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The OffshoreMax.com Courier                        September 19, 2001



As soon as we had posted last week's summary of links directing our readers to "politically incorrect" essays related to the recent terrorist attacks, we received lots of hate mail and even several mindless, largely misspelled threats.

We realized that the horrible attacks and related media coverage had stirred up a lot of powerful emotions, so we understood the cause of these heated overreactions. At the same time, we recognized the immense danger to those who completely and permanently shut off their brains and decided (as their final conscious decision) to let their emotions rule: They are now being manipulated all too easily by whoever has the loudest and most persuasive voice.


What we are witnessing right now, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, is nothing other than a massive mind control operation designed to insert a "Never-Ending War" program into the hearts, minds and souls of Americans and as much of the rest of the world as possible... and so far, largely successfully.

The implementation of a policy of "Never-Ending War for Never- Ending Peace" is an essential component of the world's transition to a Big Brother New World Order. Under normal circumstances, this statement would have been self-evident to many freedom lovers around the world. Yet suddenly, things have changed and even some former libertarians are joining the self-proclaimed elite on its war- mongering path of destruction.


In a parallel development, many proposed restrictions on our freedoms that seemed impossible and unthinkable a month ago, are now accepted without resistance. Phone surveillance, Internet surveillance, travel restrictions, biometric identification...
who still cares about freedom and privacy? Are we trying to give up our freedoms in order to achieve freedom?

Only THINKING individuals in full control of their minds will be able to see through the coming deception, and won't allow
themselves be manipulated or intimidated by the intensifying wartime propaganda.


For the September issue of the OffshoreMax Gazette at our Members Only site, we had prepared a lengthy article about the UN, OECD and FATF, and the cancerous nature of big government. However, much of the information we researched and the conclusions we came to were made pretty much irrelevant on September 11th. We would even go as far as saying that based on all available information, by accident or design, the attacks on the USA could result in history taking a 10+ year short-cut towards the New World Order.

Unless you're busy watching the war propaganda on TV, or sending hate mail and threats to those who don't agree with your valued point of view, we encourage you to check out our members only site. You'll find out why freedom has been attacked, and why those who are now trying to start World War III are probably not much better than the original attackers themselves.