Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

May 1, 2000

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy
P.O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

This is in response to your two recent letters (April 13, 2000 and April 24, 2000) to Jim Grieve, Director of Education.

Please be advised that the Ottawa Carleton District School Board will NOT (my emphasis) be amending your "status" and will continue to deduct income tax from your bi-weekly pay cheques. As indicated tp you on previous occasions, the Board, pursuant to the federal Income Tax Act, is legally obligated to deduct income tax from your pay and to remit same to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. For the same reason, we cannot accept your amended TD 1 form as it does not contain correct information.

If you have an issue with respect to your status as a Canadian taxpayer or the amount of tax you are required to pay, this is an issue between you and the federal government. In the meantime, you should be aware that the Board intends to continue to fulfill its legal duty to deduct and remit income taxes from your pay. This is the Board's final position on this matter and I would direct you to cease immedaitely from making firther demands or threats against the Board, your employer, and individual staff members on this matter.

Yours truly,
V. Jeuer for
Janice McCoy
Legal Advisor

c.c. J. Grieve, Director of Education
      M. Clarke, Supt. of Financial Services,
      M.L. Chartrand, Manager/Comptroller of Finance