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Posted By: PuzzlePieces
Date: Sunday, 16 September 2001, 7:29 p.m.

If Magic Bullets Can Assassinate Presidents, Can Magic Explosions Destroy Buildings?

P3N Commentary

The video clip only lasted a few seconds and evidently it was only played once. Some of you saw it and I did, too. It distinctly and irrefutably showed a major explosion to the left of the twin WTC towers. A thick, dense cloud of debris billowing up into the air fifty stories high while the towers to the right are on fire, but still standing.

The size, denseness and magnitude of the dust cloud would probably eliminate the probability of a natural gas explosion; it had to be a dust cloud generated by a big building collapse. Any debris from the first two airplane impacts into the twin towers would not have been sufficient to produce such a major catastrophic building collapse several hundred feet away.

I was talking to an out-of -state friend on the phone Tuesday morning as we both watched and discussed the horrifying events we were witnessing on TV. I had asked my friend if he had seen the clip of the explosion to the left of the towers before they came down; he had not.

As the hours and days went on and all the horrible visual images paraded through my head, the one of the big explosion before the towers collapse never left me. Unfortunately, I never saw the video clip again and that started to weigh heavily on my mind. I had pointed it out to a friend, but he didn’t see it. Was I going crazy? Certainly the video clip I saw had to play some kind of role in the ‘big picture,’ but where was it? Did my mind play tricks on me?

Then I went to

There it was; a screen capture of ‘the video.’ I wasn’t going crazy, but I was starting to feel sick. It quickly became obvious that the video that I along with many other people had seen was being expunged from the official record of events, but why?

I had no intention in getting involved in the Internet government conspiracy fray that would no doubt spring up from such an event, but having witnessed ‘the video’ first hand and the obvious omission from the story leaves me with no other intelligent choice to make.

I am not going to start a laundry list of other anomalies associated with the WTC story; they are all over the net. I can say with relative surety, however, that this story goes beyond just not telling us the whole story. There is either a government conspiracy involved here or it was intended that some of us believe there is a government conspiracy.

It’s ironic that the name of Tom Clancy appears at the bottom of the screen of the video capture. Tom was being interviewed in the background while they showed video clips of the disaster. Clancy was asked if he would have ever thought to write a story similar to the WTC disaster. He replied no because it wouldn’t have been the least bit plausible or believable.

We are lead to believe that the man behind the curtain is a radical Islamic fundamentalist that lives in a cave in Afghanistan. It’s starting to look to me like the people really pulling the strings in this disaster may live in the suburbs of Maryland or Virginia, drive SUVs, have children and may even go to church on Sundays. I pray that I am proven wrong.

Rick Reed