Jeff from Toronto has suggested that we build a Directory of natural persons who own businesses and who are following the common law re: taxes are voluntary and therefore they are NOT collecting PST or GST nor are they deducting income tax from their employees.

Readers/posters/natural persons are invited to forward their own business name as well as those of any friends and/or associates who are likewise supportive of the "Detax/Untax/Refusetax" Movement.

So I am ready and willing to build the list and post it at The Cyberclass Network with your help.  Send your businesses adresses to Tom Kennedy, so I have some businesses owned by natural persons to post in the Directory. (see below) 

If just 10,000 people have detaxed, and 30% of them own businesses, that can do the math.  There
are probably more than that even, but I hope to see a growing, lengthy list soon.

Directory of self-identified, "Natural Persons" who own businesses and/or organizations and who are NOT collecting PST or GST
* indicates that these businesses do NOT deduct income tax from their employees - if in fact they have employees.

1.  International Humanity House
    48-3901 Don Mills Rd.,
    North York, Ontario
    M2H 2S7
    Tel: 1.416.250.0331
    Fax: 1.416.250.6942
    Natural person: Daniel: Lavigne

2.  The Cyberclass Network
     P.O. Box 9333
     Ottawa, Ontario
     K1G 3V1
     Tel: 1.613.746.9702
     Fax: 1.613.746.53387
     Natural person: Tom-Joseph: Kennedy

3.  The Nousury Network
     P.O. Box 9333
     Ottawa, Ontario
     K1G 3V1
     Tel: 1.613.746.9702
     Fax: 1.613.746.5387
     Natural person: Tommy: Nousury

4.  Individuals for Common Law
     P.O. Box 72105, 6142-90th Ave.,
     Edmonton, Alberta
     T6B 3A7
     Tel: 1.780.953.1434
     Fax: 1.780.922.5073
     Natural person: David-Kevin: Lindsay

5.  Golden Harvest Health Foods
     240 Sheppard Ave. W.
     Willowdale, Ontario
     M2N 1N3
     Tel: 1.416.225.8269
     Natural person: Frank: Jess

6. Independent Radiator
    Rue Principale
    Embrun, Ontario
    Tel: 1.613.443.5423
    Natural person: Jean-Serge:Brisson