Frank Serpico

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"Frank Serpico...The name should mean much more than it does. Serpico was a great man, a righteous man, a brave man. Frank Serpico did what no cop before him had done....He stood up and cried foul. He made public the unlawful ways of many New York policemen. He was also the first cop to voluntarily testify against a fellow police officer. Serpico had guts and tough moral fiber. Serpico felt that police officers should act as citizens should act...true and good...not as citizens do times poorly and violently. Serpico felt that cops were not above reproach...and consequently, if a cop did wrong.. he should pay the price as any ordinary person leniency for officers of the law.

Frank Serpico was sworn in as a probationary patrolman on September 11, 1959. He was handed his shield and immediately went out and got it replated so it would be shiny and garner respect. His being sworn in was the culmination of a lifetime dream of becoming what he respected most... A cop."

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