The Nousury Network (TNN)

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The Nousury Network - Mission Statement & Goals

The Nousury Network is a group of informed individuals who are taking action to create an "usury-free" society in the 21st Century. Our motto is: "We pay no usury, we charge no usury" and we want to offer you the option of paying no usury and charging no usury."

The Nousury Network believes that we have certain inalienable or absolute rights given to us by our Creator and every level of government is charged with the responsibility of honouring these rights. In 2001, because of self-imposed re-education available outside of our formal educational institutions we are regaining the knowledge necessary to take back many of our rights and freedoms - especially the right to pay no usury.

Since income taxes imposed on individuals is equivalent to usury payments by governments (provincial and federal) we are likewise committed to abolishing "income taxes." We believe that when we usher in the new age of "usury-free" economics, the "nousurers" will willingly gift in abundance for any necessary services and therefore "income taxes" as we know them will be forever abolished. We are also committed to the abolition of "vegetation prohibition." It is high time that we recognize all herbs as the natural medicines that they are.

The Nousury Network teaches individuals and/or groups the truth about how "usury" is the design flaw in our current, orthodox money system and offers information about establishing "usury-free" economic alternatives and participating in such community networks.

The Nousury Network's primary goal is to work towards a replacement of the current "usury-based" financial system, (which if not corrected, will soon collapse, centralizing real asset control into the hands of the global financial elite) with a "usury-free" economic system based on the LETS model - the perfect model of a "usury-free" banking system. Our ultimate goal is to have the federal government of the respective nations issue that nation's credit "usury-free."

The Nousury Network facilitates creative fund-raising activities in co-operation with political parties, charitable and non-profit groups which are willing to (1) make an effort to fully understand the concept of "usury-free" economics (2) endorse the concept of "usury-free" economics for the mutual benefit of everyone and (3) to apply a portion of any funds raised towards the ultimate goal of creating a "usury-free" society - locally, nationally and internationally.

The Nousury Network co-hosts seminars/meetings and distributes information and literature in an ongoing effort to raise the awareness and the consciousness of the common people who make up the "Court of Public Review."

The Nousury Network offers "Nousury 013" a "living and learning experience within interactive circles" and specifically designed to teach and network the "truth" about "usury."

The Nousury Network held its first meeting on Sunday, November 26th, 2000.

President, Robert-W: Stewart                                  Secretary/Treasurer, Tom-Joseph: Kennedy
                                                                            otherwise known as 'Tommy-Usury: Free'