P.O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1

October 31, 2001

Primus Canada
P.O. Box 5860
Markham Industrial Park
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5J4

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am in receipt of my 'Account Summary' dated October 22, 2001 wherein Primus Canada has adjusted my balance to reflect ONLY the internet service which I use on a monthly basis.

Primus has earned equal and honourable status with Metcom Canada which also honours the Tax Exempt Status Card and bills me for only the long distance service which I use. (Proof of such is a copy of the October 2001 Metcom long distance bill showing NO PST nor GST.)

At this critical time in history it is imperative that more and more Canadians become fully aware that indeed we have the right and duty to refuse to pay our money in the form of GST and PST to any level of government which is funding nuclear weapons which will be used to destroy ourselves and this planet earth. We must refuse to assist Canada's plans to participate in World War III and thereby commit mass murder.

In my earlier communicartions to Primus Canada I clearly explained why I will not participate with Canada's plans and preparations that are currently predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity to commit Mass Murder - especially since the rogue, ruthless and clandestine action of 09/11/01 was cleverly calculated by the New World Order advocates to create the unwinnable World War III. Background details about the events of 09/11/01 and what has been happening since are posted at thh WTC Cyberclassroom at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/wtc.htm

I have enclosed my payment of $29.95 for the internet service which Primus Canada has provided.

Enjoy this day!!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
Tom-Joseph: Kennedy otherwise known as "Tommy-Usury: Free"