"Nousury 013"
By Tommy-No: Usury

The Nousury Network offers "usury-free" living and learning experiences within "interactive circles."

A discussion of the definition of the words "usury" and "usurer" is necessary since (a) too many people have never heard or used either word in their daily vocabulary and (b) the definitions have been changing over the years. According to the Webster's Dictionary "usury" is defined as: "interest for money; an excessive or inordinate premium for the use of money borrowed" and "usurer" is defined as: "formerly, any  person who lent money on interest; now, one who lends money at an exorbitant rate of interest." In summary, "interest" ought to be correctly called "usury" because any "interest" above 0% is really "usury" and anyone who earns "usury" is correctly defined as a "usurer."

True paradoxes! Can relying on minimal "usury" earnings be a major obstacle to experiencing "abundance and prosperity" in a "usury-free" society. Perhaps! Can creating maximum usury earnings in an offshore environment be a major contributor to funding the eventual demise of the "lack and scarcity" which is created by "usury?" Perhaps! Are most common usurers professional amateurs? Pehaps! Find our more by participating in "Nousury 013" a "living and learning experience within interactive circles."

The Nousury Network recognizes that we are in the midst of an information war and that we - the minority, who are opposed to "usury" must be willing to permit the use of the bullet of "usury" as an effective resource tool if we hope to have any chance of winning this information war. Some of our best allies are surfacing from within that unique group of fellow-Canadians who are creatively arranging their financial affairs in selected offshore jurisdictions to maximize their "usury" earnings while legally reducing their payable income tax to zero.

The Nousury Network encourages our allies whose tax free "usury" earnings are steadily growing in carefully selected offshore environments to read and adhere to the Serving Principle in Life that guarantees prosperity. The Serving Principle as composed by Tommy-No: Usury in 2000 states: "Serving others is how you really make a difference in the world. You are invited to do it everyday and it determines your prosperity. It is far more spiritual than selfishness"

The Nousury Network believes that it is essential for everyone involved in offshore "usury" gains to be fully aware that their earnings which are directly and/or indirectly linked to the design flaw of "usury" are only temporary. This is because the design flaw of "usury" guarantees that if one person is being rewarded by earning large amounts of "usury" another person is being punished by having large amounts of "usury" extracted from his/her potential earnings. This effect of the design flaw alone makes the function of "usury" immoral and unjust in the long term.

In the short term, those people who are acquiring wealth through the function of "usury" in their respective country and/or in their selected offshore jurisdiction ought to "re-educate" themselves by reading "The Big Lie of Economics" and related information from The Economics Cyberclassroom. These teachings will help any students to clearly understand that any decision to participate in the "usury" earning market (in Canada, the United States or elsewhere offshore) is based on false economic principles. Those who have true integrity will be motivated from within to take action to better the worsening conditions on planet earth for everyone - rather than being concerned for only their respective club of "usurers." They will voluntarily use a portion of their "usury" earnings to facilitate the eradication of  "usury" and thereby expedite the process of ushering in a new age of "abundance and prosperity" for everyone.

Too many "usurers" are gratifying themselves by currently offering nominal financial support to the various band-aid solutions proposed by charitable organizations which have little or no understanding of how their work sustains the problem of "usury." Rather than supporting the band-aid solution, usurers are challenged to set aside significant financial resources to "re-educate" the masses about "what they don't know they don't know."

Taken to the limit this requires a commitment to use significant amounts of   "usury" earnings to support those dedicated freedom fighters in Canada and the United States of America who are challenging the illegality and unlawfulness of CCRA (Canada Customs & Revenue Agency) and/or the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as well as the respective private banking cartels - the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve System. In both countries, the legislation pertaining to "income taxes" and "usury banking" is intricately interlinked and must be exposed for the "lies, deceit and deception" that it is and then replaced by new legislation rooted in "truth." The amount of support - financially and/or otherwise - offered to those activists on the front line of the Freedom Movement in Canada and the United States of America is in direct proportion to one's dedication to "selfishness" or lack thereof.

The Nousury Network is recommending that committed graduates of "Nousury 013" set out to build cells of thirteen "students/teachers" who are willing to "re-educate" themselves on the "truth" about "usury" and actively engage in one or more aspects of  the "interactive living and learning experience." It is anticipated that each of these cells will multiply and divide rapidly as more and more people learn "what they don't know they don't know." Students are invited to "gift" their respective teachers according to how they value the knowledge they are learning and teach this "gifting" concept to new "student/teachers." Any participating teachers must be willing to accept "gifts" in "usury-bearing" federal cash and/or in "usury-free" community currency with a long term goal to accept ONLY "usury-free" community currency as we shift into the reality of living in a "usury-free" society.

The key to ushering in the new age of "usury-free" economics is the "usury-free" LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software which was created in 1983. Conceived of by engineer, Michael Linton and initially financed by banking systems engineer, John C. Turmel, the "usury-free," LETS software has proven itself both locally and globally. The Nousury Network believes that it is time to network the "usury-free" message to wider markets of all ages and to all ranges of income earners.

Michael Linton of Courtenay, B.C., Canada was programming the first prototype of the "usury-free," LETS software in the early 1980's while John C. Turmel of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was programming a similar "usury-free" software using d-base technology. As soon as John C. Turmel learned of Michael Linton's "usury-free," LETS software he requested a copy of it for closer examination. When John C. Turmel found that Michael Linton's project was completed and the software was indeed "usury-free,"  flawless and perfect he (John C. Turmel) abandoned his own "usury-free" programming project and fully supported Michael Linton's "usury-free" software package which was already completed.

John C. Turmel who is now 50 years young, made an intriguing comparison when he learned about Michael Linton's "usury-free," LETS software back in 1983. The statement that commanded much attention was:

"I am as intelligent and astute as the ants which build anthills in the sand. They work on their own anthills until they notice that one particular anthill is perfect and more-advanced. Then they desert their individual anthill projects and work together to enhance the ant colony by dedicating all of their efforts to make the most advanced anthill even better. I am deserting my own project to create a "usury-free" banking software to fully support Michael Linton's "usury-free," LETS software which is the perfect model of a "usury-free," banking system software."

What John C. Turmel did next was proof positive of his total commitment to ushering in a new age of "usury-free" banking. In the summer of 1983, John had received an inheritance from his grandfather. He forwarded the entire inheritance ($20,000+) to Michael Linton as initial seed money to launch the marketing of the "usury-free," LETS software.

Eighteen years later after investing well over one million dollars and countless hours of time in the mission to free us from the chains of "usury"  John C. Turmel comments that: "Most people who are benefiting from participating in local LETSystems still do not realize the power and potential of the "usury-free," LETS software. It has the capacity to deliver and manage a perfect, "usury-free" banking system  not unlike a "casino bank" and this can be accomplished both locally and globally, privately and within any level of government."

Neither the majority of non-LETS people, nor the minority of LETSers have the essential understanding of how they can experience true freedom and abundance by participating within local LETSystems which utilize the "usury-free" LETS software to manage trades and exchanges using a "usury-free" community currency. This lack of understanding of the power and potential of the "usury-free," LETS software can be partially attributed to the media's decision to historically dismiss this economic alternative as "not newsworthy." This, coupled with the very effective and authoritative brainwashing - some refer to it as "truth decay" -  to which we are all subjected to for our entire lives - within formal institutions of learning and thereafter -  keeps us ignorant of the "truth" about the "usury" banking and taxes industry.

The ongoing challenge for every LETSystem is to recruit significant numbers of people so that the respective local LETS databases offer a wide range of products and/or services. An ever-expanding database is essential to ensure that participants can spend the "usury-free," community currency that they earn by making sales. It is the goal of The Nousury Network to take an active role in advancing the mission to free us from the chains of "usury" and this by necessity includes expanding the local and global databases of participating LETSers.

Unfortunately, too many people are still relying on minimal "usury" earnings and therefore, they do not like to hear the truth - that indeed, "usury" is the design flaw that is keeping 87% of the people in financial bondage for their entire lifetime. These people who are seemingly satisfied with their minimal "usury" earnings are likely to be retired and/or approaching retirement, though some younger people also like to boast of their "usury" earnings.

These petty "usurers" (about 13% of the population) are earning minimal "usury" earnings while the majority (the other 87% of the population) are struggling and thereby paying the maximum "usury" payments on their credit cards, mortgages, personal and/or auto loans and/or otherwise to the professional "usurers" - the international banking cartel - who exact the "usury" payments as well as the illegal and unlawful income taxes with the co-operation of misguided politicians who do not know the truth about the "usury and taxes" industry.

Few people - even those who know the truth about "usury" - are willing to come forth and denounce "usury" as the design flaw that is keeping the majority of the people struggling in "scarcity and lack" Driven by their new awareness, after attending offshore seminars and/or private consultations more and more middle class people are charting a new and improved financial course with their investments and savings in selected offshore environments. The Nousury Network supports these people who are motivated to find creative ways to spirit their money outside of Canada because they are also likely to be open to the "re-education" process required to effect change and are therefore encouraged to support (directly and/or indirectly) those who are engaged in battle with such perceived authorities as the federal government, formal educational institutions and the media. Gifts of untaxed "usury" earnings are always appreciated by those who are on the front line on the "information war" about revealing the "truth" about the "usury and banking" industry.

The Nousury Network recognizes that some individuals are adept at acquiring wealth by moving their money out of Canada so that it can reap higher rates of "usury" and be free from income taxes. Though it may seem like a fundamental contradiction, The Nousury Network does respect and understand the motivation that drives these individuals. The Nousury Network encourages these individuals who are pursuing wealth, privacy and financial freedom with astute offshore investing to withdraw and re-invest a generous portion of any "usury" income to support the front line work of those freedom fighters (in Canada and/or the United States) who have become unasseted so that they can truly taking a stand against "usury" by challenging CCRA and/or the IRS in the court system. Without being unasseted, anyone who challenges the CCRA and/or the IRS invites financial assault on any known assets.

Such action when combined with other creative financial strategies will counteract the deterrents associated with the hoarding of "usury" income by the "usurers" thereby enhancing the gratifying experience of networking "prosperity and abundance" for everyone. During this process of change and evolution, all participants are encouraged to apply their "usury" earnings to further the "information war" which has been in progress for some time. Examples of projects worthy of financial support will be suggested as The Nousury Network learns of them.

One such project is a possible class action suit against CCRA and the Federal Government of Canada whereby a tort would be attached to the law suit requesting a jury of our peers to hear the evidence rather than a judge. Lawyer, Michael Swinwood who is currently proceeding with Appeal cases for Jean-Serge: Brisson, (April 11, 2001) James-Brad: Medd, (May 17, 2001) and Tom-Joseph: Kennedy (no date set) is also exploring the possibility of launching the class action suit on behalf of the citizens of Canada. A class action suit would require a significant financial resources to fund the research required to move it through the court process.

It is the self-imposed mission of The Nousury Network to lead the way by offering "Nousury 013" as an interactive "learning and teaching" experience whereby every participant will (1) learn and teach about "offshore investments which guarantee untaxed, "usury" earnings (2) explore the pros and cons of "detaxing" and (3) participate within a LETSystem to experience the power and potential of the "usury-free," LETS software and (4) support the dedicated work of the various freedom fighters all across Canada. Graduates of "Nousury 013" will be trained to share their newly acquired knowledge and challenge LETSers and/or otherwise to initiate selected creative financial actions which will foster the growth and expansion of the LETS movement, thereby advancing the mission of eventually throwing off the chains of "usury."

The graduates of "Nousury 013" will lead by example and encourage others to do likewise. One aspect of their self-imposed "nousury" mission (should they choose to accept it) will be to consciously start taking the necessary action to eventually withdraw from the practice of relying on "usury" income, replacing it with sources of "nousury" money earned from investing in the work and ideas of entrepreneurial leaders who openly declare their goals to create a "usury-free" society for the benefit of everyone.

A unique element of "Nousury 013" is to move beyond the fear of "scarcity and lack" and teach the power and potential of acquiring "abundance and prosperity" by implementing the Money Magnet Theory which dictates that its adherents set side for oneself 13% of all incoming monies (usury-bearing federal cash and usury-free community currency) and use the other 87% for all other living expenditures. This 13% account becomes a "money magnet" and the other 87% increases proportionately to the increase of the "money magnet" account.

Participants in "Nousury 013" will likewise be challenged to "Gift It Forward Today" by using the "usury-free" community currency to gift a minimum of three other people $13.00 "usury-bearing" federal cash or 13 eco$ "usury-free" community currency or any combination thereof - for whatever reasons they deem suitable.

The Nousury Network is well aware of numerology and the power of 13 - which is not a superstitious number to be avoided. On the contrary, 13 is a very powerful number and we ought to be using openly using 13 in any projects to benfit from its positive elements. Therefore, in setting up times, numbers of people, suggested "gifts" etc. for ""Nousury 013" The Nousury Network will engage 13, multiples of 13 and/or numbers divisible by 13 as well as reversals of the 13 family of numbers. Is it just a co-incidence that Tommy-No: Usury who is in his 52 year on planet earth in this incarnation conceived of "Nousury 013?"

The "Nousury 013" Launch ....

The Nousury Network  invited selected people with leadership qualities to gather at a pre-determined location  at 19:13 hours on Tuesday, March 13, 2001. Five people responded with a commitment to be there. We discussed various elements that ought to be "prerequisite requirements" for people who will chose to be present at "interactive circles" for Nousury 013.

Prerequisite requirements:
(1) The person must be willing to set aside four dates for learning and teaching sessions re: "Nousury 013" and likewise set aside 130 minutes of time for each of these "interactive circles."

(2) The person must have an awareness of the general content posted at the cyberclassrooms at The Cyberclass Network at this URL: www.cyberclass.net and especially the specific content related to "usury" as posted at The Economics Cyberclassroom. It is recommended that each person commit to spending a minimum of 130 minutes researching and studying suggested topics related to "Nousury 013" between each "interactive circle."

(3) The person must have a "usury-free," community currency account with the Ottawa LETS or be willing to open such an account. (Cost is $13 federal cash  + 6.50 eco$ - otherwise known as "usury-free," community currency.) Other new recruits must likewise be willing to open a "usury-free," community currency account with Ottawa LETS.

(4) Since "FREE" has no value, I recommend "gifting" for value. Therefore, the person must be willing to "gift" those who teach them according to the value of knowledge learned. Keep in mind that the higher the value you place on any newly acquired knowledge, the sooner you will experience the reality of "usury-free" living. Gifts will be accepted in "usury-bearing," federal cash and/or in "usury-free," eco$. It is recommended that each participant also "gift" three persons the amount of $13 "usury-bearing," federal cash or 13 "usury-free" eco$ or any combination thereof for whatever reason s/he chooses and encourage the recipient of your "gift" to likewise "gift it forward today."

(5) The person must have read Nousury 013 and Attacking "Truth Decay" With "Usury Cleansing"

(6) The person must be willing to invite (and bring) one guest to the each of the follow-up "interactive circles" for the "Nousury 013." The new invited guests to the successive "interactive circles" must be willing to attend "interactive circles."


Punctuality is honoured highly .... and may be rewarded ??

Each "interactive circle" will last 130 minutes. There will be no rules, except to focus on the ultimate goal of creating a "usury-free" society and any other suggestions of courtesy as agreed to by those who are present.

At the first "interactive circle" each person present will have 13 minutes to make a presentation to those present. This will take 52 minutes. This leaves 65 minutes for other topics to be discussed, leaving 13 minutes for wrap up and planning for the next "interactive circle."

At the second, third and fourth "interactive circles" each new person will have 13 minutes to make a presentation. This will take 39 minutes, leaving 13 minutes for the initial four people to use as they may see fit. At the second, third and fourth "interactive circles" there will still be 65 minutes for the discussion of other topics leaving 13 minutes for wrap up and planning for the next "interactive circle."

After the 4 "interactive circles" the first three recruits ought to be prepared to leave the first cell and go forward to multiply and duplicate the "learning/teaching" process. If not, we'll reassess "Nousury 013" to perfect the model before networking it further.

As the cells of 13 divide and multiply the graduates of "Nousury 013" will be invited to consider networking new knowledge in interactive, concentric circles to address related topics (politics, energy, health, spirituality, etc.). Having acquired sufficient knowledge about the design flaw of usury in the initial circle, graduates will truly understand that "usury" is the common centre to the problems discussed in all concentric circles. "Usury" economics is central to the elements of "poverty, scarcity, discord and lack" just as "usury-free" economics is central to the elements of "abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty." When the design flaw of "usury" is fully exposed and corrected many other ills of modern society will heal themselves and we can move beyond "Nousury 013" to "Prosperity 013."