Secret "Application for Photo Exemption"

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From: :Pritam:Singh <>
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:47 AM
Subject: Toronto(Ontario) Canada - Secret "Application for Photo Exemption"

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:Pritam:Singh (Peter)
Canada (Ontario) - Secret "Application for Photo Exemption"
Sun Sep 9 10:36:43 2001

About a year ago I tried to renew my Ontario Driver's Licence with the phrase "Without Prejudice, Non-Assumpsit Contract, All My Rights Reserved" underneath my signature. I have a self-inking stamp which I use everytime I write my signature. I was told that I could not do this. Upon further enquiry, I initiated correspondence with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Recently, I have succeeded in not having my photo taken. I am sharing this information because I feel people ought to know and be educated about what's going on, so they could act with informed consent. I am from the Toronto, Ontario area.

In addition to the "Letter to the Editor" by George Bothwell, please visit the following websites for background info. You may contact me for assistance.

Also consult: The Saturday Star, December 18, 1999. "For Sale: Secrets of your licence plates." Page A1.  "Cashing in on privacy. Province selling licence to pry." Page A4. By Jim Rankin and Phinjo Gombu, Staff reporters.

NOW Magazine article "Red light rip-off":

Company developing photo database got Secret Service funds
By Karen Gullo, Associated Press writer

Secret Service aided license photo database. In a test of TrueID, a consumer's credit card is scanned and his or
her photo appears  February 18, 1999  Web posted at: 2:29 p.m. EST (1929 GMT)

Please note that I have a practical and hands-on working knowledge about what I have shared here. As with all procedures, it is necessary to know the details. If anybody is interested in obtaining the "Application for Photo Exemption" or would like a helping hand in completing it, send me an e-mail.

:Pritam:Singh (Peter)

Friday February 16th, 2001

Dear Editor:

The smart card has been around since 1974 and my research is extensive. Any mention of the downside of this technology is actively avoided by all ministries of this government. The unprecedented potential of these automated information systems to possess extraordinary knowledge has governments around the world "denying with their lips what they do with their hands". In Ontario lip service to the dangers of photo radar stands in stark contrast to the rush to implement the "biometric photo electronic jail".

Privacy protection apart from the individual is an oxymoron. Privacy by its very nature is an individual matter. Mr. Hodgson can only enhance privacy by restricting invasion into privacy. Governments deny reality by promising enhanced privacy protection via increased invasion of individual privacy through projects like this smart card scheme. This actually has the opposite effect and decreases any thinking individual's peace and security of mind. Are not such projects simply the iron fist in the velvet glove of the "Novus Ordo Seclorum"?

The true purpose of the smart card is multifarious. Its primary purpose among other things is to increase the volume, accuracy,
chronological organization etc. of instantaneous (real-time) digital data flows. Knowledge extraordinaire for whom to control the universe? Use of this system fosters an unhealthy commitment to self-exposure. These enhanced information flows in globally linked data centers provides instantaneous comprehensive knowledge on everyone's personal privacy to those "authorized to use" this system.

Linking biometric data to chips is an already redundant step in these latest individual tracking systems. In populations sensitive to authoritarian rule, however, it has proved a necessary step, as this biometric smart card assists to mislead the user into thinking they themselves will control their information flows.

The preferred identifier now is the direct biometric (live measurement). Biometric identification originated with the finger print in the 1800's. With the advent of computerized records, identification by body bits has expanded to include a wider range of unique Godgiven characteristics. Once recorded, your finger, foot, voice, hand, eye, DNA, FACE, hair etc. become a stand alone legal identifier.

As social animals we have been using the face since the beginning of time. In fact "facial recognition" is the preferred biometric
identifier for the newer automated systems as the face can be captured without the knowledge or consent of any unsuspecting
individual ie: in MTO licence offices, at super bowls, casinos, airports, streets, public or private protests. This covert system is
used very effectively. It facilitates the silencing of consensus builders who fail to choose the correct team, while monitoring
supporters at the same time(Political correctness will be enforced). However, to operate such an automated I.D. tracking system, a central data base of individual body bits must first be established.

The only biometric the Ontario Government presently uses on all its citizens is the digital facial biometric. It has been clandestinely captured through the Ministry of Transport driver licence renewals in the years 1995 through to 2001 by a system implemented by Ontario's subcontractor Imaging Automation Inc. of New Hampshire. This information gathering, backed by the threated loss of driving privelege, generates electronic digital/data on individual Ontarians that the Harris Government sells for global surveillance purposes among other things. This breach of trust which denies Ontarians both informed consent and their established right to opt out points to the lowest form of corruption. Particularly telling is the continued withholding of the provincial "APPLICATION for PHOTO EXEMPTION" document.

To help understand the privacy issues it is a great help to read Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Bruce Philips' submission from November 21, 1996 found on the web at: . History proves governments very unreliable in areas of truth and privacy. ALL privacy and truth are sacred, which only the all knowing Christ can protect. This news, damaging to everyone's self-esteem, will no doubt be ignored by those attempting to replace the Most High with an "all seeing eye".

Mr. Hodgson: since I have been unsuccessful to date in reaching you or anyone involved with your governments ID cards/information-collection systems for at least 3 years, I hereby invite you and anyone else interested in understanding this web of deceit and avoiding the "electronic jail" to please contact me. I may be reached at:

George Bothwell
R.R. # 1
Owen Sound Ontario
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