This email was received way back in early September, before the attacks on the WTC. In light of recent events, it is quite
eerie. The author, Tupper Saussy, was one of the pioneers in the tax movement from Tennessee.

The Threat from Casper: Real Terrorists or Government Ruse to Silence Bob Shultz?
By F. Tupper Saussy

United States citizens may be in imminent danger of an explosive display of right-wing terrorism.

A letter received in my offices on 10 August vows bombings and assassinations—even "body branding"—on American soil beginning this Labor Day weekend.

The letter, postmarked Casper, Wyoming, August 6, 2001, begins by lamenting the "collectivist cancer that will soon completely subvert the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America."

Charging that "the IRS is a criminal organization in the service of collectivists and socialists," and that "a condition of War now exists between free Americans and the IRS," the letter warns all IRS employees to "terminate your employment and return to supporting our Constitutional Republic."

The letter explains "It is not our desire to harm, injury [sic] or kill any American not actively engaged in IRS thievery from fellow Americans. Those individuals and groups that choose to support the IRS in any fashion will be treated as concubines of that evil. Every effort will he made to spare relatives of IRS personnel (who are not themselves employed by the IRS) from injury. PLEASE INSIST YOUR SPOUSE OR RELATIVE QUIT THE IRS – NOW!"

The document vows that "Rules of Engagement will be initiated as of September 1, 2001." The Rules will govern "all IRS personnel and the American people." All IRS facilities will be "classified as targets of opportunity" for actions that "include anything to disable the operation, destroy the data, halt the stealing of money, and stop the false imprisonment of innocent Americans."

The "Rules" further provide that "all IRS vehicles and equipment are to be rendered inoperative or destroyed at any opportunity by whatever means available; IRS personnel will be targeted on a priority basis from the Commissioner on down. The higher the rank and longer the service, the less quarter that will be shown. Levels of action will range from extermination, forfeiture or destruction of all personal assets, and body branding."

Specially targeted will be "IRS enforcement personnel and Special Agents of the IRS. . .due to their use of firearms against American citizens [in] a violation of Internal Revenue Code Section 7608, which forbids the use of a firearm to enforce income tax laws."

Also threatened is "the entire Tax Court system" which, along with IRS enforcement personnel "are extreme enemies of the American people and will be treated as such."

The letter is signed "Ghost's of the Revolution." (Didn't the authors know how to indicate plural in English? Or is their name Ghost Is of the Revolution? Were they admitting to being a revolutionary possession of some Ghost? Or did they deliberately flaw their signature to make it unique and therefore more memorable?)

Read the letter [hyperlink at website shown above].

Is it real?

I've been reading tax-patriot samizdat for 24 years, and have never run across anything quite like this letter. It rings slightly fake to me. Tax-patriots are frequently hostile toward government, yes, but their weaponry has always been legalistic, the pleading of cases and codes.

As a matter of fact, many of them feel that their greatest opportunity to brandish their intellectual weaponry against IRS experts is scheduled to happen on September 25 and 26, when We the People Foundation gets to quiz top-level officials on the constitutional basis of income tax administration. How loony for the Ghost's of the Revolution to threaten bombs and assassinations on the eve of the most propitious inquisition by citizens of government in our nation's history!

[NOTE: this hearing was postponed due to the WTC attacks]

But there's an even stranger element here. The letter appears to have been mailed to only 4 recipients beside myself. These recipients include former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister, Wallace Institute director Devvy Kidd, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, and We the People Foundation Executive Director Bob Shultz.*

Banister, Kidd, Bartlett, and Shultz are all significantly involved in the late-September tax-law showdown. How the showdown came about is worth a brief digression.

IRS on trial

In July, 2000, We the People Foundation began placing a series of full-page ads in USA TODAY containing highly provocative disclosures about federal income tax law. Prominent in the ads was material from both Banister and Kidd. Several ads ran, with considerable impact. On April 5, 2001, a Senate Finance Committee hearing condemned the series. The following week, USA TODAY announced its refusal to accept any more material from We the People Foundation.

On the first day of July, WTP founder Bob Shultz began a hunger-strike he declared would end in either his death or an assurance by competent congressional and IRS officials that the foundation's questions would be honestly and publicly answered. (Most of Shultz's friends advised him not to attempt this feat. I called his home and left word commending him
for devising an inventive way of forcing an issue.)

Seventeen days into the fast, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett came to Shultz's rescue and arranged with Justice Department officials for the showdown to be held in Washington, DC, somewhere in the Capitol building.

For the first time in the income tax's 88-year history, responsible government authorities have been placed in the position of being required to field questions that penetrate to the very legitimacy of the tax code as administered.

In Shultz's view, either the tax system is lawful or it isn't. He intends to give no room for casuistry or wiggle. He has assembled a team of more than 40 talented paralegals, buttressed by practicing attorneys. The team appears to be working around the clock to design questions as impossible of escape as bear-traps.

The meeting promises to be so damaging to government's credibility that I have a hard time visualizing its actually occurring.

What will IRS lawyers do when faced with Larken Rose's maddeningly simple question which asks whether or not a taxpayers's taxable income from sources within or without the United States is determined under the rules of Sections 1.861-8 through 1.861-14T of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

A "yes" will administratively acknowledge that many millions of American citizens may, upon further study of the regulations and subsequent generation of a little orthodox paperwork, wholly exclude themselves from income taxation. A "no" will show official ignorance of 26 CFR section 1.863-1(c), which states "The taxpayer's taxable income from sources within or without the United States will be determined under the rules of sections 1.861-8 through 1.861-14T."

And there are dozens, hundreds, of other questions which, once the public witnesses government's difficulty in answering them forthrightly, pose significant hazards to the credibility of established politicians, media dignitaries, lawyers, financial planners, and religious and tax professionals.

The purpose

The reality is that neither official Washington nor IRS Commissioner Rossotti want Bob Shultz in their face. I believe they desperately want him to cancel, and I think "Ghost's of the Revolution" may be the device they're employing to force him to do so.

I find it interesting that the Ghost's' threat-letter takes the form of a press release yet was not mailed to the press industry. That it went to five people sure to disapprove of its methods suggests to me that its underlying purpose may have been to stimulate the recipients to imagine what could happen if Bob Shultz does not cancel.

Imagine. . .

Next week an IRS office in the midwest blows up. Innocent people are killed. The media, which provoke emotions anyway, wring the public's heart with the usual repetitious litany of grisly victim pictures and touching stories.

"Why?" a bloodstained spouse, child, or parent cries. "Why? Why? Why?"

And the anchors point inexorably to an invisible entity sharing Bob Shultz's patriotic philosophy, godly values, and abiding concern that the IRS is running roughshod over constitutional rights.

Of course Bob Shultz deplores terrorist methods. But who hears him? Bombs speak louder than words. How many patriot-militia leaders can you recall on network television disavowing the Oklahoma City genocide? They weren't invited, yet they were the immediate legislative targets of the Murrah disaster.

As the IRS tragedy is relived day after day, anyone too vigoriously opposed to the routine functioning of the Internal Revenue Service becomes naturally suspect. Empowered by an hysterical, undifferentiated popular lust for retribution, authorities break down notorious tax-honesty doors and confiscate books, records, computers, and firearms with impunity.

Mission accomplished. We the People Foundation will have been pre-emptively struck. Battling the IRS on September 25 and 26 would be like battling racial integration in a corpse-strewn Negro church in the 1964 deep South. Bombs speak louder than words.

And this scenario contemplates just a single terrorist event. Imagine how government could benefit from three, four, ten, twelve!

Casper, the friendly ghost

From the political science of Rulers of Evil, I can see a clandestine arm of the United States government authorized by God to sponsor a black-op like Ghost's of the Revolution.

After all, Congress governs evildoing, not the doing of good—as Scripture puts it, "the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient." This sacred principle is confirmed in Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code. The nationally- earned income of American citizens, as long as it is not augmented by income from a possession of the United States, is excluded from any tax liability. Such citizens have no reason to put IRS on trial.

If Bob Shultz and his team are American citizens whose income is not derived from foreign sources, well, understanding tax law is not all that difficult, especially under the patient and intelligent guidance of the Holy Spirit or Larken Rose. Ghost's of the Revolution looks to me like a friendly ultimatum to study tax rights diligently, claim exclusion quietly, and wake up from the impossible dream of forcing official Washington to expose its legal secrets to evildoers.

Shultz has stated publicly that he continues to file 1040 tax returns in order show good faith. This may pose for him serious jurisdictional problems of which the government is probably aware. According to Treasury regulations and documents on file with the Office of Management & Budget, the 1040 form is authorized for use only by aliens and foreign corporations. Wouldn't providing testimony under oath upon such a form create the presumption that the signatory is an alien, or at least
consents to being treated as such?

If Bob Shultz has created the presumption that he consents under oath to treatment as an alien, does he possess the right to compel American legislative and executive officials to explain themselves? According to the Supreme Court, he does not. An alien's rights are "completely at the mercy of the unreviewable discretion of the Attorney General." Shaughnessy v. U.S. ex rel. Mezei, 345 US 206 (1953). See also Wong Yang Sung v. McGrath, 339 US 33 (1953); Kimm v. Rosenberg, 363 US 405 (1960); Zakonaite v. Wolf, 226 US 272 (1912), and Jay v. Boyd, 351 US 345 (1956).

This would explain why Bob Shultz has been so often ignored or rebuffed by government. Aliens function in the United States by grace, not right. I would think twice before challenging grace.

If the government agrees with what I am hypothesizing here, it could not comfortably or credibly say so. In its task of ruling evildoers (who so creatively violate order), government must continually wage Sun-Tzuan war with its own subjects. The goal of Sun-Tzuan warfare (named for the ancient Chinese militarist Sun-Tzu, whose Art of War was introduced to the western world by the Jesuits in 1772) is victory without bloodshed, victory through the use of spies, bribes, ruses, temptations, blackmail, misinformation and disinformation.

Fascist states which sustain the illusion of republican populism cannot survive without a broadbase mastery of Sun-Tzuan methodology.

America's debt to Sun-Tzu is proclaimed in the decorative centerpiece of the Library of Congress, a great mural depicting Minerva unfolding a monumental scroll which lists the Aristotelian categories of study—agriculture, geography, politics, botany, painting, music, etc.—27 in all. The very last subject, inscribed just visibly along the lip of the bottom of the scroll, is "Art of War."

And so, I would caution that there's a very strong probability that Congress and IRS Commissioner Rossotti are communicating with Bob Shultz and his colleagues through the cordial but ominous ruse of the Casper Ghost's of the Revolution. They're symbolically warning him that if he cancels his showdown before September 1 and begins applying his love of freedom in ways that don't offend the rulers of evil, nobody will get hurt.

The counsel of the Lord at Proverbs 20:3, which is directed to the righteous man whom Acts of Congress exclude, tends to agree: "It is an honour for a man to cease from strife."

posted August 28, 2001