had refused to pay and direct each level of government involved to communicate with me directly. I added that I do NOT pay PST and/or GST to Bell Canada www.cyberclass.net/bellrefusal.htm

nor to Metcom www.cyberclass.net/metcombill.jpg and Excel www.cyberclass.net/excelthreat.htm – the telecommunications companies which serve me with long distance service.


I added that like all other businesses and/or non-profit organizations The Link Publication Society was being used as a ‘slave’ to collect the taxes. I emphasized that The Link Publication Society ought NOT permit itself to be intimidated by the government authority which issues if non-profit status.


After a five minute conversation, I asked Paul for his last name. He refused to give it to me. I reminded him that I was refusing to pay GST and/or PST with full integrity and that I always stand behind my action by giving my full name and contact details as I had done in the correspondence that I had mailed to The Link Publication Society Inc. Then I again asked Paul why he would not give me his last name and I reminded him that I was up front and not hiding from no one. He still declined to give me his last name.


I have sent the $7.06 payment of PST and GST to The Link Publication Society Inc. and Paul did agree to read the information about the TaxRefusal Movement whereby we are refusing to pay taxes for a very legitimate reason.


I am also enclosing proof that I have paid a traffic fine in the province of Ontario with ‘usuryfree’ time currency. I would have explained to Paul that I would like to offer to pay the outstanding GST and PST charges with my ‘usuryfree’ time currency BUT Paul seemed so impatient to cease the conversation that I did not raise this issue with him. I want it to be clear that I am not seeking to evade taxes BUT rather to avoid supporting the ‘usury’ money system which is supporting the New World Order War Machine.


I have enclosed a Promissory Note in the amount of three quarters of an hour – which is equivalent to $9.75 – actually more than the $7.06 owing in GST and PST. If anyone at The Link Publication Society decides that they would like to accept my ‘usuryfree’ time currency as payment for the GST and PST please tear up the ‘usury-bearing’ cheque and send me an email telling me that indeed you have accepted my ‘usury-free’ time currency as payment for the PST and GST. I guarantee you that it will be honoured by anyone on our growing database of ‘usuryfree’ time traders.


In fact, I challenge Concordia to inform all of the students about how they can avoid ‘usury’ by creating their own ‘usuryfree’ time currency and thereby facilitate the changing of their shopping habits. No longer do they have to support the New World Order War Machine by using their ‘usury-bearing federal dollars and cents to buy products and services from the Usury Elites’ Group of companies when they can purchase their goods and/or services from within the ever-growing network of ‘usuryfree’ time traders who use hours and minutes as a non-inflatable currency. More details at The UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm


Enjoy this day!
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