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From: Tom J. Kennedy <
To: Andrew Sayer <lscafe@cyberus.ca>
Date: Saturday, August 19, 2000 2:03 AM
Subject: Re: the "Tax Exempt Status" card ...

August 19, 2000

Greetings Andrew Sayer:

I had lunch with a friend of mine at the Lone Star Cafe on Friday, August 18th, 2000. Before ordering I presented my "Tax Exempt Status" card to the waiter (as I always do) so that he could correctly and legally exempt me from paying GST and PST. He looked at it briefly and told me that indeed he would take the number from my card before he prepared the bill. When he took the card later he must have shown it to you for you came by our table and explained that because you had never seen the card before that you would not honour my right to be exempt from federal and provincial taxes.

I understood when you stated that you had not seen a "Tax Exempt Status" card like mine before. I understood that very likely you were completely unaware of your moral and legal obligation to honour my "Tax Exempt Status" card. Be grateful that neither am I as brutal in taking definitive action on those who "don't know they don't know" as are some on my fellow-participants within the Tax Refusal Movement who immediately lay criminal charges and/or serve a Statement of Claim on the person(s) who refuse to recognize the "rule of law" and thereby decline to honour the "Tax Exempt Status" card. See the Statement of Claim served by Robert-John: Jackson on those in Regina, Saskatchewan who refused to honour his "Tax Exempt Status" by visiting this URL: www.uncommonknowledge.net/knowledge/statementofclaim.htm

I explained that I would bring some information by to share with you. You answered that indeed you would be willing to examine any information that I might have about the "Tax Exempt Status" card. Since I will be in Montreal on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I am sharing this email with you and I am inviting you to review the information which is posted as my website at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/progress.htm about the "Tax Exempt Status: card.

Hopefully, the next time I choose to eat at The Lone Star Cafe you will understand why you have a moral and legal obligation to honour my right to refuse to pay my governments' (federal and provincial) taxes when I ask you to honour my "Tax Exempt Status" card Be sure to follow all of the links posted at the bottom of the article so that you will have a complete understanding of what the "Tax Exempt Status" card is all about.

I draw your attention to The Lone Star Cafe being listed (in red) as only the Tenth Refusal for refusing to honour the "Tax Exempt Status" card. I have been using the card since mid-April 2000 and 48 different businesse have honoured the card as indeed they are required to do so by "rule of law."

Hopefully, you will advise myself and other participants with International Humanity House that you will indeed follow the "rule of law" and honour our "Tax Exempt Status" cards after you have fully informed yourself about the "Tax Refusal" mission as led by Daniel Lavigne.

There is more information about the "Detax/Untax" movement at this URL: Currently, more than 40,000 infomed citizens from all across Canada are actively challenging CCRA and winning by refusing to pay income taxes and/or GST and PST.

Read specific details about my ongoing challenge and court case with CCRA (Canada Customs & Revenue Agency) at my front page: www.cyberclass.net When Justice Sedgewick rules in my favour in my case which was presented in the Superior Court of Ontario on July 20, 2000 the Income Tax Act in Canada will be struck down. I anticipate a decision very soon.

If you would like any specific details on any issue relating to the "Tax Exempt Status" card or re: any other "taxing" issue please contact me at this email: tom@cyberclass.net or call me at: 746.9702

Enjoy this day !!

Tom-Joseph: Kennedy