Date: Tuesday, 19 February 2002, 8:48 p.m.


Subj: About NORFED
Date: 2/19/2002 11:33:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Del Genio)

I’m the new Executive Director of NORFED, and I’d like to address some of the issues raised in the rumormill postings.

First of all, NORFED currency has been thoroughly investigated by the government and it’s no surprise that they found it to be completely legal because that’s how we designed it! That idiotic cop in Austin TX need a lesson in the law.

Just as FedEx helped improve the United States Postal Service through competition, NORFED is bringing competition to United States currency by replacing the old, antiquated Federal Reserve Note with a new, silver-backed currency that is superior to Federal Reserve Notes in many regards.

Secondly, this is no pyramid or ponzi scheme. Yes, we do offer incentives to people who want to help us increase the currency in circulation. NORFED began distributing The Liberty Dollar just over three years ago and already there’s almost $2 million in circulation across the country. We're trying to get the word out about returning to money that means something, and the truth is, money talks!

Over sixty communities in the United States are currently issuing their own local currencies, creating self-reliance and freedom from the government's unprotected financial system. Ithaca NY, Tucson AZ and Berkeley CA are just some of the places that have their own currency. Only NORFED’s currency, however, is redeemable by the bearer on demand for the amount of silver stated on the certificate.

The Silver Certificates fit in the cash register and function in the marketplace on a dollar-to-dollar basis with Federal Reserve Notes. Success in other localities has shown that local businesses will attract repeat and loyal customers who prefer to use a value-based currency.

NORFED gets Liberty Dollars into distribution through Redemption Centers (RCs). RCs may be your neighbor next door, the merchant at the shopping center, shopkeepers, factory and construction workers, managers, office workers, or your child's schoolteacher. RCs are designed to make money by exchanging fiat government money for gold and silver money.

It only takes $250 to become a Redemption Center. Out of the $250, your new RC gets back $100 Liberty Dollars, your sponsor gets $100 in FRNs for sponsoring your new RC and NORFED retains $50 for administration fees. Your new RC is now upside-down for $150, but since you get $100 for every RC you sponsor, just sponsor two friends and now you are up $50. You have actually profited by spreading the word about our value-backed currency! Sponsor more people, make more money.

Want to make even more money and do more good? Then take a look at our $10 Silver Liberty – It’s a gold mine, so to speak. Redemption Centers can get 100 Silver Libertys for only $7.50 each. Every time you use or exchange a Silver Liberty at its Face Value of $10.00, you reclaim that discount of $2.50 and make 25% on your money. If you are a shopkeeper or merchant, simply put some Silver Libertys in your cash register and use them in place of those dreaded $10 Federal Reserve Notes or offer them as change.

By creating a better currency than the Federal Reserve, NORFED is offering people a chance to show their preference for a currency that has independent legitimate value. The Liberty Dollar gives people a way to say they want a superior money that is of, by and for the people. Money is a powerful force, and should always be owned by the people. That’s why NORFED’s slogan is “Help return America to value - one Liberty Dollar at a time.”

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about NORFED and The Liberty Dollar.

Rob Del Genio
Executive Director
NORFED / The Liberty Dollar
3819 E. Morgan Avenue
Evansville, IN 47715
PHONE: 812.473.5250
FAX: 775.248-8375