Let's NOT Be Consumer Subservients - Let's Become Prosumer Creatives
By Tommy-Usury: Free

In this 21st Century, higher profile celebrities will no longer guarantee profits to the Usury Elites' Group of Companies as they have done in previous centuries. To learn how the Usury Elites' Group of Companies operate click here ... Crafty corporate takeovers of our schools will no longer go unnoticed. Historically, conventional retail has been an erratic business even at their best of times when we-the-people were ill-informed and ignorant about what was really happening in world finance, politics and power. Since September 11th, 2001, there has been an awakening to the 'truth' like never before. And the awakening has only just begun!!

The onslaught of research demonstrating the harm being done by the design flaw of 'usury,' the popularity of the anti-globalization, anti-corporation movements www.cyberclass.net/ftaareport.htm plus the maturation of the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry www.cyberclass.net/sditable.htm and the acceptance of the 'usuryfree' community currency movement www.cyberclass.net/bartable.htm led by Argentina www.cyberclass.net/argentina.htm are key reasons why we-the-people are ready and willing to participate in solution-oriented activities. It is expected that we-the-people will witness further diversification within the conventional retail industry formerly controlled by the big box stores, giant retailers, celebrity retailers and franchise retailers and their rich upscale investors when we start consciously changing the way we spend our money by building our own loyal database and shopping from within it.

We-the-people are determined to win our market share from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies by organizing ourselves within our own loyal databases which will be designed to serve us locally, nationally and/or internationally. Though we-the-people have no intention of excluding the big box stores, the giant retailers, the celebrity retailers and the franchise retailers  - who spend multiple billions on advertising - from our loyal database of small to medium-sized community and home-based businesses we know they are unlikely to be excited about (a) discounts or (b) private money creation because they do NOT yet believe that we 'the stupid white men' are intent on re-building local community by networking the 'truth' and backing up our exchanges with honesty and integrity.

Some of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies are listed in the article at the Shop At Home Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/shopathome.htm Proctor & Gamble - the world's largest consumer products company -  is another company from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies which ought to be boycotted. Proctor & Gamble manufactures beauty, fabric, paper products as well as numerous home care products including soaps and cleaning products (full of chemicals) for many brand names and the olestra, no-fat cooking oil which ought to be avoided. To review a partial list of Proctor & Gamble products click here...

Additionally, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) or (Pain & Greed) is under heavy criticism for cruel animal testing on their manufactured products. More details at these URLs: www.pginfo.net & www.pandgkills.com & www.animalliberation.org.au/procgamb.html And Proctor & Gamble pollutes: http://webhome.idirect.com/~born2luv/toxictea.html

Did you know that another Proctor & Gamble product, 'Sunny Delight' which is touted as 'fruit juice' is really just a chemical cocktail containing only 5% fruit juice. It is NOT healthy for children as P& G claims. In fact, just one small bottle of Sunny Delight contains more than the recommended daily intake of sugar. Do you need any more reasons to change your buying habits? There's lots more to know about Proctor & Gamble. Go to any search engine and type 'Proctor & Gamble' and do your own research. Let's no longer be subservient to Proctor & Gambles clever advertising. Let's consciously change the way we spend our money.

Why not shop-at-home from companies in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry which are manufacturing products without harmful chemicals? There are many choices BUT one that definitely has a proven track record is Melaleuca. Details at the Melaleuca Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/melaleuca.htm

There's more reasons to avoid the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. Check out the McSpotlight website: www.mcspotlight.org the Walmart Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/walmart.htm and the Costco Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/costco.htm

Readers are also invited to read Michael Moore's book 'Stupid White Men' published late in 2001 - especially Chapter 5 entitled 'Idiot Nation.' 'Stupid White Men' is published by HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 10 east 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022. Stupid White Men's availability is described at this website: www.michaelmoore.com/announce/how_to_buy_SWM1.html

In chapter 5 of  'Stupid White Men' Michael Moore demonstrates just how committed the Usury Elites' Group of Companies are to securing our youth as lifetime consumers of their respective products and/or services. Michael Moore's research led him to The Centre for the Analysis of Commercialism in Education (CACE) which has compiled statistics that show corporate sponsorship of formal education has increased 248 per cent in the United States since the early 1990's. I daresay there's likely a similar statistical increase here in Canada.

Here are just a few examples listed by Michael Moore that reaffirm we-the-people need to immediately take action to do what's right to save ourselves from the total control and takeover that the Usury Elites' are planning for we-the-people in the not-too-distant-future.

1. "Eddie Bauer sponsors the final round of the National Geography Bee. Book covers featuring Calvin Klein and Nike ads are distributed to students. Nike and others shoemakers, looking for early access to tomorrow's stars, sponsor inner-city high school basketball teams." (page 109, Stupid White Men)

2. "General Mills and Campbell's Soups ... have programs rewarding schools for getting parents to buy their products." (page 109, Stupid White Men)

3. "Two hundred and forty school districts in thirty-one states have sold exclusive rights to one of the big three soda companies - Coca Cola, Pepsi, & Dr. Pepper." (page 110, Stupid White Men)

4. "If turning the students into billboards isn't enough, schools and corporations sometimes turn the school itself into one giant neon sign for corporate America. Appropriation of school space, including scoreboards, rooftops, walls and textbooks, for corporate logos and advertising is up 539 per cent." (page 111, Stupid White Men)

5. "Colorado Springs, not satisfied to sell its soul only to Coca Cola, has plastered its school buses with advertisements for Burger King, Wendy's, and other big companies. Free book covers and school planners with ads for Kellog's Pop-Tarts and pictures of FOX TV personalities were also handed out to the students." (page 112, Stupid White Men)

6. "Companies have also learned they can reach this confined audience by 'sponsoring' educational materials. This practice like others, has exploded as well, increasing 1875 per cent since 1990." (page 112, Stupid White Men)

7. "And what better way to imprint a corporate logo on the country's children than through television and the Internet beamed directly into the classroom. Electronic Marketing, where a company provides programming or equipment to schools for the right to advertise to their students, is up 139 per cent. (page 113, Stupid White Men)

Statistics indicate that teenagers of North America spent more than $160+ billion for merchandise in 2001. Corporate Canada and Corporate America demonstrate a selfish generosity to our high schools and universities and even to elementary schools to a lesser degree. Yes, the Usury Elites' Group of Companies have been very committed to luring our youth to spend their money (and their parents' money) with them and they do it exceedingly well in the school environment. It's time for both youth and adults to change the way we spend our money.

Since the early 1990's corporate sponsorship of formal education has increased at an incredible rate, The Usury Elites who run the giant corporations are sending their lackeys to negotiate with these institutions of formal learning (which are all operating in a mode of scarcity and lack) to permit their 'good' names to be associated with the respective institutions of formal learning in exchange for creative and exploitative sponsorship - always with a hidden agenda to score the youth as 'consumers for life.' Desperate schools are selling out our youth to the schemes of the Usury Elites because they need the money. if the truth be known, they are stuck in scarcity because the Usury Elites have stolen their money through crafty action BUT they keep on spending their money with them. Why?

For a specific example let's focus on Pizza Hut which sponsors the 'Booklet' program for elementary schools all over North America with a worthy goal to encourage students to read more books. By achieving a monthly reading goal, students are rewarded with a pan pizza certificate from Pizza Hut. The manager of the local Pizza Hut congratulates each student and offers them a sticker and a decorative certificate. The participating school usually has a 'Pizza Hut Book It' honour roll list posted in the front hall of lobby of the school for viewing. Additionally, some schools organize fundraising events by selling 'pan pizzas' and 'pop' to the students for lunch. Pizza Hut wins pizza lovers for life.

Let's examine another example, whereby any students who choose to follow business studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in 2002 and beyond will attend the John Molson School of Business. The Molson company has financed the construction of a new building at Concordia in the amount of $10 million. Thousands of Concordia students are proudly wearing green and white jackets, T-shirts and sweatshirts displaying a new logo and the words: 'John Molson School of Business.'

I am assuming that the Molson Corporation gets some market research from the John Molson School of Business in exchange for their $10 million investment. In addition, the Molson Corporation gets to heavily influence the next generation of youth to buy Molson beer as their preferred beverage. When a group of Concordia students near the corner of Bishop and Maisonneuve Streets were recently asked which brand of beer they were likely to order when they visited a pub, they all answered, 'Molson.' One wonders whether Concordia University's Board of Governors' Chair Eric Molson has genetically modifying their taste buds to only be satisfied with the taste of Molson? More details about the corporate takeover of our institutions of higher learning at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/conuinc.htm

The November 2nd, 2002, Ottawa Citizen reports that the stock of Tommy Hilfiger Corporation tumbled 20% while the stock of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation dropped 29% during the past year. Is this a sign that those teenagers who spent $160+ billion during the past calendar year are actually listening to what Jello Biafra www.cyberclass.net/jello.htm told them at the FTAA www.cyberclass.net/ftaareport.htm in Quebec City in April 2001? Are they also awakening their parents? In the not-too-distant future will the Usury Elites' Group of Companies who have tied their names to 20th Century celebrities lose their commercial grip on the youth and adults of this 21st Century?

Wendy Leibmann, president of WSL Strategic Retail, New York, New York states: "Tommy came out of the high-entertainment, urban culture, which worked well originally. They seemed unable to evolve. Tommy Hilfiger seemed to be fixed in time." Could the answer simply be that we-the-people are awakening to the realization of how stupid we have really been to permit ourselves to get hooked on 'designer names' who greedily over-priced their clothing lines during the latter decades of the 20th Century? The recent news that Tommy Hilfiger Corporation plans to close 37 of its 44 stores in the United States early in 2003 to trim expenses is clear evidence of a changing marketplace.

Let's no longer settle for being 'consumer subservients.' Instead, let's become 'prosumer creatives' who sell and buy quality products from our own loyal database created by we-the-people. A prosumer is a blend of a 'producer' and a 'consumer.' See World Wide Words' definition: www.quinion.com/words/turnsofphrase/tp-pro4.htm

As 'prosumer creatives,' we-the-people simply offer others what they need and want while permitting them to serve us by offering what we need and want. By offering others the option to create and spend their own 'usuryfree' time currency to cover the retail mark up of goods and/or services we-the-people can empower ourselves and thereby stop being dis-empowered by the 'Usury Elites' Group of Companies.

There are many ways we-the-people can lead the way to encourage others to shift their shopping habits away from the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. The key to our individual and collective success will be our willingness to (1) accept that we are being 'had' by the Usury Elites' Group of Companies (2) immediately do our part to make a difference in the way we spend our money (3) make a commitment to 're-education' and personal growth so that we-the-people are ready to become role models and leaders to a new age or peace and prosperity for everyone.

Likewise, there are many perks to consider as prosumer creatives during these transitory times:

(1) Prosumer Creatives who are still filing Income Tax Returns can reap the many benefits of operating a part-time enterprise from their homes.

(2) Prosumer Creatives who want to want to take advantage of the 'tax credit' machinery allocated to duly registered political parties (federal and provincial) are invited to donate the maximum amount of cash to the Libertarian Party of Ontario as Libertarians support the concept of 'usuryfree' community currency. The Libertarian Party of Canada does not yet have official status as a registered political party BUT they will have by the next federal election. Libertarian politics is becoming popular globally, so it's timely indeed that we-the-people of Canada network our ever-expanding database of 'usuryfree' time traders with Libertarians. Both provincial and federal Libertarians are dedicated to supporting the concept of 'usuryfree' community currency so forward your ideas and suggestions of how we-the-people can build networks with Libertarians to create the largest database that this world has ever known. Learn more at the Libertarian Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/libertarian.htm

(3) Prosumer Creatives who join the National Savings Club can immediately take advantage of discount prices available to members. I am recommending that the National Savings Club be the starting point of this loyal database that can serve us locally, nationally and internationally. Learn more about the National Savings Club at the National Savings Club Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/nsc.htm And join NOW...

(4) Prosumer Creatives can create and spend their own 'usuryfree' time currency. Prosumer Creatives are invited to negotiate with members of the National Savings Club and/or otherwise by (a) re-educating them about the power and potential of 'usuryfree' community currency and (2) asking them to accept a portion of any exchange in 'usuryfree' time currency or another 'usuryfree' community currency of their respective community.

(5) Prosumer Creatives will enjoy prosperity and abundance instead of settling to live with scarcity and lack.

(6) Prosumer Creatives are rebuilding our respective local communities NOW...by shopping at small to medium-sized businesses and/or home-based businesses.

And remember, there'll be no greater satisfaction than seeing the stocks of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies decline as your prosperity steadily grows. We-the-people have the upper hand BUT we must take action NOW.

And never forget that the Stock Market is a tool of the Usury Elites' Group of Companies, so take out your money NOW and invest it in (a) your own business (b) silver and/or (c) gold. Investors have already lost trillions. Indeed, the greed, thievery and skull-duggery of the 1990's is unravelling. J.P. Morgan is reported to have massive outstanding loans that are uncollectible. General Electric is in trouble. The high-tech washout is not yet finished. Consumer confidence is low and retail sales are down in Canada and the United States while Japan's stock market and banking system are in big trouble. There is a 50 year high for foreclosures in Canada and the United States and the peoples' biggest asset - housing is about to be under attack.

Yes, it's time for we-the-people to organize our own loyal database NOW. Let's not wait for a critical crisis like what happened in Argentina on December 20th and 21st, 2001. www.cyberclass.net/argentinanniversary.htm

Join the National Savings Club today. www.cyberclass.net/nsc.htm and www.cyberclass.net/nscnow.htm


Warren Buffet purchased 130 million ounces of silver in 1998 at $5.00 an ounce. What did he know? In 1979/80 gold reached $850. an ounce and silver reached $52. an ounce. What will happen to precious metals in this 21st Century? Currently silver is resting at $3. an ounce and gold rests at approximately $320. an ounce. How will you invest your money - if you have any?

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