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On the weekend of September 20th, 21st, and 22nd I had the opportunity to meet with an enlightened group of 11 people in rural Ontario where we discussed many topics. It was the weekend of (a) the full moon and (b) the fall equinox. I was intending to attend the Fall Fair at the Hungarian Culture Centre on St. Clair Ave. in Toronto BUT car troubles during the week used up my gas money so instead I participated in discussions with some interesting people at a small 'gathering' in rural eastern Ontario.
Note: Readers are invited to read this very interesting article about the Fall 2002 Equinox:  'Fulcanelli's Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End Time' by Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner' at this URL: http://vincentbridges.com/RaisingtheDjed.htm And this article 'The Working Celtic Cross' may provide some very relevant, background information about the symbol of the cross:  www.viewzone.com/crichton.html
The weekend weather was very warm for late September and while it was pleasant in rural Ontario it was creating chaos and upheaval in other parts of Canada and the United States. Some researchers are claiming that the strange weather that has been commonplace all over the world in recent months is related to the coming of Planet X. Readers are invited to read Larry Lawson's email about the severe storm in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, September 20th, 2002 - see below ...

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Larry Lawson writes:
"If you haven't heard, we've had EXTENSIVE 'tornado' damage done here in Indiana in SEVERAL CITIES!! Martinsville, Elletsville, Greenwood, Indianapolis etc. WEATHER AS A WEAPON!!  I've not seen this much damage done since the OKC tornadoes a couple years back.  Did anybody track H.A.A.R.P. transmissions per chance???

If some people making predictions/'prophecies' are correct.... this may be just the BEGINNING of a cycle of destruction yet to be caused by similar storm systems. The 'Planet X' scenario could even be a plausible deniability DIVERSION away from deliberate weather WARFARE!!!  Tracking H.A.A.R.P. transmissions would be one way to tell. Here's a brief repost from somebody on our list in that 'target' area:

F-4 (Tornado magnitude??) I have just been through Martial Law, I have been through hell the last 3 days. They called it ground zero. Southport and Madison is the command center. More later if this works, just got phone and power back, glad we are good campers............"
BTW: Larry Lawson writes an excellent newsletter with very good summaries of what's happening along with added commentary. To subscribe go to: LLNews@yahoogroups.com

At the weekend gathering in rural Ontario, my input was to share information about how we-the-people can create and spend our own 'usuryfree' time currency. There's plenty of details at the UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm

There's more and more people ready and willing to learn about 'usuryfree' time currency as a 'complementary' currency during these transitory times when we-the-people are understanding that by 'spending our money differently' we can make a difference in the outcome of the future of our freedom. More details at the ShopAtHome Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/shopathome.htm

Additionally, I was there to learn from others and about myself on this journey in this skin and body at this time. We spent much time discussing Egyptian culture and the topic of 'earth changes' and 'survival' as they may relate to Planet X. We shared titles of books and websites which are offering information about Planet X - otherwise known as Nibiru or Nemesis or by any of the 31 other names as listed by Mark Hazelwood on pages 12-13 of his book: 'Blindsided - Planet X Passes in 2003 - Earthchanges'
Note: There is some controversy that Mark Hazelwood has plagarized Nancy Lieder's research about Planet X which is posted at: www.zetatalk.com Others claim that when information is posted on the internet it becomes public domain. In any case, someone gifted me a photocopy of  'Blindsided - Planet X Passes in 2003 - Earthchanges.' I consider this easy-to-read book as a starting point for my ongoing, self-imposed research whereby I aim to acquire as much information in the shortest time possible before I make any long term decisions. (If anyone wants to make an arrangement to read my photocopy of the book email your request to: tom@cyberclass.net)
In the short term, I do plan to purchase extra quantities of high-quality, all natural products and keep them in safe storage where I will simply rotate the stock monthly.  I will purchase extra containers of products from SDI (Self Directed Income) entreprenuers (a) Exsula - the whole food concentrate, from an Exsula (b) Herbalife - the protein meal-replacement and (c)Attain, Sustain and Proflex - protein powders from Melaleuca. All of these SDI entrepreneurs support the UsuryFree Network and I know that I can pay them cash for the wholesale cost and 'usuryfree' time currency for the retail mark up portion of the purchase. Others wishing to do likewise are invited to send an email to: tom@cyberclass.net and I'll explain how to do this.
It is not my intent to question the agenda or motives of the various people who are researching Planet X. It is my intention to invite readers to commence their own self-imposed research and share whatever you learn with your family, friends and loved ones. You will read about those who view Nibiru as a metaphor for events and happenings that will simply cleanse planet earth and permit we-the-people to move to an era of higher consciousness, whereby we will experience abundance for all and 'peace and plenty' by 2020.

There will be 'information,' 'disinformation' and 'misinformation' networked by the Usury Elites and the politicians and their loyal government bureaucrats. It is our mission to plough through what we read as we search for the 'truth' about Planet X and survival as a planet in this 21st Century. People (a) will be motivated to do their own research and make their own decisions with bits and pieces of the puzzle or (b) they will continue to update what they are learning as they seek 'truth' or (c) they will dismiss and/or ignore all of the information - at their own peril.
Indeed, there is much at stake and we must be cautious about mindlessly believing misinformation because we are caught up in fear whipped up be those who seek to profit from Planet X in much the same way the charlatans profited from Y2K scare in the late 1990's. What will be beneficial for all of us on planet earth is (a) to work on improving our own personal and spiritual growth and (b) to more intensely study the history of we-the-people on planet earth. There's much to learn from ourselves and our ancestors and such information is not currently being taught in formal schooling. Eventually, everyone will make their own choices of self-improvement, re-education and lifestyle in this 21st Century.
James McCanney <www.jmccanneyscience.com> has authored a book entiteld: Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes  This hardbound book of 200 pages would normally retail for nearly $30.00 (US Funds) but to get this information out to the public he has reduced the price as much as possible ($17.95 - US Funds) to assure everyone has access to a copy of this book.. It will tell you what to look for as well as the wide range of earth-changes you may see or experience upon an encroaching Planet-X. Learn why it will ignite into a huge comet as it enters the solar system and the "actions-at-a-distance" that could drastically affect life on Earth. Learn why the information NASA will tell you is disinformation based on incorrect archaic astronomical theories. "A must for understanding future events."
There are a number of websites from which anyone can begin his/her self-imposed research. (Please forward other websites  which you are aware of.)


"99.9999% of what affects our reality will be undetectable by our senses.
Man must learn to think for himself, rather than follow blindly what he has been taught."
- Buckminster Fuller
"Apparently, 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth. It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life. Yet, a year or so ago, who would have thought that most of corporate America had been conspiring with accountants to cook their books?'" -Gore Vidal


“All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough; surrender the rest 'for the best' - God’s grace” -Christos

PS -  For the cosmic history behind the 12th Planet and Earth's evolution of humans, click here


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