Melaleuca prides itself as being one of the fastest growing companies in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. Melaleuca likes to refer to its concept of marketing as 'consumer direct marketing' - which offers consumers an opportunity to shop from a catalogue for their own needs and get paid bonuses and commissions by referring others to likewise shop from Melaleuca's catalogue.

Melaleuca was founded in 1985 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Melaleuca offers exceptional-quality, environmentally sensitive products to its ever-expanding network of customers. Melaleuca's full-service catalogue shopping system has become very popular and their convenient system is changing the way hundreds of thousands of people shop in this 21st Century.

Melaleuca rewards its preferred customers with wholesale prices and offers good residual commissions when they share the catalogue with others who likewise buy products. It is often these loyal preferred customers who choose to become Marketing Executives and build an SDI enterprise.

Melaleuca is privileged to be one of those elite companies which has appeared five times in the Inc. Magazine's  yearly index of America's fastest-growing, privately held companies.

Readers are invited to review the Melaleuca website. If readers know someone who is not online they can request a Melaleuca catalogue. When you are ready to order products you simply call one of the Melaleuca SDI Entrepreneurs who are working with The UsuryFree Network's Team.

The toll free number to find a UsuryFree Network's Team member who will serve you as a Meleleuca SDI Entrepreneur is: 1.888.668.7879.

Here are my complete contact details so that anyone can contact me with any questions at any time:

Tommy-Usury: Free, P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1
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Note: If you wish to order any Melaleuca products with part 'usury-bearing' federal dollars and part 'usuryfree' time currency please contact Tommy-Usury: Free as some Melaleuca Distributors may not currently accept 'usuryfree' time currency as partial payment for Melaleuca products.

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