The Real War





The Message of Awakening Behind the

World Trade Center Attack





By Alistair Smith





September, 2001

The Real War


The Message of Awakening Behind the World Trade Center Attack



The Context

During 2001 I had five visions of giant corporate towers collapsing in dust in the heart of New York. These visions occurred while I was meditating, at a time when I was writing a book containing new insights into the way the world functions. I shared these experiences with a few close friends, saying that I thought it was symbolic of the collapse of the structures holding the global financial markets together. I had told these friends that the buildings were in Wall Street and two have since reminded me that I specifically said the buildings were the World Trade Center.

Late on the morning of 11 September, 2001, I was working at my computer when a friend rang to tell me that a large airplane had collided with the World Trade Center. Turning on the television, I was stunned to watch the images of the two giant structures collapsing. Stunned, not just because it was happening, but because what I was seeing was identical to what I’d seen in my visions. Like many of you, I went into a state of shock, my body trembling in spasms and my breath becoming short. This reaction was not just as a result of the terrible tragedy, but because I knew, at a personal level, it was a wake up call that I could not ignore.

So, who am I to be making these statements. Until 1997 I was an ambitious corporate executive, living in Australia, an atheist who was driven by his own self interests. In 1997 I took up meditation, as part of a stress management program. Almost immediately I started having mystical experiences, which my mind, trained as an engineer, had more than a little trouble accepting. When my visions were confirmed by people I had only met on one or two occasions, and who experienced the same visions involving me, I had to take notice.

In 1998 I traveled to Assisi in Italy, where I met my future wife and in early 1999 I left my position in Mergers and Acquisitions for a large energy utility and immigrated to Canada, the home of my wife.

From that point on I dedicated my life to the search for answers to the strange world I had entered into. As I opened to them I began receiving profound revelations about the nature of the world and the universe. These revelations came in the form of conversations with spirits such as Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi and Mary Magdalene. I learned that I had the ability to transport my consciousness to another dimension where these conversations could take place.

I began to write, producing several books which carried these revelations, but I remained contained within myself, not venturing into the world with this life changing information. Fears of my own ego, the judgement of people and my relation with God, kept me a virtual prisoner in my secluded world. All that changed when I saw the first television images of the World Trade Center collapsing. I knew the answers to why such a terrible thing could happen. I had just completed the draft of a book, which explained everything, although not specifically relating to this one incident. No matter what the cost, I had to share my knowledge with the world.

President Bush and other leaders, such as Tony Blair of Great Britain, claim that America and its allies are at war. But who is the enemy and what is the war we are fighting? Is it really a war between the greatest power of all time and a band of recluses led by Osama Bin Laden?

The world is at war, but it is not the war that our leaders believe they are fighting. It is the battle between the control of the world of structure and the thirst for individual freedom. By structure I am referring to the consolidation of beliefs into a rigid framework, within which we become trapped, incapable of seeing beyond this framework to any other reality. Individual freedom is the right to return to the knowledge of our true identity as an expression of eternal love – a manifestation of God.

The attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon is a manifestation of this war, as the frustrations people feel at the loss of personal power, to faceless structures, spills out of our collective consciousness with devastating results.

The acts of September 11 must be condemned, but in seeking retribution it is critical that we seek to understand the lessons that this event offers. The people of the world are interconnected by a maze of complex energy systems that I call CITES (Collective Intelligent Thought Entities). These entities are a product of our collective thoughts, judgements and denials.

Every thought we have carries an energetic charge that is transmitted to the world carrying the emotional intensity associated with the thought. Over time, thoughts of a similar nature come together, eventually reaching the critical mass necessary to create a CITE.

Humans interact with these CITES through a series of self images that we present to the world. These images define our very identity. They are the way we want the world to perceive us and, consequently are shaped by the prevailing belief systems of society. These very belief systems are in turn held together by the CITES, which act as huge data bases of our collective thoughts. In our daily lives we are locked into a cycle of preprogrammed reactions through which the CITES and our self images self propagate.

All of societies structures are held together by the collective beliefs contained within the CITES. By structures I am not referring to physical structures, but to the consolidation of beliefs into a rigid framework. This consolidation of beliefs lead to the establishment of institutional systems such as those associated with government, religion, property ownership, justice, finance, etc. From there they take shape as organizations, political parties, corporations and finally appear as physical structures to support these organizations. Sitting behind all of these structures are our rigid belief structures.

Some of the strongest CITES are those relating to external possessions, money, status and power. These are fueled by a need to validate our self worth. Man has come to define his importance by the level of his possessions and has erected structures to protect these possessions. Over time these structures, which were supposed to be instruments of man, have become the masters and humanity has become enslaved to them.

Over the past ten years the perfect structure has evolved, in the form of the global financial market. This market now dominates the policy making of most nations and, for the first time in history, there is one dominant ruling structure covering the entire world. The frightening thing about this dominant structure is that it is accountable to none and there is no one in control of it. It is not a country or a regime, but a faceless mass that operates on the back of the internet.

We are seeing a backlash against the control imposed by this structure and the others that support it. People feel the loss of individual freedom associated with the increasingly depersonalized direction of life and the narrowing focus of choice in the way one lives. It is true that we are in a world of apparent increasing choice, but is this really true? The increasing choice is an illusion. In reality we are increasingly controlled by the marketing strategies of consumerism, increasingly being told what is necessary to be seen as successful. In turn we develop self images designed to fit the images we are fed with, often subliminally, to the point where we no longer have any idea who we are. We are slaves to the systems of consumption, while half the world starves.

The World Trade Center attack is a manifestation of this battle but the terrorists are not the real enemy and the hunt to bring them to justice is not the real battle. The real conflict is within ourselves. It is the battle to recognize that we are caught in a maze of self images, which are blinding us from any sense of who we are. It is the battle to rediscover what God intended us to be when he created the human experiment. This requires us to disconnect ourselves from the control of the prevailing world CITES, release ourselves from the prison of self images and discover our true identity as an eternal source of love and innocence.

The struggle taking place within each of us is projected into the Universe through our thoughts and denial, forming a powerful CITE. This CITE then seeks to manifest itself through humans. The energy of the CITE will focus itself on individuals who provide the right environment for its expression and the terrorists provided perfect vehicles for this expression. If we simply focus on the terrorists we will miss the whole point. The real war is inside each of us and this is the wake up call God is sending. The CITES, in manifesting themselves, are simply reflecting back to us the state of our collective thoughts.

The United States is the country considered to control of the world structures of finance and power. It is also the nation with the greatest potential for individual freedom. Herein lies the true potential greatness of America – in its ability to lead the world in the reestablishment of structure as a servant to genuine individual freedom.

This struggle has been taking place for thousands of years and can be seen throughout history in the symbolism of the lives of Moses, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi and Ghandi. In the paper I explain how the evolution of this struggle can be seen by understanding the story of these four men.

But now is the time for the battle to be taken to its ultimate conclusion. Structure has evolved to the point where it is strangling the life out of humanity and destroying the planet and we must restore the natural order of life. This requires a new form of leadership grounded in love, the willingness to deeply understand the human condition and an acceptance that all people of the world are interrelated and equal.

Only the United States can provide this form of leadership at this point in history and the response to the World Trade Center attack affords the perfect opportunity to start the revolution of love. This leadership cannot rest solely with the government of President Bush but must be embraced by the Church, Corporations, Financial Institutions and empowered individuals.

In this paper I briefly cover the elements of the human condition that have led to the battle between structure and individual freedom and explain how this battle manifests in the world. I share the revelations I have been given about the significance of the World Trade Center attack and how the collective soul of humanity is using it to guide us to a deeper understanding of love. Finally, I give suggestions on how the Government of President Bush might move forward with decisions based in love and a meditation designed to support the President in this great challenge.

I am available to expand on any aspect of this paper. Please distribute it as widely as possible, especially to those people involved with the structures of power such as government, religion, finance and corporations. Even if you do not believe they will be receptive, please have the courage to forward it to them. You never know what openings are occurring right now.

I have also written a book (before the World Trade Center incident) which includes many of the revelations I have received from Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Saint Francis, explaining the evolution of the world from a new perspective. Another book, in which Saint Francis tells how he would live if he were here today, in order to reclaim his individual freedom or, in his world, how he would return to innocence, is also available. Both these books are in draft electronic form and can be made available on request, but at present I do not have a publisher.

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The Real War


The World Trade Center

The reaction of the United States government to the attack on its institutions and citizens, is entirely predictable and reasonable. No one could blame George Bush or Colin Powell for talking tough and threatening a powerful response and no one will be surprised when that retribution comes swiftly. Unfortunately all the diplomatic and military action will not change the situation in the world. People’s beliefs will be further entrenched and the cycle of blame and judgement will escalate further. Tensions will increase and more innocent people will be killed as a result of the increasing polarization of views.

Already we are seeing Arabs, living in my home Canada, being threatened, simply because of their nationality. Is this the sort of world we want to create, right here in the land of liberty?

Make no mistake, I do not support violence of any kind, especially the sort we witnessed on 11 September. I feel the utmost compassion for all of those who suffered loss and my loving prayers go out to them. But what has happened has happened and we must always make decisions with an eye to the future and the implications of those decisions.

This incident gives us an opportunity to make a critical decision. We can see it as a hostile act and seek to take revenge. Or we can look upon it as a great awakening which begs us all to ask the question – how could this world have got to this point?

It is only the second option that will move us in the direction where we can create a world we would like our children to inherit from us.

The Power of Thought

We are all aware of the world of our intellect and emotions, but let us not forget that, in the evolution of mankind, an understanding of these things is relatively recent. Now there is a growing awareness of the existence of another level to our being – the human energy field, or field of consciousness. Medical practitioners in China have been working with this energy field for thousands of years and its existence is being increasingly acknowledged in the west.

The human energy field acts like a sponge, absorbing every painful or pleasant experience and storing it. Our emotional responses to situations are really our reactions to the range of experiences stored in our field of consciousness. These emotional responses are relayed to the mind, which contains a database of all previous experiences, our response to those experiences and the consequences of those responses. By instantaneously sifting through this database, our brain tells us the most appropriate response to any situation.

Our mind also contains a built-in protective mechanism which seeks to control our environment in order to avoid a recurrence of situations which invoke painful emotions as well as attracting situations which bring pleasing sensations. It does this through developing a set of beliefs around who we are. These beliefs become self images, through which we project ourselves to the world. In energetic terms, they are the barriers that protect us from painful experiences and the magnets through which we attract pleasing experiences. Once a person has risen to a point where their basic needs for survival are met, this desire to avoid painful emotional experiences and attract pleasing ones, becomes the primary driver of life. Nearly all of us, living in North America, are in this category.

Rather than enter into a detailed discussion on the complexities of the human field of consciousness, I will use an example to demonstrate how it works.

A young boy is told by his father that he is "a useless, no good for nothing so and so." The words are spoken in a fit of anger and the father does not mean it, but they strike at the very heart of the young boy. He has a desperate want to be approved by his father and this rejection questions his very self value as a person. In response to the pain he feels, the boy decides that he will show his father how valuable he is. He develops a belief that, if he can achieve great things, then he will be valuable in the eyes of his father. In his subconscious he creates an image of himself as a successful man. He then projects this image to the world and seeks to have experiences that validate this image he has taken on.

Of course the boy, who becomes a man, is not aware of this process. It takes place beyond his conscious awareness, but it drives his life. He becomes a super achiever, desperately wanting to fill the aching emptiness that was created by his father’s verbal rejection. His life becomes one constant battle to prove himself.

The image of super achiever acts as both a barrier and a magnet. He projects this to the world in order to attract the success and approval that will validate his self worth and he uses it to protect himself from having to face the deep fear he feels inside over not being of value. He convinces himself that he likes to work hard, be competitive and achieve great things. He tells himself that this is healthy and justifies the conflict it causes in other areas of his life, such as relationships and family. But deep inside this conflict grows. The original wounds do not go away and, as his life progresses, it takes more and more energy to prevent these fears from surfacing.

At some point in his life he may become aware of an inner struggle, for this is not the only self image he has adopted. He has assumed the role of father and husband and takes pride in the fact that he is a modern man who carries his responsibility to his loved ones seriously. But his need to achieve is the over riding force in his life. He has insufficient time and energy to devote to all the self images he tries to maintain and he becomes aware of a sense of guilt and disappointment. In many cases, he quickly suppresses these feelings and presses on with life but deep in his body’s energy field a battle rages, one that sucks the life force from him.

Secretly, he resents the structures of the corporate world of finance and achievement that he has made his lover, in order to meet his need for validation, but he dare not admit this to himself. Consequently, he denies these feelings, devoting even more of his personal energy to keeping the painful truths of his life buried. Eventually the inner struggle will not be denied any more and the man has a major cardiac arrest and dies, at the age of 48.

It’s a familiar story and one that highlights the way we spend our personal energy and I’m sure you will all recognize yourself, or someone you know, in the above example. What is not so immediately obvious is the profound impact our personal energy has on the world and its direct link to the events of September 11.

There are essentially three ways in which our personal energy is expended. The first way is through our thoughts. Each thought carries its own energy and when we project a thought out to the world, through our mind, a corresponding energetic charge is released to the Universe. The force behind this energetic charge depends on the intensity of the emotions associated with the thought.

The second way that our energy is expended is in the denial of our inner state. In the case above the man is denying his deep fears around his self worth, his genuine needs for intimacy and relationship and his resentment towards the corporate world that has become his master. Each person is a complex maze of sub identities or self images, through which we present ourselves to the world. The maintenance of these images requires a high degree of energy.

There are two important factors that I must explain at this point. When we have a thought the energy is generated and then released. Once the thought is gone we no longer continue to devote energy to it. In the case of denial however, we are constantly applying energy to the barriers inside of us to maintain the images we have created of ourselves.

The second important factor is that the human energy field acts like a mirror. Whatever thoughts we project out to the world are simultaneously reflected into ourselves. This is why forgiveness is so important and why revenge never leads to happiness. But the opposite is also true. The energy we devote inwards to denial, is also projected into the Universe. In this way, we are constantly transmitting energy to the universe through our thoughts and the things we deny within ourselves. This denial can take the form of rage, resentment, fears, desires, judgements, longings, etc.

The final way in which our human energy is expressed in the world is through love. When we can let go of our self images and the need to control our thoughts and simply allow the creative innocence within us to express itself on the inspiration of the moment, from a pure intention, then we experience genuine love. This is the energy with the capacity to transform the world and it can only come from within ourselves.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of denial and fear, hence genuine love is rarely seen. It is the search for genuine love that we are being asked to awaken to, now.

Nature of Judgement

The dynamics of the human energy field is the reason behind all judgement. When we interact with another person or an event or situation, we receive energy from that interaction. This energy enters into our field of consciousness and seeks out an energetic charge (memory of painful or pleasurable experience) with which it can resonate. When contact is made, emotions are invoked.

If these emotions are painful there are two ways in which we can react. We can accept that our reaction belongs to us and see it as a signal pointing to an emotional or psychological wound that we are carrying in our energy body. Alternatively, we can deny that the emotional reaction belongs to us and instead, project our pain onto the person who invoked the emotions. By judging or blaming someone else, we are effectively saying to ourselves, "he/she is a bad person and they have made me feel this way." This approach allows us to continue denying the things inside ourselves, projecting our issues onto the world.

In most cases the first option, of looking inside oneself, is too challenging and, as a population, we much prefer to continue the denial. Consequently, we usually opt for the easier option of blaming or judging someone else, some other group or some faceless structure, such as the Government or society. This want, to avoid looking inside is the source of all judgement.

To achieve a state of love we have to stop projecting our feelings onto external things and people and take ownership of our own energy field. This does not mean that we see everything as good and turn a blind eye to acts of injustice. It requires that we own our reactions to things we experience and choose responses that will move us towards love rather than reacting to protect ourselves from our inner demons.

More than at any time in history, the leadership of the United States is being called on to make decisions that will help the world move in the direction of love. This may require decisive and forceful actions, but there is a world of difference between decisive actions performed in a consciousness of healing and learning, as opposed to a consciousness of fear and revenge. Anyone who has had children and dealt with the dilemmas of discipline will recognize this choice. You know when you have disciplined your child as an act of love or as an angry reaction. You know which one is more effective. It’s no different with Governments or any other situation in life.

Clearly the United States is the leading nation in the world in many ways, but it is also has a critical role to play in opening humanity to a new awareness. It is the country with the most liberal civil rights, allowing individuals greater freedom of expression than anywhere else. In effect, this means that the collective, societal and structural pressures on individuals to comply to the perceived norms are more flexible giving people greater liberty to express their true desires, judgements and emotions. This can be viewed as both a good and a bad thing, and the US is often blamed for propagating undesirable social phenomena such as pornography, drug abuse and gun violence. The reality is however, that this freedom of expression offers the greatest hope of ending the collective denial of society, but it will take courageous and visionary leadership to make the transition to a society where love becomes the dominant factor rather than denial and fear.

The World Trade Center attack is a challenge to the US to show this leadership.

Collective Intelligent Thought Entities

If so much energy is being sent into the Universe via our thoughts and denial, then what happens to it? Imagine the millions of thoughts released into the Universe every second, all slithering through space, emitting their energetic pulses. The natural tendency of these energetic charges is to seek out other energy, which resonates to a similar frequency. This is exactly what happens.

Thoughts of a similar nature tend to come together and, eventually, reach a critical mass thus creating an energy entity. I refer to the latter as Collective Intelligence Thought Entities or CITES. Once a CITE is formed it acts like an invisible electrical cloud, transmitting energy back to the world. This creates a vicious cycle with people projecting thoughts into the world, strengthening the CITES, which in turn transmit energy back to individuals, activating their fears and generating more thoughts.

My first physical encounter with these energies occurred many years ago in the steel town of Whyalla in South Australia. I arrived at the airport and remember walking of the plane, immediately feeling a wave of desperation and depression sweeping over me. I didn’t realize till many years later what I had experienced. I had walked into an energy field and physically felt the shift in my consciousness. The locals did not notice it because they lived constantly in that energy, but to me, arriving for the first time, it was very uncomfortable.

Whyalla was a once thriving town, but the shipyard had closed and the town had been thrown into an economic slump from which it had never recovered. The fear and despondency resulting from this permeated the very atmosphere around the town.

The same thing could have resulted in the steel belt of America. Take the example of a town where a steel mill closes and 1000 people lose their jobs. One man goes home and has a thought that goes something like, "I’m finished. This is the only thing I know how to do. Life is going to be a real struggle." Perhaps he has a similar thought 100 times a day and the other 1000 people also have a similar thought. By the end of one year there have been 36.5million thoughts with a similar energy projected into that town. These thoughts also carry an intense charge because they are underlain by fear and insecurity. This fear is driven by the question of whether a man will be able to provide for his family, challenging his identity as a man. A CITE has been born.

The spread of the CITE will be accelerated by the media. Radio talk shows will feature a mother who is suffering hardship and immediately the listeners will relate to her situation, projecting their own thoughts of fear into the environment. If you arrive in this town you will almost certainly feel the energy in the air.

You can experience this phenomena for yourself, and indeed probably have. Have you ever turned down a dark alley and known that you should not be there? You don’t see or hear anyone, you just know this is not a safe place. Why is this? The reason is that you are feeling the energy of the street. Perhaps the area is frequented by a gang and the thoughts of rage and hatred that they release in this space has crated a very localized CITE. It is this that you feel.

If you doubt the existence of CITES, I challenge you to conduct an experiment. Locate, in your area, a place where meditations are held regularly and a bar where strippers perform. First go to the meditation center at a time when a group is meditating and allow yourself to feel the energy. Then quietly slip out and make your way to the strip club. Do not talk to anyone but just carry the energy of the meditation room with you into the strip club. See what happens.

I guarantee that you will feel a dramatic difference in the energy of the room. It wont even matter if there are no people in the strip club, you will still feel the energy. What you will experience is the difference in consciousness of the two places. The thoughts projected in the meditation center are very different to those projected in the strip club and the atmosphere of each place reflects the energy of these thoughts.

As thoughts generally reflect beliefs, the CITES will be a direct reflection of the beliefs of the people in any specific area. Once these beliefs are established and the CITES are entrenched, they become self propagating. In this way the CITES are effectively the glue that holds our belief structures in place. This is why it is so difficult to change societal beliefs and it often takes extraordinary events and committed ‘champions’ to effect major shifts in society.

The same phenomena exists within corporations and other types of organizations. This is the explanation for the illusive ‘corporate culture’. The CITES operating in an organization are created by the thoughts of people in that group over time, and define ‘the way things are done around here’.

So far I have talked about local energy, using this to explain the principle. But the same process operates at a societal and even global level. Just think about the number of thoughts that are projected each day regarding intimate relationships, sex, money, war or the performance of Government. Imagine the power of the CITE around sex, when millions of thoughts have been projected every day for thousands of years. On my journey of personal discovery I’ve been given the ability to observe these energies and communicate with them and the force behind some of them are almost beyond imagination. The CITES around sex and personal possessions, for example, contain the energy of trillions of thoughts.

While there are some CITES that are common around the globe, there are others that are very localized and specific to cultures. The thoughts projected in a place like Palestine, against the USA, have created a CITE and associated belief structure that the USA is the enemy. This CITE is so powerful that people actually rejoiced at the news that the World Trade Center had collapsed. Those same individuals, if they were taken out of that environment and immigrated to Canada or the USA, would not react in the same way. They would be surrounded by an entirely different energy.

Basic Human Needs

Once the basic requirements of human survival are met, which is the case for the vast majority of the western world, humans have three fundamental needs. These are:

Every pursuit in life falls into one of these three categories.

At the beginning of creation, man and woman had a knowledge of their true nature as sources of eternal love. There was no need to seek anything. The only task was to be what they were. They were aware of being God’s creations and assured of the Grace of the eternal creator. But, over time, this understanding was lost and humanity became separated from its true identity.

The process that humanity as a whole went through, at the collective level, is similar to what each individual goes through, in their life. As a very young child, you are aware that you have nothing to do other than explore life and express your innocent creation. You know that you are love and fully expect the world to respond to you as such. The world initially revolves around your parents who are seen to be the source of all love.

As you grow and are introduced to the ‘real world’, beginning with that dreaded word ‘no’, you learn that things are not what you thought they were and you wonder if you really are a being of love after all. You quickly learn that, to avoid painful experiences, you have to comply with a certain image that meets people’s approval. So begins the process of polluting your pure field of consciousness with painful and pleasurable memories and self images designed to protect you from your painful memories and attract pleasing ones. Before too long, you have completely forgotten your true nature and adopted images of your identity which allow you to fit in with your new world. These images are usually determined by the prevailing CITES in the society within which you live.

At a collective level, the same essential process took place. Humanity soon forgot they were connected to the eternal source of love, and became separated from the understanding of their true identity. In this separation a void was created. Man and woman no longer knew that they were lovable, that they were valuable simply by the fact they existed, or that they were able to rely on God for their journey to the afterlife. In the absence of this knowledge, they sought replacements from the only source they could identify with – things external to themselves.

In the process of this, man created a set of beliefs that became powerful CITES. These beliefs evolved and strengthened over time until they were seen as absolute reality. These beliefs can be summed up as follows:

Love : The need for validation of our love relates to a requirement for inner validation and is typified by the desire for an intimate relationship. Love has come to be seen as something that is obtained from another person and we have created the dream of the perfect partner. In the process, the responsibility for love is placed onto our partner, a responsibility that they can never meet. When they fail to meet our expectations and the love fails, we feel betrayed.

The terrible state of intimate relationships in the world is a direct result of the inevitable failure of this dream. When love is absent from our life, we seek substitutes. Primarily, sex is seen as the symbol of love but addictions to substances such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and chocolate are all attempts to fill the inner emptiness left when genuine love is present. Genuine love can only come from inside one’s self, but the CITES around relationships are so powerful that, even if we know this intellectually, we remain caught in the need to receive love from another. (Sharing your love with another person is a wonderful thing, but when they are seen as the source of love, it will be impossible to maintain the feeling of love.)

Self Worth : Self worth relates to the need for validation of our worth in the eyes of the world. This has primarily been the role of men throughout history. It is only recently that women have sought this validation. Historically, women received validation of their worth from children. Without this nurturing role, man sought to validate himself through the acquisition of external possessions. He gauged himself by comparison to his brother and this led to a thirst for power and status.

In modern society, money and the things it can buy, has come to be seen as the measure of a person’s success in the world. I will talk about the evolution of the CITES of validation in some detail shortly.

God’s Grace : Whether we profess to believe in God or not, everyone has a fear of death and everyone has a desire to be seen as a good person, no matter how evil they may appear on the outside. This fear is driven by an intuitive knowing, deep in our soul, that this life is not the end of things, that at some point we will have to face the creator, the day of judgement or our own karma.

This fear has been abused throughout history, by people who sought to use God for their own purposes. There has often been a systematic suppression of individual spiritual beliefs. People who sought to challenge the prevailing structures of religious thought have often been killed.

Over time, people have sought to create images of God, in an attempt to define the way we should behave so as to receive the grace of God. This desire to please God can be the greatest motivator in the world. No matter what we may think of the religious views of the men who perpetrated the attack on the World Trade Center, there is little doubt that they believed they had God on their side and that God would reward them for their bravery in striking at the enemy. In America, we know this is absurd – don’t we? But to these people, it was their reality. This is the CITE that operates in their group.

Evolution of Structure

What exactly do I mean by structure? I define structure as the consolidation of beliefs into a rigid framework, within which we become trapped, incapable of seeing beyond this framework, to any other reality. The building blocks of all structure are the CITES. These are the collection of individual beliefs that come together with enough force to create societal belief systems. These societal beliefs then drive the establishment of institutional structures such as systems for religion, justice, finance, government, property ownership, etc. These institutional structures then manifest in specific procedures and ways of operation, through organizations such as corporations, government and churches. The physical structures such as buildings are the final manifestation of this.

These structures become so well established that they assume the role of master and people become their servants. As individuals, we rarely challenge such things, simply accepting that we have no choice but to comply with the demands of the structures of society. But is this really the case? Were we created to be the servants of structure or is there something we are missing? The reality of structure is that it is a creation of our beliefs. If we stop believing in a structure, it will gradually fall into disrepair and crumble. This is true for a physical building – without maintenance it will eventually fall apart. It is also true for the organizations of religion, business and government. If people do not believe in them they cannot continue to flourish. Over time, there have been tyrants who have imposed their beliefs on others, but history shows that these reigns are always temporary. When the beliefs of people shift, the CITES holding structure together change and old structures give way to new ones. It requires however, a significant movement in beliefs to gain the initial momentum to create this shift. So, if we create structure through our beliefs, why have we become so captive to it?

To answer this question we need to go back to the very beginning of creation. In the course of receiving the revelations I referred to at the beginning of this paper, I have been taken back to the beginning of time and ‘walked through’ the evolution of humanity to its current point. The things I write are not things that I have worked out in my head, but things that I have witnessed in a state of detached observation and I know that it is truth from the perspective that God has chosen to show me. Real truth however, can only come through the perspective of the observer. The creation of structure is a result of our belief in other people’s truth and our failure to seek truth within ourselves and I encourage you to ask, at a very deep level, what this paper invokes within your own knowing.

At the beginning of time man and woman knew who they were. They were aware that the source of all love and validation came from within them. They also knew that they were a creation of God, that God, the ultimate creator of all things, was expressing himself through them and that they were therefore, a manifestation of God. But, over time, they lost this knowing and their connection to God was cut. This is the symbolism of the story of Adam and Eve. The poison apple was not an apple as such, but represents the process through which man and woman came to believe in their separate identities at the expense of their oneness with all of creation.

This separation from the source of creation not only caused them to lose the intimate knowledge of their identity as a manifestation of God, but also resulted in the loss of awareness of the source of love and validation within them. This inner source of nurturing was, and is, still there but the knowledge of how to access it was lost. In the absence of their inner source of nurturing they sought to find a replacement from things external to them. They also sought to redefine their relationship with God.

This search for a source of love and validation drives humanity’s need for love and validation of self worth that I described earlier. This search took on a different form for man and woman. Woman assumed the role of nurturer, taking care of the children and the family comfort, while man assumed the role of protector and provider, going out into the world in search of food and other necessary items of survival. These roles remained relatively unchanged until the last fifty years where a shift began towards a redistribution of responsibilities.

Woman’s role as a nurturer allowed her to retain a connection with her inner source of love but man’s focus was almost entirely outward and he lost the ability to connect with his own inner source of love. This created a profound emptiness within man. In an attempt to fill this emptiness he turned to woman, seeking to reconnect with his inner source of love through his relationship. Woman, in turn, learned to use her image as a source of love as a means of ensuring that man would provide her with security and the things necessary to assure the survival of her and her children. This is the basic dynamic that remains at the heart of our relationships to this day.

But man also sought to fuel his emptiness by creating something meaningful from his outer activities. Woman received validation of her self worth through her role as a nurturer of children but man had to seek this validation from his outer role as the provider. Over time, man started to belief that his worth was determined by the level of possessions, not in an absolute sense, but in comparison to his brothers and neighbors. In an attempt to create an identity for himself he sought to acquire material possessions, societal status and power. This made him feel important and he sought to develop means of controlling his environment in order to protect the possessions he acquired.

This need to protect and manage his possessions was the catalyst for the establishment of systems around property ownership, trade and law enforcement, which ultimately led to the current institutional systems around money, property ownership, justice, etc. This need to compare himself with his neighbor and seek validation from his external possessions and status still drives men, and many women, today. We may disguise our desire for status and power in many ways but it exists within us.

From the very beginning, there has been an undeniable link between our need for love and our need for validation of self worth. This can be seen in many ways in society today. For example, when a woman has a baby her self worth is fueled by the infant and often her need for the love of her partner reduces. For the man, when he has a loving relationship he is much less likely to act ruthlessly in his pursuit of money and power.

As the thirst for external approval is the driving force behind the establishment of the structures of the world, there is a direct link between the state of intimate relationships and the state of structures. It is no coincidence that the terrorist attacks on the United States are suspected to originate from within Afghanistan, the country with perhaps the worst relationship between men and women in the world. I will come back to this point in detail later.

The other thing that humanity lost when it separated from its original knowledge, was the knowing that it was a manifestation of God. In Christian writings, we can often see reference to the fact that man was made in the image of God. This is true, but we have lost sight of what that means. In the absence of an intimate knowing of God, man sought to reestablish his connection to the divine source. There was an intuitive knowledge that this was necessary. There was also a knowing that to please God man had to be a good person and this often conflicted with his thirst for external validation and power.

To manage this conflict, man did two basic things. First, he created a set of beliefs around what or who God was. The problem here was that man no longer knew God, so his only option was to create God on the strength of his own beliefs. We know that you can only perceive something or someone through your own belief paradigms and so God was perceived through the belief paradigms of man, which included man’s need for vengeance, judgement and the ability to control the behavior of others. In this way, man reversed the process God had intended. Instead of man being created in the image of God, God came to be created in the image of man. By creating God in the image of man, man effectively killed God to become God himself. This is symbolized by the image of God created through Moses, as a jealous, vengeful God who sits on judgement of all people.

The second thing that man did was to obliterate the concept of God as the creator of all things. In order to resolve the conflict between his need for power and his desire to please God, man created the belief that his God was the only God and anyone who challenged this had to be destroyed in order to protect God. This concept has become enshrined in most world religions, certainly those prevalent in the western hemisphere and arising out of the Middle East. The Jews consider themselves God’s chosen people, Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only savior and the Muslims believe they are the chosen ones, with extreme groups believing they are in a holy war. None of these beliefs are any more valid than the other but in the creation of this belief we have the source, or at least the excuse, for much of the conflict in the world.

If we are to understand the world today, we must seek to understand the complex relationship between the state of intimate relationships, the need for external validation and the creation of God in the image of man. The beliefs that different groups in the world hold around these things are so strong that their validity has become unquestioned, making reconciliation of opposing views almost impossible. But the reality is that none of them are right or wrong, they are simply beliefs that we created to fill a need, thousands of years ago, that have been constantly entrenched by trillions of thoughts sent into the universe.

The Perfect Structure

As society evolved, the structures required to manage external possessions became more complex. Money was originally devised as a means of expanding the concept of barter, used in early trading. Money was supposed to be a reflection of effort of work or the value of a physical commodity. It is a symbol of how far from reality we have evolved where the highest paid people in the world are often those who produce nothing but simply play games with pieces of paper (stocks and bonds for example).

In the past there has always been a variety of structures in the world, with no power ever being able to control the planet. We saw the rise of competing colonial powers, then, after the second world war, the world was split between market capitalism and communism. There was always a level of chaos and diversity in which new forms of structure could evolve. But this has all changed in the last ten years.

The fall of the Berlin wall all but signaled the fall from power of communism. It is true that China has a communist regime, but they are increasingly engaging in market capitalism. This period also saw the deregulation of financial markets and a period of rapid growth in many developing countries. In the past these developing countries could obtain financial support from either the USSR or the USA, in return for their support of one of these power structures. Suddenly the USA had no competition – there was only one superpower, or so it seemed.

What happened was that most countries in the world had to seek money direct from investors. Initially this was done through the large institutions, but with the sophistication of the market, the systems and the investors, accelerated dramatically by the internet, a flood of money poured into these countries. Unfortunately they often did not have the management expertise and they overspent. The market responded by withdrawing their financial support, plunging these countries into financial chaos: Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia and Indonesia to mention a few.

These countries looked around for help but there was no one to help them. They were not borrowing money from the USA or the World Bank, but from a herd of faceless investors who did not care one bit about the state of the economy in some far off exotic land. A new power had been born – the global market. Suddenly governments found themselves having to change economic policies in order to attract money back into their failing economies. They had to change the very structures of their Government and institutions to provide investors with the confidence that their money would be safe. The market demanded changes to areas of a country’s management that the USA or the USSR had never interfered with.

In the space of a few short years the point had been reached where countries had one of two choices – comply with the rules of the global market or be destroyed. With the exception of a handful of nations, such as Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea, nearly all countries have begun to comply to the best of their capacity. What this means is that Governments, even the Government of the USA has little flexibility in financial policy – each country must operate within the narrow guidelines prescribed by the global market or risk their economy being destroyed. Countries have become like companies whose shares (bonds) are traded on the open market.

So, what is this global market? Essentially it is thousands, or perhaps millions of investors who use the internet to move their money around from country to country. This is both its power and its problem. There is no one in control of it and it is accountable to no one. It also tends to act impulsively and emotionally, stampeding at the slightest sign of danger, causing wide fluctuations in the value of companies and even countries on the strength of a rumor. Its power cannot be denied. It has become the perfect structure. In the past, there was always two or more humans who held the balance of power and who could, in extreme situations, act to make decisions for the better good of humanity or the environment. But now, at a time of greater conscious awareness there is no such person. This is why we cannot reach agreement on basic world problems such as greenhouse gas emissions or the protection of the ozone layer. The global market doesn’t care, it is only interested in short term returns. Nations are restricted in their economic policies, needing to comply to this market. Agreeing to too great a reduction in production could adversely effect the market’s view, throwing the economy into recession.

To many in the world, the global market is seen as a creation of the United States. This is partly true as the US has the most advanced systems and dominates the development of the internet. It is also true that the US has established itself as the world police officer who protects this perfect structure from hostile attack. But the US does not control the market. The market controls the US. And this is at the heart of the problem that manifested itself on September 11.

The Real Battle

George Bush is right, there is a war going on, but what is this war? The real war is the battle between structure and individual freedom.

What do I mean by a battle between structure and personal freedom? Earlier, I defined structure as the consolidation of beliefs into a rigid framework, within which we become trapped, unable to see beyond this framework to any other reality. I define individual freedom as the right to return to the knowledge of our true identity as an expression of eternal love – a manifestation of God.

To discover our true identity, we need to be able to free ourselves from the myriad of self images we create inside ourselves. There is an irrevocable interrelation between these self images, our personal beliefs and the CITES which hold societal beliefs together. The CITES are constantly transmitting energy to us, invoking emotional responses and reinforcing the self images we hold on to, to prevent us facing the source of emotional and psychological pain within us. Always, when pursued to its extreme, the source of this pain is the loss of knowledge of our true identity.

To rediscover our true identity, it is necessary to free ourselves from the prevailing CITES and release all the self images we use to project to the world. Only then will we be able to rest in the innocence of our original creation. This is not a myth, it is nothing other than what the great Saints and Mystics have done over time. When we are able to do this we see the world from a completely different perspective. We see the suffering, loneliness and pain behind every act of supposed evil and we witness the love of our collective soul driving us relentlessly back to the source of our oneness. In this condition, the world ceases to be a place of confusion and suffering. We see the sense in all actions, feel compassion for all beings and hold a space for genuine healing and love.

I cannot deny that our present world is a long way from achieving this state and the battle between structure and individual freedom is being dominated by structure. Only through accepting our capacity to have an impact in this battle will we be able to shift the balance of power. As I’ll explain in the following section the real battle is being fought inside each person.

The Higher Purpose of CITES

It is easy to reach the conclusion that CITES, these insidious energy entities, are the cause of our problems. After all, they are the glue that hold together the belief systems which perpetuate greed, power and abuse, manifesting as such things as war, rape, drug addiction, domestic violence and even terrorism. But are they really evil?

In answering this question, I will return to the understanding of what CITES are in the first place. They are a creation of humans, a manifestation of our collective thoughts. It is we who have given birth to them and perpetuated their rise to power through our own judgement, desires and denial. As I said earlier, energy is sent out to the universe through our thoughts and the denial of our true state of inner beingness. The thoughts which carry the greatest energetic charge are those which relate to our deepest desires and strongest judgements. Denial is the mechanism through which we hide from the things inside us that we do not want to face.

What then are CITES, if not a data base of the memory of all the desires, judgements and denied reality of the human condition. If the human field of consciousness contains all the memories, fear and desires of an individual then the CITES are the equivalent at the collective level.

Given this, what is the higher purpose of CITES? It is to reflect to humanity that which we refuse to see within ourselves. For us to become captive to a CITE, we must contain, within us, an energetic charge with which it can resonate. Without such a charge we could not be caught in desire or fear, but would simply observe the world as a detached observer.

So if CITES are trying to show us what we are denying in ourselves, how does this work? There are many people today professing the oneness of the world and of all people, but what do they really mean? CITES are the mechanism through which this oneness is played out in reality. You and I have a thought and this goes out into the world and feeds the CITE. Lets say we have an addiction to love, that we are dependent on our partner and cling to the need for them to validate our love. Of course we deny this, pretending that we are in a healthy relationship, burying our fear of being abandoned behind self images. But the fear is real and it is sent out to the world. We are desperately afraid of being alone but we guard this as a deeply held secret.

Millions of people hold a similar fear and our projection of this fear (inwards through denial and outwards onto our partner), creates a powerful energy entity. This entity is not an evil power, but a simple collection of similar energetic charges that we have created and it does the only thing an energetically charged mass can do – it transmits energy back to the world. This energy seeks a way of manifesting because, after all, the purpose of this energetic transmission is to show the people who created it what they are refusing to acknowledge. The only way it can do this is to manifest through people.

Somewhere in the nation, a family is falling apart, the dream of relationship failing and deep fears being released. The man finds himself alone, separated from his lover and children. In his desolation he can no longer deny the fear and rage inside of him and he opens up to this energy. The billions of thoughts supporting the CITE flood through him, totally overwhelming him and, in a fit of rage, he kills his wife and young children before turning the gun on himself.

Is this just another family tragedy, or does it hold a message for us? Our first reaction is to condemn the man, projecting more fear into the universe and more outrage at this abuse. But this is just a projection of judgement to prevent us looking inside. This is not what is really going on. What is really happening is that one soul has sacrificed itself to try to awaken us to our inner truth. One soul has allowed the CITE to manifest through him for all the world to see. But we remain blind.

The same thing happens on a global basis. If you look deep enough inside you will find a conflict raging between the masculine and feminine. Deny it if you will, but behind the denial is the truth that we hold deep feelings of resentment towards the opposite sex. This manifests in our own society. In the United States, in 1997, 49% of marriages ended in divorce. There were 1800 people killed by their intimate partner and 840,000 women physically violated by their partner – that’s 2,300 per day. These are official US Government statistics, which mean they are only the reported cases. It’s not a pretty picture.

These statistics are the manifestation of the collective rage, judgement and resentment we hold inside for the opposite sex, and yet we continue to deny it. The inter relatedness does not end here because CITES of this nature operate on a global basis. Thought energy is not confined by space or time. The full force of our inner conflict does not manifest in our world because the collective self images of individuals, which manifests as societal norms, are strong enough to maintain the denial. But somewhere in the world the conditions are right to allow the full force of this hatred to unleash itself on the population.

At the present time that environment is Afghanistan, where the strict religious beliefs, combined with its isolation from the world and terrible standard of living, allows the full rage of men towards women to manifest in a terrible and brutal way. We write petitions, protest at the injustice, but when will we be prepared to own that this is a situation for which we are equally responsible. Only when we accept this responsibility will the world start to change.

The racial problems, which manifested as apartheid was another classic example. Many of us held deep prejudices, but we suppressed these because it was not politically correct and our fear of being judged prevented us from releasing our true thoughts. But that didn’t mean they weren’t there and we continued to transmit this energy to the world. South Africa happened to be the place in the world where the environment was perfect for the CITE of prejudice to manifest. A country of hard line white people, with nowhere else to go, encountering a continent of blacks. This became the front line in the war between blacks and whites, which was also evident in Australia, the USA and many other countries across the world. Apartheid was simply the manifestation of this collective prejudice.

But apartheid ended – there is hope. What was it that ended apartheid? It was not just the good will of people like Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk. We changed. We looked inside of ourselves, inspired by Nelson Mandela, and faced the prejudice inside ourselves, first of all as individuals and then as nations. We shifted the energy we sent to the world. This shift in energy was followed by structures in the form of economic sanctions, and finally the change in the nature of energy being sent to South Africa allowed F W de Klerk to call a public election. This would never have been possible without us shifting our inner relationship to the race issue.

The world IS one inter related unit, just like the human body. When your blood is poisoned a boil might spurt forth on your chin. You can put a plaster on the boil but as long as your blood remains poisoned another boil will soon crop up. The boil is analogous to South Africa or Afghanistan and the CITES are representative of the blood system. We have to fix the CITES, not just focus on the boils.

This is the crux of the battle between structure and individual freedom. Structure is designed to maintain the status quo, to protect the existing belief systems. A return to individual freedom requires one to release their self images and disconnect from these rigid belief structures. To do this you have to stop denying what is happening inside. You have to look inside and accept all the ugliness in order to find the beauty and the innocence. This requires you to accept your responsibility for what is happening in the world, let go of your right to project your denial onto others and accelerate the search for love. This is true leadership. This is what America is being called to demonstrate RIGHT NOW!

Historical Perspective of the Battle

The battle between structure and individual freedom has been going on since the beginning of time and its progress can be witnessed by taking the understanding of the world of energy and applying it to significant events in our time.

I’ll use four cases to highlight this evolution. These are Moses, Jesus Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi and Ghandi.

We all know the story of Moses and the call of ‘Let my people go’. In the revelations I have received, I’ve been given a fresh perspective of the symbolism of Moses. Everything that is written in the Bible is symbolic. The great biblical characters were manifestations of the prevailing CITES at the time and their stories are meant to be used as sign posts for each person’s individual liberation. The struggle of Moses and Ramases is the struggle between structure and individual freedom. Moses’ call to ‘Let my people go’ was a call to structure to release the individual. Ramases, as a representative of structure, was not prepared to relinquish control and it took a fierce struggle before the Israelites were released. Even then, structure tried to recapture the individual and only the direct intervention of God prevented it.

Whether you believe in the myth of Moses or not, it is impossible to ignore the symbolism of this battle. The people of Israel were not evolved enough o accept their individual freedom and the personal responsibility that went with it. Instead Moses introduced another structure, in the way of the ten commandments. While these are projected as being the word of God, symbolically they represent the adoption of an alternative form of structure. Ramases was the symbol of structure driven by man’s need to gain external validation of his worth. The ten commandments and the subsequent structures that were established around ‘the law of God’ are representative of the structures established out of the need to win God’s grace.

In terms of the basic mechanisms through which they operate, however, there is little difference. Both involve the establishment of images of success or perfection that man enslaves himself to and in the process forfeits the opportunity to seek his personal connection with the Divine and a return to his original innocence.

Two thousand years ago, a man called Jesus walked on the planet. He came with a mission to show us who we are. In the process he challenged the image of God that had grown from the law of Moses and defied the structures of the time, in the form of the established religious hierarchy. Jesus gives us many clues to his true identity and the nature of humans, most noticeably when he talked about an inner kingdom. His reference to the fact that ‘you shall do all I have and more’ shows clearly what he thinks of the potential for human life.

But Jesus was a threat, not only to the ruling religious structure, but to the common man, because he challenged us to look inside ourselves and accept the truth of our nature. This required the ending of the denial and we were not capable of doing that. The final confrontation between individual freedom and structure came between Jesus and Pontius Pilate. In the case of Ramases, there was no outer acknowledgment of the rights of individual freedom, but structure had evolved. Pilate could see the innocence in Jesus and did not want to kill him. In fact, he did everything in his power to prevent it, but in the end he was a mere servant of structure and had to do its bidding.

The denial of Peter is very symbolic as it represents the denial, by humanity, of the life of Jesus. Jesus came to show us what we are capable of, but we were so threatened by the personal responsibility this suggested that we, as a collective people, could not embrace his message. The Christian Church was founded on the strength of this denial. While the Church appears to support the life of Jesus, it was actually allowed to develop by structure and it, itself, became the most powerful structure on the planet. The Church actually perpetuated, and continues to perpetuate today, the denial of the life of Jesus and our ability to take our life back from the slavery to structure to which we have surrendered.

By setting Jesus up as the son of God, the Church made him untouchable and ensured that the truth of Jesus’ life would never be revealed. Anyone who claimed to know a deeper truth and profess a personal connection with God was considered a heretic. In fact many people have been killed over the years to protect the denial of humanity and maintain the structures of power.

I am not for a minute suggesting that Peter deliberately set out to deny the life of Jesus or that the Church was established with this in conscious mind. I have no doubt that good intentions and genuine love have always been involved, but the prevailing CITES were so strong that they simply did not allow the true understanding of the life of Jesus to be revealed.

The next example is that of Francis of Assisi. Here we see an example of a man who was able to connect to the true essence of Jesus and dedicated his life to recreating the example of Christ. Francis so threatened the established structures that his first church was set on fire. In response he traveled to Rome to meet the Pope and ask for guidance. When he met the Pope he was initially rebuked by the structure, being dismissed as a misfit, but the Pope was able to see beyond structure. Not only did he afford Francis protection from the structure, he acknowledged the demonstration of original innocence that Francis represented. What the Pope saw was a man who had let go of all images and had rediscovered the truth of love and life.

Structure had evolved to the point where the Pope was prepared to provide Francis with protection, as long as he did not threaten the structures stability. Remember this was at a time when the Pope was also supporting a ‘holy war’ against Muslims. How history recycles itself.

The final example is that of Ghandi, the little man who liberated India and in so doing gave a nation back its individual freedom. Ghandi is significant on two fronts, first in the sense that he represented the liberation of a nation from the structures of colonial power, but also because the colonial power finally assisted in this process. This shows how much structure has evolved and its willingness to open to individual freedom when it is approached through love and not through anger.

I have provided these historical perspectives because they continue to be enshrined in our collective energy, particularly those around Moses and Jesus which form the basis for western Christianity. But there is another critical manifestation that can be seen through these examples. Energy, operating through the CITES, is always seeking a way to express its higher purpose. This can happen in a seemingly negative way, as in the example of the man who kills his family, or apartheid in South Africa. It can also happen in a positive way. The hopes and aspirations of a people also create CITES and the collective aspirations of a people can find itself funneled, like a great vortex, through an individual. This is what happened with Moses and Jesus. When this happens, and the individual opens to his higher reality, the person seems to be granted incredible powers. It is simply that the full force of the collective soul is funneled through that person and they become capable of performing great feats without the use of violence. This is perhaps most noticeable in the case of Ghandi, where the hopes of an entire nation were directed through a little man who achieved what everyone thought was impossible.

Critical Role of The United States of America

America is a great nation, and I say that as an Australian living in Canada, but it remains unaware of its true potential greatness. The battle between structure and individual freedom cannot be won by either side. It can only end successfully if structure allows itself to become the loyal servant of individual freedom and where individual freedom is embraced. In its deepest sense this means embracing our responsibility towards the world as a whole, rather than seeing freedom as a means of indulging in desires at the expense of our brothers.

America is the leader in the world of structure. While it does not control the global financial markets it does exert the greatest influence over it and it does have the military might to ensure world peace or to trigger world disaster. But America is also the leader in individual freedom. It was the USA who led the push for individual freedom that now allows people like me to speak out without fear. Sure, people are free to judge and criticize me, but I am equally free to share my insights.

For the first time in history a number of things have come together. Firstly, the world is beginning to operate as one unit. The global market is driving this unity, supported by the internet. Secondly, people are beginning to see that they must look after the world and not just their own back yard. Finally, for the first time, a nation is in the unique position of being the sole superpower in the world and that very nation is the leader in both structure and individual freedom.

This is tremendously significant. This is the real significance of the second coming of Christ. Jesus came to show structure that it need not be afraid of the power of love and innocence. He sacrificed his life to demonstrate this and in doing so anchored an energy on the planet that would be reactivated when the time was right. That time is now and it is only the United Stated who can grab the opportunity to manifest this.

To effect this fundamental shift in the consciousness of the planet the leadership of the United States must do two things.

First, it must be prepared to look deeply at the nature of structure and seek to discover how to make the transition from a world where structure controls the individual to one where structure supports the individual in the pursuit of genuine freedom.

Secondly, it must see its role in the context of the world, as one of equalizing the lives of all people, not simply a means of protecting the life style of those within its national borders. This will require the people of all western nations to make personal sacrifices in order that their brothers and sisters around the world are helped in the same way that we will help our neighbor. It was a touching and beautiful moment to see the world come together and mourn the thousands who died on September 11, but I couldn’t help ask the question that had to be asked, "Why can’t we mourn like this for the millions of children who die of starvation or for the women of Afghanistan who are brutally suppressed to the point where life is a cruel form of punishment."

The task of accepting America’s leadership role does not rest solely with the President – it cannot, for he can only manifest the collective beliefs of the population. If he does anything else he will not survive as people will stop believing in him and he will lose his authority. No, the task of accepting our responsibility for what manifests in the world and embracing the unique privileges we have been afforded rests with each one of us, not just in America, but in the developed world.

Can you rise to the challenge of looking inside yourself and finding the love to treat all people in the world as your neighbor. Only America is in the position to lead this radical transformation in the world. Only the acceptance of this leadership will allow us to leave this world in a state that our children can be proud of.

The World Trade Center Attacks

Throughout time man (and woman) has resisted any attempt to control his individual freedom, often at the cost of his life. At the same time, his craving for validation of his value has driven him to establish the very structures that seek to control him. Man has therefore been caught in a spiral of conflict, trapped between his desire for freedom and his need for security and validation. The source of this problem stems from a fundamental lack of understanding of freedom and his continual tendency to deny what is true.

Freedom can never be achieved with outer wealth or liberation from an imaginary enemy. The enemy is always our own denial. Freedom comes through releasing the masks, liberating our denial and a return to the wonder of our essential innocence. Every great mystic, from every religion has said essentially this, although the presentation has varied.

And so I ask the question of all of you, "Who is this enemy that the United States seeks to punish?" Is it really Osama Bin Laden, or whoever turns out to be responsible for masterminding these horrific attacks? Or is it perhaps the fear of facing the truth?

The backlash against structure which is so evident through the stories of Moses, Jesus, Saint Francis and Ghandi is as strong today as ever. But now it is no longer a battle between a nation and its people or a despotic ruler and the suppressed. Today it is a battle between entire nation states and the global financial market. How do you think the Government and people of Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia feel about being humiliated by the global markets? How much do they like having to change their policy decisions at the direction of Standards and Poors or Moodys? When George Bush talks about a faceless enemy he could be referring to the global market, because there is no one these people, or these nations, can vent their frustration at. Least of all no one who cares.

But the frustration is there and it is not going to go away. Unfortunately, because there is no one to vent their anger at, many of these nations vent their frustration at the United States, who they see as the only reasonable target for their anger. There is good reason for them to feel this way because the most visible symbols of the global market are surely Macdonalds, Coke, Nike and co.

Compounding this is the growth of the internet and television. People across the world can watch what it is like to live in America and they see no reason why they should not be entitled to the same standard of living being projected at them through their screens. But they do not have this standard of living and so they feel they are not as valuable. They put pressure on their governments and another level of resentment is overlaid on top of the existing one.

But this resistance to the control of structure is not just happening overseas. How many people in America itself complain regularly about the Government, the banks, big corporations, the system or society in general. All of these complaints are directed at faceless targets and underline the frustration people feel at a system that is becoming increasingly computerized and increasingly depersonalized. A symbol of this is the recorded message systems. Sometimes it is almost impossible to speak to a human, often being diverted through a sea of recorded messages. All of this fuels a sense that the individual is not important, not even important enough for another human to speak to.

People are being stressed to the limit, young people don’t see a future and the system is held responsible. Government, Church groups, consumer companies and social lobby groups alike, seem intent on maintaining this feeling of powerlessness, because they are all part of the established system and their primary objective is not to liberate people, but to maintain the system in a stable and peaceful mode.

What happens to all of this frustration? Some of it is projected at the system but most of it is denied and suppressed for, after all: "What can I do about it". There is an enormous amount of energy being generated at the moment, creating powerful CITES in opposition to the new superstructures.

Sometimes we see examples of this energy manifest itself in our own backyard. It may be possible to write the Oklahoma bombing off as the case of one bad egg – maybe – but no one can deny the outpouring of rage and frustration that took place recently at the global summit in Quebec City. I know several people who drove for 5 hours to take part in the protests. These people, which included my brother in law, were incensed, but when I questioned them I was surprised to find out they were protesting over something almost unrelated to the summit. It was just an opportunity to let out some rage at a faceless enemy.

Most often however, we do not express our helplessness at the system, for it is not safe enough. Instead we release it onto those closest to us, our partner and our children. The situation is bad enough in our country, but from discussions I’ve had with immigrants from eastern Europe, where people feel particularly helpless, the incidence of alcoholism and domestic violence is chronic. Once again we see the link between the need for validation and our intimate relationships.

So where does Osama Bin Laden and the other alleged terrorists fit into this picture. Well, all this fury against the system is projected into the universe and it seeks a target for its release. Just as the hopes and aspirations of people are channeled through the likes of Moses and Ghandi, the fear and frustrations are channeled through individuals in the right environment to manifest this energy. The Arab terrorists not only share the frustrations that the rest of the world project, they have adopted a set of fundamental religious beliefs that allow them to see the global market and its supporters as the devil. In addition, their need to win the grace of God is the most powerful force in their life, so much so that they are prepared to die for God. They live in a region of the world where they believe that their God is the only one. This is not unique in itself.

Throw into this a man who has been chased from several countries and carries a possibly carries a deep emptiness inside and all the conditions are ripe for the creation of a terrorist. We see him as a terrorist because we are observing him from within the structures. Others see him as a freedom fighter.

Make no mistake, I will never support any sort of violent act. The people who committed this terrible act should be brought to justice and dealt with in the most severe way, but in doing so if we blindly turn away from truth and continue to observe the world through our own paradigm – that of those privileged enough to be protected by the structure – then we have missed the whole point and are simply inviting it to be repeated.

The destruction of the symbol of the global financial markets is more than the collapse of two buildings and the death of thousands of people, it is a wake up call that the structures of financial wealth and materialism cannot continue to run rough shod over the people of the world. It is a wake up call that it is time to integrate the structures with the love and compassion that comes through people who have discovered genuine individual freedom. It is time for the American leadership and the American people to show the kind of world leadership that will make their country truly great and lead the world to a new paradigm of peace and love.

These are not just flowery words but an absolute necessity. The world cannot protect itself from terrorism. Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and weapons of mass destruction more readily available in smaller packages. Attempting to destroy all potential terrorism will simply incite more young men to give their life to the cause of liberating themselves from the ‘evil empire’. Do we want to condemn our children to living in a maximum security society?

There is another way and that is for the world of power and structure to come to the world of individual freedom with an offering of love. Only America is in the position to do this and so the future of the world is in your hands America. Please accept the challenge. It will not be easy, in fact it will be a long and difficult journey and one that must take place within each individual and within society, Government, religious and business organizations at the same time. But we have no excuses – we have the knowledge to do it, all we need is the will and the courage.

The Future

If the investigations proove that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for these attacks then inevitably the United States will launch some sort of offensive against Afghanistan. How they proceed with these attacks is absolutely critical. When I was able to tune into the energy around the whole situation some startling revelations became clear. The collective does not only operate at the level of our thoughts, but also at the level of our soul. The collective soul is constantly driving us forward in love, trying to help us evolve to a point where we can rise above our human suffering and embrace our oneness. To me the collective feminine soul represents herself as the energy around relationship and intimacy, that energy which involves taking into the body and nurturing. In this way, the feminine soul is not just about women, but about the energy of love.

The masculine soul represents the energy of achievement and validation, that energy that seeks to go out into the world and gain validation of self worth through the acquisition of possessions, power and status. This is not just men, but also the many women who are now engaged in this pursuit.

I am not suggesting that this is the only way the collective soul can be presented, but it is the vehicle God uses to communicate with me. In this way God shows me symbolic representations of what is going on in the world. One thing I have come to see is that the masculine and feminine collective souls always act in love. While there may be great human suffering and mindless acts of violence and abuse, behind all that, in the depth of our collective being, the feminine and masculine soul are eternal love, endlessly pushing us in the direction of liberation.

Sometimes, in this desire to move forward, terrible suffering must be incurred, even to the point where acts of terrorism manifest. I’ll repeat my earlier statement that I will never condone any form of terrorism, but again I’ll ask the question, who is the real enemy?

Do we not see many acts of terrorism in the world? Is it not an act of terrorism against the planet when the global financial markets thirst for short term returns prevent nations from implementing policies to manage greenhouse emissions or stop the depletion of the ozone layer? Is it not an act of international terrorism that we, in the west, consume so much food that we are dying in our thousands of heart disease, while millions starve in Africa?

There are many examples in life when we have to take tough action but always, always, love is the best solution. Take the example of the family. If a twelve year old is caught shoplifting the parents will suffer grief and sadness, but they still have to decide how to act. The parents have three options.

  1. Do nothing. They can deny that it happened or let their fear of upsetting the child prevent them from acting. This is not an act of love but an act of denial. He child is likely to continue stealing if there are no consequences, escalating the problem.
  2. The second option is to react in anger. Often, as parents, we feel our self images threatened by our children. We worry that other people will judge us as being unworthy because our children have failed us. It is easy to let these feelings erupt in anger projected onto the child. This only exacerbates the situation, further damaging the child’s self esteem and alienating them from their parents.
  3. The third option is to act in love. This requires a combination of discipline and understanding. A loving act will seek to understand what is behind an act of disobedience and apply consequences that are appropriate, while helping the child to increase their self esteem and self respect. A loving act uses the misdemeanor as an opportunity to evolve.

The collective soul always acts in love. God acts through the collective soul and this action is always grounded in love. But, like children, we often consider the discipline, that is the consequence of our collective action, to be unfair and fail to seek to understand the lessons we are being shown. We look at them superficially rather than at the depth of our inner denial and react to what we perceive as an injustice, therefore perpetuating the game of action and reaction.

The nations of the world also have the same three options that the parents have. The United States is like a parent and the countries from which terrorism originates tend to play the role of teenagers struggling for their independence. The USA is more advanced in terms of its structures and also the development of individual freedom and it needs to assume the maturity of an adult. America now has the same three options in dealing with the attacks on its structures as a parent has. It can:

This third option, of acting in love is the only one that would make you proud as a parent and it is the only one that America should consider taking as a nation.

What is an Act of Love?

So, if America is to act out of love, what does such an action look like? Is it really just flowery talk or is this a concrete option?

It was in search for an answer to this question that I connected with the collective soul and was shown what was happening around the World Trade Center attack. I saw the desperate pain of the feminine soul over the state of relationships and I was taken directly to Afghanistan. The agony that was being released through the women in Afghanistan was overwhelming and I can honestly say that I could not fathom the depth of the pain. The feminine soul had been calling to the world of structure and power to come to her rescue. The call had gone out in many forms but it had been ignored. The global markets – the controlling structures – had no interest in Afghanistan and so it turned its back on the plea of the feminine soul.

I saw how, in desperation, the masculine soul had responded, by unleashing an attack on the structures of society in a way that they could never ignore. It was brutal and it was devastating, but the suffering of the feminine soul, through the appalling state of conflict between man and woman was so great that the masculine soul was prepared to suffer the pain of this attack.

Then the knowing moved forward to Afghanistan and I saw how the structures of power were going into Afghanistan. The men in charge thought they were coming to punish the terrorists, but underneath it all was a profound act of love – they were coming to liberate the feminine soul from the terrible manifestation of abuse that was taking place in Afghanistan.

Perhaps I am opening myself to criticism by writing this, but I saw the twin towers collapse five times in visions and I ignored it, thinking it was symbolic. On the morning of September 11, I made a vow to myself that I could not ignore these visions any more. I needed no more proof of their validity.

God, through the collective soul of humanity, is sending the world a double message. He is trying to open us to our collective denial and an acknowledgement of the real battle, being fought between structure and individual freedom. At the same time, the collective soul is using the powerful consequences of our denial to provide an opportunity for healing the worst manifestation on the planet, of the inner struggle between man and woman.

So, how can the United States and its allies seek to move forward in love?

If the trail for suspects does lead to Afghanistan, the United States has a tremendous opportunity to open the world to a new form of leadership. Congress has approved $40billion in aid for those who suffered in the attacks on 11 September. What if they allocated the same amount of aid to liberating men and women in Afghanistan, calling on other wealthy nations to contribute their share on a pro rata basis? This would provide a totally different energy to the world, open Afghanistan up and release a huge energy blockage in the healing process taking place between man and woman.

Sure there will be resistance and certainly it will not be easy to gain the support of the Afghanistan regime, but there will never be a better opportunity. Any moves would have to be done in a way that is consistent with the Islam faith. When dealing with a teenager it is crucial to try to understand the way their generation thinks. If parents simply impose consequences based on their own experiences or judgements, no real growth can take place. Children are more likely to revolt to this type of discipline, no matter how well intentioned it may be.

It is the same with nations. If America imposes a western solution on the problems in Afghanistan then it will be rejected as more interference from the ‘evil empire’. But if we seek to understand and offer compassion along with the disciplining consequences then the world can move forward.

The military and security objectives of the United States need to be met, but these can be done with force, while treating the people in the region, who are themselves victims, with love and compassion.

I do not have the answers as to how exactly to move forward, but America has the answers. America, in partnership with those factors of Islam who are open to communication. Together we have the answers.

The other thing that I would initiate immediately is a massive re education program, spanning the entire world, with the objective of religious tolerance. I would assemble leaders of all faiths so that these people could seek to find the common ground in all religions. It is not only Islam that has its radical fundamentalists. Christianity, Judaism and most, if not all, religions have their extremists, but all religions are grounded in love and compassion. There is far more similarity between Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism than there are differences and yet we focus on the small differences.

It is possible to develop a common language of love that all religious leaders can endorse. It is also possible to identify and promote the commonality of all religions, focussing on the essential messages of their founders, rather than the different interpretations that have grown in evolution. The leadership of the United States and its allies have the perfect opportunity to challenge the religious leaders of the world to put their preaching for peace into action. This requires them to confront the rigid structures of their own beliefs and seek the individual freedom that comes from understanding the commonality of the messages of their great founders.

These findings could form the basis of a global education campaign aimed at dispelling the ignorance that is behind so much hate in the world.

It is time to show that we are ready to accept a new leadership role in the world. I am dedicating my life to this goal and I urge each and every one of you to think hard about what this challenge means for you.

The choice is clear America. Act out of fear and anger or act in love. In love you will find greater courage, greater strength and the true potential of this great nation called the United States of America.

The Energy of President Bush

I talked earlier about how individuals became vortexes through which CITES manifest. Right now President Bush and his team is surrounded by one of the most enormous energy vortexes ever manifested on the planet. Millions or perhaps billions of people around the world are wondering what he will do, debating the pros and cons of the various responses. Unfortunately a lot of this energy is being sent through emotions of vengeance, hatred, anger, fear and desperation. On top of this, the world is waiting to see how he responds to his first big test, not quite sure if he is the right man for the job.

The President may not be aware of it, but he is receiving that energy right now. It is critical that those of us who are aware of such things act immediately to surround the President with loving energy to counteract the fear and doubt being projected at him. In this way we neutralize the fear and provide a space for him and his team to make balanced decisions free of the need to have to ‘proove themselves’ to the world. In the section below on what you can do, I have included a brief meditation that you might like to consider.

What can YOU do?

The bottom line is that the world will only change when we shift ourselves inside. The world is a reflection of the state of relationship we have with ourselves and no meaningful changes will take place while we continue to live in constant denial.

There are many, many ways you can undertake this and you will be guided to find your own path. If I can help I will be glad to do so. I am in the process of establishing the Center of Universal Relatedness, which will focus on helping individuals and the world liberate itself from the illusion of self images and slavery to the CITES.

I can be contacted on (819) 778 0644 or at

In the short term we can all pray for President Bush. A brief meditation is included at the end of this section.

If you feel the truth in this paper I urge you to forward it to as many people as possible, and also to any representatives of structure you know. By structure I mean Government, media, Church, financial or business. Even if you do not think they will be open to this, please have the courage to send it to them. You can never know what openings are taking place at present.

With Love

Alistair Smith

 Meditation for the President

The destruction of the World Trade Center is a wake up call for humanity. There is no denying the terrible tragedy on the human level, but we must look beyond that and see the souls who died, and those who suffer their loss, as noble ones who have sacrificed their journey on this planet to help open the hearts of all people to a new awareness.

The possibility of an escalation of the situation does however, exist. I ask everyone to be aware of your thoughts and the fears that are projected to the world and particularly to President George Bush and his team. We know that our thoughts have an energy of their own. Imagine the energy that is being directed at President Bush right now. He must feel

the pain of the nation, the pressure to act swiftly and to talk strongly. Right now there are millions of thoughts being projected towards this man, many carrying the energy of hatred and vengeance, many more carrying fear at the prospect of more attacks. Yet even more will project an energy of doubt over his ability to handle the situation and the desire that a stronger man was in the oval office.

All of this energy is going into the universe and being projected towards the target of these thoughts - President Bush. This combination of fear, vengeance and the need to prove himself to people could easily result in an indiscriminate response against a target not proven as guilty, particularly in the Arab world, that would simply increase the

rage and separation on the planet.

I ask you to join me in the following simple exercise.

First, take a few minutes to tune into the energy around the American President. See if you can actually feel the tension, the pressure and the nature of the energy he has to deal with.

Secondly, allow yourself to feel your own fear, anger, judgement, sorrow and whatever other emotion is invoked by the situation. There is no point denying these feelings. Just allow them to flow in you and let them pass.

When they have settled down, think about the sort of message of support and love you would give George Bush if he were your father, brother or son, who had come to you asking to help him see clearly. Just allow this feeling to come from your heart and then let it flow into the Universe. You do not even have to focus on where it goes, the love behind your intention knows what to do.

If you feel that you have the capacity to do so, you can offer your heart as a source of neutralizing love to the energy of fear, vengeance, etc being directed to the President. Simply open your heart and allow some of this energy to be drawn into your body to be dissolved by the strength of your love. But please, only do this if you have been meditating for some time, and if you feel overwhelmed, stop the exercise immediately.

I and others like me are working continuously to support the efforts of love, at the collective level. If you would like to share your fears or feelings then please feel free to do so. Remember that the power of love is far greater than the power of fear and thoughts of love are likewise far more powerful than thoughts of fear. The thoughts generated by one person in the pure intention of love and forgiveness have the strength of 1000 people operating in fear. So, to me, YOU are worth 1000 people.