From: "Bill Mauldin" <>
Subject: Do You Know Who Owns Your Car?

Tennessee Department of Revenue Operations Supervisor Denise Rottero Told Judge Greer how Tennessee's (and
EVERY OTHER STATEs) auto registration process works.

The process begins with the "surrender" of the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) by the auto dealer to the Department of Revenue in exchange for a Certificate of Title. Asked if a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is proof of ownership, legal title to the automobile, Ms. Rottero said, "Yes"

"Are you telling me that ownership of an automobile must be surrendered to the State before it can be registered?"
she was asked.

"Surrender title, yes'" Rottero said.

The certificate of title to your automobile is Not title, it's merely evidence that title exists. Your car's legal TITLE is the MSO, which  the dealer surrendered to the State. Ms. Rottero said the MSO is put on microfilm for permanent keeping, the original is destroyed.

After the trial, spectators expressed shock that their personal automobiles were actually owned by the state. "No wonder state law officers stop people for no reason!" said a housewife. "If your car's got a Tennessee plate, it's theirs, and they can do anything they like to you!" That's the law, but it's voluntary. No one but Judge Greer had dared say that if you don't surrender your car to the state in exchange for plates, you go to jail.

The founding fathers of America clearly recognized that the underpinnings of a free society were based upon; Life, Liberty and Property; That all legitimate government functions revolved around protecting and defending the individual's right to these three core elements of freedom.

Now, this information is telling us that you 'MUST' (in the states and I venture to guess all other jurisdictions which have imposed admiralty law in their court systems) surrender your private property, or GO TO JAIL !!